I'm thankful for Blogging {Happy Thanksgiving}

In the spirit that is Thanksgiving, I thought I would write about why I'm thankful for blogging.  This post originally appeared here, but with the manic bronchitis, I thought it be best to repost.  I was thinking about all the reasons I'm thankful for blogging.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I had a few, heartfelt reasons, but I figured that sarcasm is the best side dish you can have on Thanksgiving...  PS: you can find a serious post here.
Here are my reasons for being thankful for blogging:
I would have never known that this was a thing:

Not only the headband, but the self portrait thing as well.
Here are a few of the dorky attempts.
And my dirty bathroom that is a constant in my selfies.
I made the headband as part of a link up challenge.
So thank you blogging for dorky self pictures, weirdly placed headbands,
and DIY fabric flowers I now put on everything.
Including my daughters.
How else would I know what to wear or what others are wearing?
Yes, I blog, and yes, I do these posts.
My hubbs thinks they are ridiculous.
I told him he just doesn't understand.
Thank you blogging world for understanding that
Wednesdays are made for a Fashion post.
I would never know that Starbucks is serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
Or that they are serving them in a red cup.
You know exactly what I'm talking about.
Thank you bloggers for alerting me to the magic of the season.
I would have never discovered Instagram.
favorite Instagram of the moment.
Which I love almost as much as my iPhone.
How else would I take my WIW photos, or pictures of my kids eating at Panera Bread.
Thank you Instagram, you make my everyday life look like art,
and my unwashed hair look terrific.
I would have never known the genius that is Passion Fruit Ads or Rafflecopter.
Oh, you're not a blogger?
Sorry, but this is like when sliced bread was invented.
Thank you PF Ads and Rafflecopter for changing my blogging life.
I can now spend the time I would on sponsors and giveways over at Pinterest.
I would have never known the difference between"mint" and "teal".
In regards to skinny jeans.
Because there is a difference.
Thanks to some serious fashion bloggers I know what too look for.
Also thank you for clearing up "oxblood" and "maroon".
I would have never known how to do anything.
Fabric flower poof?  Check.
T-shirt Infinity Scar?  Check.
Cake mix cookies?  Check.
The list goes on and on.
While I should thank Pinterest, why should Miz Pin get all the credit.
I would have never been able to make these things if it weren't for
the awesome blogs that provide the tutorials.
I would have never "linked" up.
Hi, I'm Megan, and I'm addicted to Link ups.
I have yet to meet one I don't like.
I've done a vlog.
I love lists.
I have even posted a craft or two.
If you give a blogger a link party...
Which I'm so thankful you do, it's how I've met some amazing bloggers.
Sarcasm aside, I'm thankful for the blogging world. Little did I know when I started my blog almost two years ago that there was an entire community of friendship to be had. I found amazing blogs sharing ideas on parenting, faith, community, photography, and life.  
I'm thankful for this blogging community who likes to laugh with me,
share with me and when asked, say a prayer for me. 
So Happy Thanksgiving.  I'm sure I'll know all about it via Instagram.  I'll also know exactly what you are wearing, eating, and drinking.  Also I can't wait for your Black Friday posts.  You bloggers are nuts.  I'll check out your tweets and Instagrams from my couch, in my pjs, while I do some shopping of my own.  On the iPad. 
Don't worry, if you need a visual, just check Instagram.
Beth's Black Friday Giveaway.
Multiple giveaways = Multiple Winners
Stop by at Midnight!


  1. I'm thankful for blogging too, but I'm pretty sure it seems like a really funny world to an outsider!

  2. Fun post! I just got an iPhone this year, and the first app I downloaded was instagram :) It's awesome. Also, my husband things all things blogging are ridiculous...although he is ok with the fact that I keep one as a memoir to our girls. It's a fine line :)

    I have a humble little link up going on at my blog right now for Thankful Thursday if you want a place to promote this a bit :) I can't promise tons of exposure, but feel free to come on over and join in :)