Friday Favorites, Funnies, and Fabulousness

It's Friday.
I'm out of things to blog about.
Correction, I have some ideas but not enough time.
So in an effort to sum up my week here are some favorites, funnies, and fabulousness.
Some Favorite Instagrams:
Let's discuss the fact that the Hubbs knows McDreamy.
Second lets talk about the fact that I don't want Patrick Dempsey's autopgraph.
I want Dr. Shepard's.

Mac's first self portrait.
In which she is crying.
As long as she doesn't cut off her ear, I think we're good.

Cresent roll pizza.
Because I didn't have yeast.
And wouldn't know what to do with it if I did.
Mc. Dreamy's autography

A sweaty and racing McDreamy.
Here are a few of my funnies
from the week.
Thank you Pinterest.
Pinned Image
You know you are asking in his Frozone voice!
Pinned Image
Me. Every Christmas Eve.
Pinned Image
I don't know why I think this baby is so funny.
Maybe because I'm sure it's how babies really feel!
And this one, but it's seriously too long to post, so here is the link,
And finally some Fabulousness!
Cover to Cover...and Everything in Between
Nay's post tha left me inspired here.  
Lena's easiest cake in the world.
Through the Eyes of the Mrs.
Beth's Community Hop (still open!)
Do have something thats a favorite, is funny, or fabulous from last week?
Leave me a link to it in the comments!!
PS: I'm sure there are linkups for this post, but I couldn't find one.
If you know of one or host one, please leave me a link.


  1. I heart you... always have... always will... the end

  2. Thank you for the shout out! I love when you post your funnies!

  3. True story: McDreamy has a lakehouse across the lake from our wedding photographer. Now, I'm from a tiny, unassuming town in Texas. One night on the 10:00 news there was the story about how Patrick Dempsey had been spotted in our local (crappy) Wal-Mart. They reported the time, and I totally got bummed out because I had been there at the same time and didn't see him! Evidently he blends in well with normal people.

    The baby is hilarious. I seriously cracked up!

  4. That Elf clip is one of my FAVS! HAHAHAAHA!

    Yay for awesome husbands!!

  5. I met McDreamy a few years ago on the Grey's Anatomy set, and I have literally never been so star struck. On tv I never found him all that attractive, but man, when those eyes are staring straight into yours...he knows how to work 'em, that's all I'll say.