Blogger Babes July {Part 3}

It's the end of the month.  Really?  July has come and gone?  I'm not ready yet!  I still have plans for this summer... And it's coming to a close quick.  But before we start August, I need to give some more love, to more sponsors.  I had more "featured" sponsors this month than ever before.  Crazy right?  Well here is the last bunch of Blogger Babes for July.  Meet some amazing gals, with kick ass blogs, and find out who is giving aways some love of their own.

Jellli of Jellibean Journals
 Blog / Facebook / Twitter / RSS

Summer Bucket List:
Spending lots of quality time engaging with
my pretty brown-eyed girl and her hottie dad.

Favorite post from last month :

FB or Twitter: Twitter:  
Although they've "accidentally" suspended my account
twice in the past month, I'm a Twitter girl.
FB changes things up too much for this busy mama to keep up.

Starbucks order:
Tall skinny caramel cappuccino generously
sprinkled with chocolate nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Summer playlist:
birdsongs and crickets,
"Goooooal" broadcasting from husband's soccer games on TV,
and screeching growls of my sweet sleepy baby.

Kristine of The Foley Fam {Unedited}

What is on your summer bucket list:
 Disneyland with our fams

Favorite post from last month
Twitter or Facebook
Your order at Starbucks:
Hot Chocolate

What's on your summer playlist:
Sweet Home Alabama from Kid Rock - never gets old :)

 Stephany at 'ol Mother Hyder


What is on your summer bucket list:
Well I just sold my house to my husband...really, true story. We did this to refinance at a very low interest rate and got a cash out in we are paying off ALL our debt and the only monthly bills will be our new mortgage and utilities. How awesome, right.... but my husband is loosing his wonderful job. So, we my bucket list this summer is soaking up quality time with a wonderful man and daddy. He works religiously and we are ready for this break and to see him every day + have his chair occupied at dinner.
That makes this Mommy happy.


Favorite post from last month:
Ahh, tough one... Probably Oudie Girl Fashion.
It's a fun collaboration with my sister.
She models and I like to photograph her.
Working together as a team!

Twitter or Facebook:
Twitter for sure. Facebook is so olds chool for me. I mean my phone will NOT even go off when there is a notification, so blah. I think it has changed its mind so much on what it wants to do, it can't do anything right anymore. And, plus it let's people on it that DO NOT need to be on the Book. I mean, do you remember the days you had to be a part of a network to get in. It was a secret club. And, Michael's (the hubs) grandmother is on it and that is just weird to me. Weird. When my parents get a Twitter, I'll be done with that too. Ha.

Your order at Starbucks:
Now call me OLD SCHOOL, but I have never been to Starbucks.
Not a coffee girl.
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate works great for me.
I know the sell other greatness,
but- just have never had the urge to pull in for a treat.

What's on your summer playlist:
Music? Kids Bob by the Fresh Beat Band, what else. :)
But, I have a mixture.
I am a country girl and my faves on it right now are
Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Little Big Town.
And, let's not forget about the good 'ol Wooble + the Kang Wang.
Yes, I love to shake my ass.

Laura from Our Reflection

Twitter or Facebook:
Your order at Starbucks:
Non-Fat Peppermint Mocha

What's on your summer playlist:
Never Let You Go by Manafest

So that's it my friends!  The last of my July Blogger Babes.  And as a special treat Laura of Our Reflection and Kristine of The Foley Fam are offering you Free Ad Space!!  One space from each!  Sweet Deal!!  But wait there's more.... You can also win one FEATURED SPOT from ME!!  That's right.  Next month you could be the Blogger Babe!!  So do the rafflecopter thing, and I'll do my sign off thing...

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