I'd like to thank the Academy...

I've always wanted to say that.  Since I was a kid watching the Oscars.  Back then it was because I was the Best Actress in a major motion picture.  These days it's for best screen play.  Then I have to thank Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, and the sweet Melissa McCarthy who played a younger version of my amazing Mom, in a comedy that is touted as Bridesmaids, but about moms.... I just fell off the rails didn't I?

For those of you still with me, I did win an award.  It's the very prestigious Liebster award.  You don't know The Leibster?  Well, it's like the Pulitzer for bloggers.  Ok so it's not.  But it is very exciting to get the Liebster, because some one, who you may or may not know, thinks your blog is worthy of exposure.  This award is for those of us that blog and have less than 200 followers.  The award is exposure.  How awesome is that?

Wait, it gets better.  I got awarded the Liebster TWICE.  By two separate bloggers!  I know, my mind has been blown!  Also my ego is huge so let's talk about someone else.

My 1st Liebster was given to me by Angie at AmarieBeauty.  This is what she had to say about me:

Absolute mommy writes about motherhood and life's challenges
in the most honest and relatable way.

She also won the Sweet Celebration giveaway.  Don't hate.  She blogs some serious fashion. 

My 2nd Liebster was given to me my this lovely lady named Tara Phillips.  She blogs at TaraAshley.  And she is super cute and I love her for saying this about me...

Megan@ Absolute Mommy
Yep, you guessed it, she's a mommy and a real fire cracker at that!! I just love the funny things she says about her kids. She is also a women of my own heart, an awesome craft queen!!! She has some fun ideas. 

A firecracker?  An awesome craft queen?  I'm funny?  I love her.  And I die, because I had no idea she was reading my blog!  Thank you Tara!  You made my Friday!

Here are the rules for The Liebster:

*choose five up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers
 *mention them on my blog
  *let them know by sending them a message that they have been nominated

The winners of the Liebster are the following five fabulous women:

Kristina @ Yo Michael Michael:
She was my first follower that wasn't someone I knew or a member of my family.  She blogs from the heart and I love it.  She also does some awesome WIW posts, and some wordless Wednesdays that are beautiful.  She even quotes me once in a while.  How awesome is that?

Krysten @ Consider Me Krysten
Yeah, ok, she's my BF.  So what.  When she talks, blogs, yells, cries, I listen.  She has steered me down some pretty good paths.  I love her perspective on motherhood and marriage.  She knows me, and loves me anyway.  I don't call her the marriage Jedi for nothing.  Check her out.

Kimberly @ Tea with Kimmie
She's my cousin.  She's my shopping guru.  She also blogs about amazing teas, beautiful things she's baked, and Pinterest.  What is not to love?  No really, you tell me.

Rachael @ Imagine Gnats
The name of her blog is Imagine Gnats.  Seriously, this should be a dead giveaway about how she lives her life.  She is super duper crafty.  She has thee cutest printable up on her blog for Valentines Day and it's FREE!  She is also running an embroidery test of a pattern she made.  Love her blog.

Brooke @ A New View 365
Brooke is relaunching herself and her goals here.  She has a blog design ebook you can buy.  She has awesome location buttons she created.  She also does custom blog design.  On her blog she shares design tips on how we can make our blogs better and more reader friendly.  She shares the secrets! 

And because I got TWO Liebsters here are a couple more blogs and an Etsy shop that need your attention and deserve the Liebster:

Zoe @ Welcome to My Mother 'hood
Zoe is just getting her bloggy legs back and is ready to rock her blog.  She is creative, like she makes bags you will die over.  She is a mom, who parents straight from the hip.  She is also a very dear friend of mine from what seems a lifetime ago.  But the awesome part is, it's like zero time has passed.  I'm giving her the Liebster so she will get back into blogging.  Now go to her blog and give her the kick in the pants she needs... You are gonna love her.

Mary @ Mary in MarriedLand
I just found her blog.  Like yesterday.  But I like what I see and I think you will too.  She comes highly recommended by my next blogger...

Laura@ Our Reflection
So I have a lot of friends and family who blog.  It's how we keep it all together.  She is a photographer/momma/Christian/blogger who has fun link ups and following fest.  Currently she's linking up so V-day crafts.  Check it out.

Veronica @ Good Luck Charm Designs
Veronica is designing to her hearts content.  Find her stuff at her Etsy shop or her Facebook page.  She has got some really awesome designs, and many are CUSTOM.  Need invitations?  Check.  Need a banner?  Check.  Need cupcake flags?  Check.  Like sock monkeys?  Check!

Tiffany @ Breakfast with Tiffany
My new fashion guru.  I'm not kidding.  She is blogging about being a real life mom, with real life fashion inspiration.  The stuff she posts, I could do.  It's simple and on trend, and I hope it's going to deliver me from jeans and sweats. 

Congrats to all the lovelies that just received their very own Leibster.  I'm super honored to say the least.  I received mine from two bloggers that have just crossed my path of life.  It's awesome that they felt like I was worthy of some extra exposure.  That's what is so great and addicting about blogging.  The community.  The bloggers.  The love.

Happy Blogging,


  1. thank you, and i totally agree! community, bloggers, love... :)

  2. Congrats to you and all the ladies you awarded! There are a few I don't know yet so I'll have to go check them out!

  3. Congrats to you!! And thank you so much! =) One of my favorite things about blogging is making new friends and how supportive everyone is!

  4. Thanks Megs for the nomination! It's truly a blessings.

  5. A million more Thanks coming your way...

  6. Congrats! And I feel so honored to be mentioned! Love ya lots and you deserve all of this and more :)

  7. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say HI and tell you that this is such a great idea!! My blog is totally small beans so it's nice to see there is recognition going on out there for us little guys! Great blog you have! <3

  8. Super cool! What a great idea! Thanks friend. xoxo.