To do before Christmas

Ten things to do before Christmas!!!

Bake something gluten free that meets the expectations of my taste buds.  Seriously, I'm at my end after 2 failed cookie recipes and one epic fail on some spice muffins.  Guess I'm going back to basics!  So Jules GF Gingersnaps it is!

Sew, Sew, and sew some more.  My mother in law so graciously gave me her almost new machine.  The weekend of Thanksgiving.  I haven't turned it on!  So it's time to get busy on some projects like this one.
Find the awesome tutorial HERE
WRAP, WRAP, AND WRAP!  Did I mention I need to wrap gifts?  Well I bought bags so it's not as challenging as it sounds, it's just still on the back burner... I'm sure I'll get to it!

Finish my shopping.  I know it should already be done, but I'm still buying for my girls.  Which is crazy because it looks like I robbed a Toys R Us already. 
But I've still gotta find one of these...
Find her HERE
Bake for all my family holiday dinners.  Let's see, chocolate cake and jello salad for Saturday.  Cupcakes, jello salad for Sunday.  Ham, cinnamon rolls (canned!) and breakfast stuff for next Sunday morning.  And ham, 2 sweet potato pies, and another chocolate cake for next Sunday night. 
Looks like I better get busy!


Find more adventures for Buddy Fiddlesticks McChristmaspants.  I'm having way too much fun, and the girls are like,
"whatevs mom!"
Gettin cozy with Barbie.  I need to see your hands folks!!
Blog this ornament tutorial.  Yeah I made this, but I'm afraid my tutorial is totally going to be "low rent".  I'm working on it.  So hopefully by Friday!

Complete my outfit for Christmas.  I know this is really serious business, but a gal only gets to dress up so many times a year.  Let me rephrase that, I can't very well wear leggings and a sweatshirt with unwashed hair where pictures will be taken.  So I'm looking for something to wear.  Also I'm thinking that if I have some good outfits for ALL 4 of my celebrations I will do a What I Wore Post.  Maybe.  Perhaps something like this for Christmas Eve...
Pinned Image
I adore her!  I want to be her BFF! 
You can find this look and others HERE
Breathe.  Relax.  Take a moment.  Enjoy the ride.  Enjoy the looks on my girls faces.  Enjoy the Christmas specials. 
Watch Elf, The Holiday, Love Actually, and A Christmas Story. 
To name a few.  Watch GLEE tonight! 
Sing with my horrible voice. 
And remember,
it's only once a year, so enjoy it before it's over. 
This picture helps a lot.
Christmas Face!
Happy Blogging,

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