Blog Love {March Sponsors}

Let me tell you a little story about a little bloggy that could.
She started off with just her writing and some ideas.
Ideas about motherhood, marriage, and life.
She had no idea that she would be so inspired to blog her heart out.
She had no idea of the friends she would make.
She had no idea that the blogging community
would welcome her with open arms.

Imagine her surprise when 19 blogs were excited to
swap sponsor space with her for the month of March.

Today I'd like to thank those amazing bloggers
that have been hanging out on AbsoluteMommy this month.

Who re-tweet my posts, who share them on Facebook,
who send me messages via email, and comment on my posts.
We all love comments right?

Many of them have become friends,
and make me wonder what it would be like to have coffee
with them once in awhile. 
Would our kiddos play together? 
Would our hubbys crack open beers over the game?

I appreciate all of my sponsors so much.
I have an ad budget of zero. 
So any shout outs, guest post opportunities,
and tweets help me out in a big way.

And in return, I'm happy to do the same.
I re-tweet, share on Facebook,
and try to comment every chance I get.

It helps that I am in good company.
These ladies rock!
So when you get the chance,
please stop by their blogs,
 you won't be sorry.

Left to right:

Lots of blog love today for my sponsors.

Are you interested in sponsor swaps for April??
Leave me a comment, a tweet, or an email.
I'd love to have you over!


  1. Can I just make you a permanent fixture on my bloggy?
    Please & Thank You
    ♥ ya girly!!!

  2. I would be interested in swapping in April! You can email me with the details!

  3. I sent you an email yesterday about swapping for April! Would love to have you at my space.

  4. I have loved watching your blog grow and getting to know you more! :) Thanks for the shoutout love!

  5. Megan! Thank you for the sponsor love. I feel so unworthy :) Learning so much from you this month!

  6. big love to you!!! i'm so glad to have you as a bloggy buddy :)

  7. Thanks so much for letting me sponsor you this month! I would love to continue doing the swap with you for next month!

  8. new follower here! what a great blog!

  9. I would love to ad swap in April! You can check out my sponsor page to see what all is included when you are a sponsor :)

    xoxo Meghan