Nay's Pay it Forward Project

I've been asked a time or two, by friends in real life why my blog is so important to me.
There are many reasons, but the community of women is probably the closest to my heart.
Sure, writing is why I started this crazy blog, but the friendships are why I keep going.
Even when the time gets tough, even when I don't have a thing to say.
Nay, she's a blessing in my life.
And not just because she sends me cards that make me cry, and notebooks to write in.
Because she writes from her heart.
Sometimes it's broken.
Sometimes it's strong.
But it's always an inspiration.
This is her Pay It Forward project for 2013.

Last week on Instagram she asked for 3 comments with an email address.
In return she'd send them a little something.
Something to brighten their day.
Something to say thanks.
Something to make them feel loved.
I felt all of those things and more when I checked my mail on Friday.
I was stressed that day.
Running a million miles an hour.
And then, with one little package I stopped.
I took a moment for me, and opened a surprise.
A little something to brighten my day.
A card with words so kind, I just about fell over.

Now It's my turn.
The first three comments, with an email address will receive a package from me.
It may be this week, or not.
It may be this month, or not.
It may be in 6 months.
But I will pay it forward and surprise you.

That's what this community is about.
Kindness, understanding, connections.
It's not always about connecting with the bloggers that are going to get you somewhere.
It's about the bloggers who are getting you.
Right here.
Get to know Nay and Coffee-n-Ink!


  1. I just did the same blog today...well similar

  2. What a sweet idea. Packages in the mail always make people smile even when they know it is coming.Surprise thing even better :)

  3. I am so very happy you liked it are very special to me and I'm happy that this road called Blog brought us together!
    Can't wait to meet you in May!!!

  4. I have seen so many people doing this, as well and I love it! I would love to be part of it if you need some people!

  5. Aww, not in the first three comments, but I'm adding my name to the waiting list! ;)
    megantenney at gmail dot com

  6. Love this idea! Love you too Nay! And Megan, I'm a new follower from the Elevate link up! See you in May!

    1. Feel free to add me to the wait list if either of you are feeling extra giving ;) Angela dot livingston80@gmail dot com