Change is good. It means we are growing.

It's official.  On March 1st Google Friends Connect will no longer be available to bloggers who use something other than Blogger.  So if you have blogs that you follow that are WordPress or TypePad, you need a new way to follow them.  If you blog is on something besides WordPress or TypePad you also need another gadget to track followers.  Plus, if Google is discontinuing GFC, so that we will now use Google+, I think it's just a matter of time before they disconnect GFC for all, including those of us on Blogger. 

So now what?

You may have noticed that some of your favorite bloggers are implementing new ways to follow the blogs you love most.  I found a great blog last night that explains the end of GFC, how to utilize your RSS feed, and how your readers can utilize it too.  Did you know that if you subscribe to blogs via RSS feed, you can read them all from your phone using a google docs app?  I didn't either.  So read this great post by Connie at Measured By the Heart.

I wanted to let all of you know all the ways you can keep tabs on AbsoluteMommy.  I feel completely arrogant right now, like hey don't forget to read, but I've made some pretty good friend in this little space, and I'd love for you all to continue to visit me.  In any case, I'm going to list all the places you can find me, and explain what that new little LinkyFollowers box is all about. 

I make sure to update my Facebook page and Twitter feed with all my new posts as soon as they are published.  So if you already like me or follow me there, then you most likely won't miss anything.  You will also see all the random pictures, babble, and things that happen in my everyday life.  Plus Twitter is so fun!  I've made some great friends via Twitter!

AbsoluteMommy on Facebook

AbsoluteMommy on Twitter

I've also joined Bloglovin.  I like Bloglovin, because it lists all my favorite blogs in one spot.  Plus it sends me a daily email of all the new posts of the day.  So it's super hard for me to miss anyone.  I joined so I could follow other blogs, and my blog is there too.  If you use blog loving look me up.

AbsoluteMommy on BlogLovin

Now let's talk about LinkyFollowers
It's brand spanking new, so there may or may not be some bugs.  Here is the really cool part, it was created for bloggers and developed by bloggers.  It's also free, and you don't have to blog to have an account.  I know this for sure, because when I signed up for my own LinkyFollowers account, it asked if I had a blog, and then reassured me if I didn't, but added one later, that it wouldn't be a problem.  How nice of LinkyFollowers, right.  This is the top choice of many bloggers right now in the race to replace GFC.  Don't be surprised if you see many of your favorites adding the LinkyFollowers gadget to their blogs. 

See mine over there.  Looks kind of empty right.  To sign up and follow along takes no time at all.  Now for the best part:  LinkyFollowers was so easy to use, and when I created my account it gave me the HTML code to copy and paste for my very own gadget.  Let me tell you that for someone who speaks zero HTML, this was awesome. 

When you get a few minutes (less than five, promise) please add yourself to my LinkyFollowers.

Also LinkyFollowers is going to be a place for you to organize and get all your daily updates from your favorite bloggers.  Like BlogLovin there will be a blog roll for you to read, add to, and organize. 

Trust me when I tell you it's EASY PEASY.
If I can use it so can you. 

So enough with the follow me stuff!  I'm glad you are here and to those of you who are new to AbsoluteMommy, WELCOME.

So what do you think of LinkyFollowers?  Do you have it up on your blog too?  Did I leave anything out?  Let me know in the comments.  Especially if I got some of this info wrong.

And PLEASE let me know if you have added
LinkyFollowers to your blog in the comments. 
That way I can go and add you to my blog roll.

Happy Blogging and following,


  1. ugh. ack. yuck. bleugh... i've avoided thinking about this so far, but i suppose i should start. thanks for the links and explanations :) i have my blog on bloglovin, but haven't used it to follow any others. guess i should check into the linky one too. i'll let you know when i do :) thanks, Megan xo

  2. Hmm, never heard of LinkyFollowers before. Looks like a great alternative. Thanks for posting! Another thing to check out...haha. :)

  3. Following via Linky...Let's hope da bugs are few!

  4. added the linky followers on mine! working on a post about this same darn thing... what a pain ;)

  5. I'm bloglovin' ya, facebookin' ya, and tweetin' ya...oh and GFC, duh!