Good Tidings we Bring {December Sponsors Giveaway}

It's the last giveaway I'm doing for the year.  I've been procrastinating because I'm trying to soak in every last bit of Christmas before it's over.  I've been surrounding myself with holiday cheer, and now I'm finally organized enough to share some... Here are my lovely December Featured Sponsors, and they would love for you to check them out.  Don't forget they bring gifts!

Paula from Hopeful Future
Hi! I'm Paula from Hopeful Future!
First of all I want to thank Megan SO MUCH for this opportunity to share!!!
I'm a young wife and mama of 2 sweet babies. Our home is small and oftentimes chaotic since we have 2 kids 2 & under, but it is a joy filled home and we love living and growing together! I blog about all the things I'm learning as a young mom and wife!
My current favorite Christmas song has to be Jingle Bells, I know that's not very unique, but my 2 year old has taken quite a liking to the song and is always trying to sing it. It's adorable, and I'm loving the fact that he is able to get excited about Christmas this year. Making memories with my babies is so priceless to me, and so Jingle Bells has a special place in my heart this year.
I think my favorite Christmas movie(s) would have to be the Santa Clause ones. Silly, but fun.
Merry Christmas from our family to yours! <3

My name is Laura and I'm a house mouse!  That's why I blog over at Mice In The Kitchen.  I am blessed to say I have been married to my best friend for 15 years and we have four children.  On some days I would say wonderful children but on other days I am more realistic....but none the less they are mine and I love each of them!  In my little corner of the Internet I talk about life, food, reviews and love giveaways.  I dare get crafty here and there and will share the laughs along the way and sometimes my crafts are actually will find that burn cream is a staple for any craft I do involving a glue gun.  I would love for you to come by and check out my blog!!

My Favorite Christmas song
Okay...that's actually a hard one.  So I have narrowed it down to 2 but really any classic Christmas song has me in the Christmas mood.  BUT... Christmas Cannon and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree would be my 2. 

My Favorite Christmas Movie:
Maybe not so much a movie but I every year love to watch Rudolph, Frosty and Charlie Brown Christmas with the  Christmas tree on and fire going it sets the mood for the holidays for me. I will protest if they ever try and take them off TV!!

This picture always makes me's last year when we were in town with my mom and woke up Christmas morning.  It's so cute to see the kids running down the hall, were I did when I was a kid, Christmas morning. 

Kristen from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. 

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

WTF is a lifestyle blog mostly about our adventures in Germany with new DIY and recipes every week!

My favorite Christmas song: Bing Crosby-Pennies from Heaven. 

Which is from my favorite Christmas movie: Elf!

My favorite Christmas picture was taken last year when Hubby and I spent
Christmas day at Disney World.
Even though it was 80 degrees out, they made it 'snow' and it was amazing!

Annie from Annie One Can Cook

I'm a full-time student with big dreams of working in television or film. I currently work at two television stations, both in front of and behind the camera and absolutely love it.
In addition to work and school, I'm marrying the man of my dreams in January!
My hobbies include cooking, going for long walks, reading, scrap booking, and writing.

I love Christmas and begin jamming out to Christmas CDs in my car around the beginning of September. My favorite Christmas song is 'Oh Holy Night' and my favorite Christmas movie is 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.'

Hey loves! I'm Kristine and I {over}share our lives over here. Stop on by and introduce yourself, I'd love to check out your casa as well! Love that Megan gave me some prompts, because lately this Momma has been all over the place and I'll gladly take all the help she can get {wink}. 

Fav Christmas song is Away in a Manager. Goosebumps. Every.Single.Time. This year having our M&M girls sing, or in Mia's case hum along to it is truly one of the highlights to our Christmas season.

Fav Christmas movie is Elf #ofcourse

"First we'll make snow angels for a two hours, then we'll go ice skating,
then we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookiedough as fast as we can,
and then we'll snuggle." #boom #bestdayever

Laura from Our Reflection


Favorite Christmas Song: I Pray on Christmas
Favorite Christmas Movie: Charlie Brown Christmas

Myranda from Pretty Living PDX.
I am the momma to 3 beautiful little ladies and the wife to 1 amazing man, and I blog about our everyday adventures. I consider myself quite the comedian and my lifelong dream is to one day appear on SNL.

It is almost Christmas, are you ready? I sure am...NOT! I still have gifts to buy and everything to wrap, stockings to stuff, dinner to buy, just about everything, but it will get done before 12/25 at least. Today is about Christmas favorites, my favorite song is All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey, my favorite Christmas movie is the Charlie Brown Christmas. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and come say hi over at Pretty Living PDX 

Since all these bloggers are in the Christmas Spirit,
they are sharing it today!

You know what to do next!
Have a great day and enjoy the last 4 days before Christmas!
That's right FOUR!

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