Blogger Babes AUGUST

Since August was totally crazy for me,
I'm showcasing all my Blogger Babes today!
What a way to end August.
Today they are bringing you their favorite Instagrams.
Some back to school tips.
Even some free ad space!
Thank you August Sponsors!
Now lets show them some love!!

A back to school tip, recipe, fashion trend, project
Always wear comfortable shoes on the first day.  
I can't wait for fall because
I can't wait to wear my Ugg boots.
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A back to school tip, recipe, fashion trend, project
Invest in a good backpack for your kid(s)!  
So important for them to have something
comfortable and appropriate for their age & needs!  
Think of it as an investment...
if you buy a cheap one,
you'll be headed back to the store for a new one
before the year is over for sure!

 I can't wait for fall because
I love how pretty fall is here!
I just wished this particular season last longer...
seems like we go from Summer to Winter pretty quickly!



Back to School Trend
For Mom: The Boyfriend's a must have for fall!
  For Your Kiddos:  Denim versatile in any wardrobe!

I Can't Wait for Fall because
You know I'm gonna say fashion, right? 
Love layering in the fall!
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    Back to school tip

 Since my children are all preschool-age and   
younger, I don't have many back to school tips.
However, I DO plan on doing this on the first day of school!

    I can't wait for fall because

we love those family nights on the couch next to the fire!


And that's it for August guys!
Still lots of space left for September.
Who wants wants to be a Blogger Babe?

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