Look what I got {Covert Robin}

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I want you to meet Katie, who drew my
name in the Covert Robin operation. 
She totally blog stalked me, and I'm grateful for it. 
She made me an awesome wristlet...
Wait until you read about the fabric she used...

Hi there, I'm Katie and I blog at There & Back.  I thought I should put a little picture so you'd know who you're dealing with :-) I don't always have pink hair though, sometimes it's blue..

As soon as I heard about the Covert Robin Swap I knew I wanted in. I'm a girl who loves to make fun little goodies for other people. Which would explain why I work as a pastry chef..... Anyway, I was lucky enough to get to make a gift for Megan. I didn't know her before the swap, so it was fun to blog stalk her as I secretly tried to get to know her. I now know just how awesome she is!
Wristlet - hanging
Since Megan is a busy mom, I thought she might like a little wristlet. It's something she could throw some cash, cards, her keys and a lipgloss into. It's bright and colourful, so it should be easy to spot when it's in a larger bag or buried under kid stuff. I made it with my very favourite fabric, which is a map of the London Underground.  I included a couple of other goodies for Megan too. A keychain, one of several styles that I make for a local shop, and of course I included every mom's go-to treat, chocolate.

Covert Robin Swap -ready to send

It was such a pleasure to to send this package of goodies to Megan. The only thing that would have made it better, was it I could have hand delivered it so we could hang out.

Did you catch that? 
The fabric she used was printed
Which totally reminds me Harry Potter. 
Like in the Half Blood Prince where
he's having coffee in that shop
and suddenly Dumbledore appears...
It blew me away!

Thanks so much Katie!! 
You rock my blogging world!
Did you get any Covert Robin swag? 
Let me know, so I can check it out!!


  1. I'm completely jealous of that amazing wristlet! I live on them here since all the money up to $5.00 is in coin form in Japan! It's way too many coins to put in a wallet!

  2. Looks like you got a super fun package and a great partner! That little clutch is so fun!

  3. What a fun gift! Always nice to get handmade lovelies in the mail :)

  4. I really enjoyed making it all up for you, Megan. I totally thought of Harry Potter when I was buying the fabric! I don't think any other book or movie has made me want to visit a place so badly! I really really want to go to the castle that they used for Hogwarts, I think that would be awesome!