InstaFriday {The Good Stuff}

Happy InstaFriday. 

I'm having so much fun with the FebPhotoADay challenge on Instagram that I was worried that I didn't have enough to share... Then I actually checked my cell pictures and decided that I'm obsessed with Instagram.  No really. 

And you know what else is sick, I got so excited over that Best Buy commercial during the Super Bowl.  The one where all those guys are telling us what they invented for the smart phone.  Did you notice one of those guys said, "I invented Instagram"?  AWESOME!  I was like, get his info so I can send him a thank you card! 

So this week I started my DOD.  Let me just say that there hasn't been much "good stuff".  I've been detoxing from caffeine and sugar, and I desperately miss eggs.  So I've decided that I can no longer dwell on the excesses and luxuries of the past (it's only been a week).  I'm going to drink this no sugar/all natural grape juice and highlight the Good Stuff from last week. 

My last tea. 
My very last Iced Venti Sweetened Black Tea, for the next 15-21 days or so. 
It was good.  It was the stuff my current dreams are made of. 
Til we met again...

It's kind of hard to be down in the dumps about what you can't eat
when you have these peeps to keep you company.  
Sunday was beautiful.  No fog, blue skies, warmer than you average February. 
We had a great day, including a picnic outside in the sun. 
Grilled cheese sandwiches for the troops, with gold fish, apples, grapes, and circus cookies.  I'd write what I ate, but this is about the good stuff. 
Look at all those cuties.  I heart them.

Me and my little lady got our tat on. 
How can anyone say no to Hello Kitty tattoos, from Michael's that were $1? 
I didn't think so. 
I love Hello Kitty something fierce, so I wanted these more than my little one. 
Is it weird that I actually debated getting mine done for real? 

I did it y'all.  I got bangs.  To my surprise I'm loving them. 
I feel like a stranger when I look in the mirror. 
Here's the part I love. 
This morning all I had to do was brush them down and
spray with a little hairspray before preschool drop off. 
I hope they continue to treat me this good. 
Oh and this afternoon I just pulled it all back in a pony,
and with the bangs it actually looks like effort. 
Shout out to my bangs!

New bows are always good stuff. 
My friend Jenn shared the wealth and her overstock of Vday ribbon. 
One for each of my lovelies.  
Plus this face is ALWAYS good stuff. 
Unless she's screaming then it's questionable.

Ready for some more good stuff?
Brooke over at Design Space 365 is offering you all a discount on StickyGrams. 
Not familiar with StickyGrams?  They are magnets of all those little masterpieces you are posting on Instagram.  Go check out Brooke.  Introduce yourself and check out her discount on StickyGrams.  While you are there also check out the location buttons she created.  She also does blog design and can help will all your bloggy needs.  Especially if you are like me and HTML makes you break in a cold sweat.  Give Brooke and her blog some love y'all! 

Happy Blogging,

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Happy Friday!


  1. Love the family Sunday! ^_^ That's the good stuff.

  2. Love the Hello Kitty tattoos! Very cute! :)

  3. I like your blog and you are probably more tech saavy than I am! I saw you over at Live,Laugh,Rowe and am looking forward to growing my blog too. Following you via linky.

  4. Love this! Glad you had a great week. Hang in there with your DOD and so excited to see you guys all soon. I guess I better try and catch up with some blog posting today, since I've been out of the loop this week with all the hoopla going that I'm a little less stressed and more like feeling myself again, I better get on it!

  5. I loved that commercial too. However, was slightly disappointed that we don't have any women inventing all that awesome stuff!