I got mugged {as in I got a coffee mug in the mail}

Did I totally freak you out with that title?
Well don't worry, I wasn't physically assaulted or anything.
I just made a really awesome new bloggy friend,
and got an incredibly cool mug in the process.
Hedi at Mustache Mama and Ashley of Chevron Stitches came up with a super fun mug swap.
Of course they titled it "You got mugged".
The title alone was irresistible.
Let's start with my mug partner.
Jen from Filling up my Cup.
I totally blogged stalked her for the first day after finding out she was my partner.
First she has met Justin Timberlake.
I'm serious.
She even has a picture to prove it.
She likes to DIY, but keeps it real,
as in it's not an impossible DIY.
Jen is even rocking out some fashion when she gets the chance.
I read four or five posts before I decided that
we'd be friends in real life.
You know the kind that you could go to
Starbucks with and people watch.
The kind that would make a trip to Target
seem like a vay-cay.
Yeah, that's Jen.
So be sure to check out Jen and see the mug I sent her.
Now, for the mug:
It's pretty obvious that we are kindred spirits.
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  1. That is pretty much the coolest mug ever! Love it. Thanks for participating and thanks for linking up! XO