Happy Halloween {A word from our sponsors}

Happy Halloween, all you Halloweenies!
I hope that you are celebrating in style.
Me, I'm a little busy cleaning and making cupcakes for tonight.
I think I'll be dressing up as "Mother of the Year",
as inspired by this post.
Which means I'll be dressed exactly as I am,
jeans, tank, cardi, Toms.
I'll have most likely fed my kids Mc. Donalds for dinner,
because I'll be busy baking and cleaning so the
neighbors can come over for "treats".
I'll be serving microwave popcorn, Capri Sun,
and Funfetti cupcakes from the box, frosted with canned frosting.
My kids will eat all this and whatever haul they bring in.
They will go to bed about 10.
And we will wake up late for school the next morning.
Oh, did I mention that they probably won't wear jackets tonight.
Jackets would totally take away from their awesome costumes.
See, mother of the year.
The only dark spot to this spooky day,
Caitlin's school didn't allow dressing up for Halloween. 
Bummer right?
Seriously, the great pumpkin will not be visiting those
bah-humbugs who decided that.
Today, my October sponsors are sharing their Halloween fun.
Help me wish my lovely sponsors a Happy Halloween!
Bonnie, Life of Bon

My favorite Halloween ever was two years ago.  I dressed up like Voldemort.  I was a little afraid that it would totally turn off my then-boyfriend, but he didn't seem too disgusted by it.  In fact, the reason why I loved Halloween two years ago was because of what he said to me.  Halloween will always carry a special little place in my heart since last year. As we were cleaning up from our Halloween party, my boyfriend said to me "Bon, next year we're going to have to go with something real scary again.  Maybe something a little more coordinated.  You know, like our costumes go together."

And that's how I first knew he wanted to marry me.    Because who plans a year in advance if you don't want to marry the person?!?!  By Halloween 2011 I was his wife.  And if that isn't a Halloween love story, I don't know what is.

Colleen, Paisley Boulevard

One of my favorite Halloween memories is from a few years ago. My husband dressed up like Edward Scissorhands and I did his makeup and he looked AMAZING. Literally we could not make it 5 feet in our neighborhood while we trick or treated without people freaking out about how cool his costume was. He was really into character, too so it was fun!
Check out Colleen and her husbands AMAZING costumes from this year.
She is so rad!!
Kristine, The Foley Fam {Unedited}

We are having a blast this Halloween Season doing all the fun kids crafts I can come up with. M&M love it and seeing their little faces light up when their project is complete melts my heart! Last year Mia was just born so we didn't go out, looking forward to dressing up this year and going out adults only after trick or treating with M&M. Wish this Momma luck :)
Laura, Our Reflection
Check out her Rag Tie Garland, perfect for Fall Decorating,
and a Fall Bucket List that she shared on her blog.
Laura is also an amazing photographer.
Check out her work here.
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I've made some awesome friends in the blogging world!
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  1. Bah-humbugs is right!!! I'm not so happy about the lack of fun for today. It wouldn't hurt to let them dress up! My son was heartbroken. 99% of the other schools are dressing up. =(

    1. I know! I get that it can be a distraction, but I think the real reason has more to do with pc-ness than anything. I mean that was the best part if Halloween as a kid! Showing off your costume at school. I still remember those candy filled costume wearing days.

  2. I was asked to send in a wheat,gluten,dairy,nut,dye free candy treat for my sons "harvest party"...talk about sucking the fun out of Halloween! New follower from the mixer...Look forward to reading more! Happy Halloween!!