Gift Exchange? Yes, please.

New Year Blog Party & Link up!  Check it out here!
So earlier in the month, a blog post went up about a Blogging Party/Gift Exchange/Link up.  Of course I was ALL IN.  I love these.  I love to see what other bloggers love and get.  I love that they want to get some cool gifts in the mail too.  And as you can see I just love a chance to link up! 

My gift exchange partner was Andrea at Diaries of A Farm Wife.  I asked her what she couldn't live without, she said iPhone, fast food sewing machine.  She had me at iPhone.  And the sewing machine part, is no joke.  Check out her blog.  Girlfriend has been busy!  Also she agreed that reading gossip/fashion magazines is quality use of a brain.  Sold. 

I hope she likes what I got her... Because I love what she got me!!!

Look at this box.
Look at the wrapping.
I'm dying to tear in!

Isn't it beautiful?
I love the colors.
The frames are ready for some of my favorite and inspiring printables.
I've been saving them for "special frames"
The desk organizer?

In her note she added that she had seen my 7 Pretty Things Post, and knew I was wanting a cool office space like this:
Love the green desk!

Now I can tell you all that the planning of my "official blogging space" is under construction.  My desk shipped today!  I'm half way there!

So THANK YOU Andrea!  It's beautiful and lovely and thoughtful!

Bloggy/Gift Exchange/Link ups are so fun!

Happy Blogging,


  1. Ooh! Love those colorful frames! They cheer everything right up! :)

    SO glad I chose to participate in this gift exchange!

    I'm your newest follower. :)


  2. I love those frames! How sweet of her to send you something bright to spice up your new office. :)

    We're happy to have found your blog & we're now following! Stop by our blog to see what we received from our swap partner, Samantha, who just so happens to have commented above! Great minds think alike.

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. So much fun! I'm in the opposite boat I have frames but need printables, just haven't found the right ones that speak to me.

    Enjoy your new office!

    1. Check out the Letter 4, Lots of free printables!

  4. Nice gifts! You got me thinking I need to create a blog zone.

    1. I'm working on mine. My desk came yesterday!

  5. New follower! Such a great giveaway :) I have a cooking blog and I would love for you to stop by anytime :) Have a wonderful week!

    1. Oooh! I'll stop by and check you out. I'm always looking for cooking inspiration, since I'm not so awesome in the kitchen...