October FEST

This has been a great month... Ok, so getting the creeping crud of a cold wasn't so great, but I have always loved October!  The weather starts to get cooler, the leaves change color, and Halloween leads to Thanksgiving, which leads to Christmas.  This really is the most wonderful time of the year.  I guess Casey Wiegand thought the same thing, since today we celebrate the close of October with the Followers Fest.


I love everything that makes up Halloween.  I love the little pumpkins you can buy in the grocery store that can fit in the palm of your hand.  I love the plastic jack-o-lanterns that carry the candy loot after a great night trick or treating.  I love mummies, vampires, and ghosts alike.  I can't even describe the excitement I had on Monday when my oldest went on a pumpkin patch field trip with her preschool class... Her first field trip, and I was lucky enough to join her!
Caitlin at the pumpkin patch 10/24/11
If this is your first visit to Absolute Mommy then you will find that while I love crafting and sewing, I'm not a crafter.  I've made some real gems lately thanks to the DIY/Craft board on Pinterest.  Still, I'm a novice.  Here is an example of me crafting.  You can see the full post here.
Currently sitting at my porch... Welcome ghosts and ghouls!

I love baking, and I take pride in Gluten Free baking, since I live GFree, but I'm no baker.  I don't carefully pipe frosting on cupcakes, or make layer cakes.  I'm lucky if my GF baking trials are edible.  But I keep baking, because sometimes they are delicious surprises.  You can find my GF Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins here, and they are from a box mix.  And yes, they were a delicious surprise!
You should know I'm also a mom, in every flawed and blessed sense of the word.  I said in another post recently that I wasn't built for motherhood, motherhood built me.  It's still a work in progress.  I love being a mom, but sometimes would rather pull the covers over my head and watch Cougar Town or NCIS from my bed all day.  Sometimes my Kindle, my iPhone, and iced tea bring much needed relief and enjoyment.  I have my own brand of motherhood and truly believe that almost anything can be fixed with chocolate and Starbucks. 
I'm new to the blogging world.  Blogging is something I sat and thought about for a long time.  It's something that makes me feel so happy and accomplished.  It's just what I needed after 4 years at my current job, stay at home mom.  It's also introduced me to some really fantastic bloggers, with really great ideas.  It's been inspiring and motivating in a huge way in just a small amount of time!
So welcome to the world of Absolute Mommy.  Thanks for stopping in.  Casey and her bloggy friends are amazing.  The opportunity to link up today is equally amazing.  Are you linking up too?  Post a comment and let me know you stopped by with your blog info.  Then I can stop over at your blog and check you out...
Here are a few posts that will help you get to know me better...

Happy Blogging and Linking,


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