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Do you know Casey Wiegand?   I didn't until just a few months ago.  I found her while cruising Little Miss Momma's blog. 

Here she is.  Beautiful right?  Inside and out!  You can check her out here at http://www.thewiegands.com/.  She is beautiful, her husband is beautiful, her children are beautiful.  There is almost too much beautiful.  Then you go and explore her blog.  And read her story.  You realize she is just like you, and me, and all us mommas just trying to figure it out.
She is an artist.  She creates items that words cannot do justice.  She blogs about faith.  A faith that is strong and guiding.  She blogs about motherhood, which is a journey all on its own. 
Casey is so incredibly honest.  Recently, she blogged about her miscarriage.  It was heartbreaking and in your face in a way that your heart just tore.  Yet, there she was, out there, almost naked by motherhood and heartbreak and grief.  And still, she shared. 
Today I read a post from Casey after she attended the Blog Sugar conference.  She said that she was refreshed and inspired.  She was ready to be more honest.  To not try to please by anyone with her blogging.  I was under the impression she was already there.  This was her "no more apologies" list:
But when I left there I decided I wanted to try and say "no more apologies"...
this is who I am.

I AM that mom that hates being away from her kids, even for an hour.

I am NOT that mom that cooks amazing meals, in fact my kiddos eat waffles and sandwiches a lot of evenings.

I AM that girl that gets hurt easily.

I am NOT that girl that balances her time wisely.

I AM that mom that advocates co.sleeping and NOT letting your babies cry it out.

I am NOT that mom that is crazy about schedules, about dropping pasies/bottles etc etc

I AM that wife that chooses her husband through it all.

I am NOT that wife that does everything right
.-Casey Wiegand

And just like that you're hooked too right? 
I check in with Casey every few days.  She always has something inspiring to say, or she is wearing something totally fashionable.  So fashionable I'd never be able to pull it off.  I love visiting the Wiegands.  Casey talks about faith in a way that is not overwhelming or zealous.  She's not preaching to the masses.  She is just sharing her joys, faith and blessings.  Even during hard times.  It's something I both admire and appreciate.  I'm not always faithful, but I am never faithless.  It goes to show that inspiration can strike at any moment.  After today's stop I'm even more inspired.  Here is a quote that inspired this post about Casey. 
Use your voice. No apologies. 
We are all different and have been through different things, believe different things.... but whoever you are there is SOMEONE you can touch with your story.
Don't hold onto it
- Casey Wiegand

This is exactly what I wanted (and still want) for my blog.  I'm not perfect.  I (most times) use un-lady like language.  I'm too honest at times.  I over share.  It won't stop me.  My goal all along was to connect with people, to share my story, and to maybe, just maybe touch a heart or two. 
I'm going to use my voice.  No apologies.
Happy Blogging,
PS:  I posted to her blog to make sure I could use her quotes and her lovely picture.  This was her email back...
You are such a dear and made my day!
You can of course use anything you want love!!!!

Casey Wiegand
How nice is that?

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  1. Megan, your heart, honesty and no apologies is why I love you and share my heart with you. AND why I was hooked from the moment I met you! It's hard for all us mommas and being who we are is the most important, no apologies. Thank you dear friend. This was a great blog for a Sunday while I enjoy my coffee...