It's a Birthday Party! {plus a gift for you}

Who knew there were so many March babies in bloggy land.
I was so lucky to cross paths with Colletta from Colletta's Kitchen Sink.
She leaves the most wonderful comments here and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the two of us are turning 35.  Colletta turned 35 today (Sunday the 24th) and I'll be 35 on Tuesday the 26th.  We decided to do a little bloggy swap, just for you.  Plus Colletta is giving away the most amazing book I never even knew existed!  Ready to get your domestic diva on???  Well meet Colletta, get acquainted, and win The Gentle Art of Domesticity.
Colletta's Kitchen Sink
Colletta is 35 (Happy Birthday) and blogs from Hyndman, PA.  What I love about Colletta is that she loves to read.  She is always posting about books or giving them away.  She has her goodreads status in her side bar is is working her way to her reading goal of 100 books for 2013.  I like her style.  Colletta also has an ETSY shop for all of you who Etsy.  And boy is it cute!
0-3 Month Duck Hat and Diaper Cover Set - Easter Photo Prop - Ready to Ship
Find it here!
Here are some of Colletta's favorite things, and if you stop by her place today, you will find some of mine!  Plus you can get the skinny on why Colletta started her blog in the first place, which I always find interesting!!
Top three favorite TV shows:
Castle, NCIS, Bones

Favorite authors:
Dani Pettrey, DiAnn Mills, Susan May Warren, Denise Hunter, etc, etc, etc.

Favorite book:
Other than the Bible, Pride and Prejudice or Little Women
Favorite food:

Go-to beverage of choice:
Ovaltine, Sunny D, and Dr. Pepper.

Favorite Outfit:
Comfy pants, with a favorite t-shirt.
Favorite Accessory:
My pearl necklace that my hubby got for me at Epcot-Japan. I got to pick out the oyster and be surprised at the pearl! So fun!
Why do you blog/write?
What do you hope to accomplish with blogging/writing? Blogging gives me a creative outlet and also helps me to find a community to socialize with. It can be a bit hard to find community when being a SAHW-M. It also helps me with my anxiety/depression to have a daily routine and socialize as well as being a journal of sorts.

I have to say that Colletta and I could spend an entire day watching TV and reading books.  Now be nice readers and go wish her a Happy Birthday on her blog.  Then be really nice readers and fight with each other over the chance to win this awesome book!
image via Amazon
This gorgeous and unusual book, full of whimsy, warmth, and a wealth of stunning
photographs, helps us to see domesticity with new eyes.
Whether she’s knitting a tea cozy or baking jam tarts, crocheting a blanket
or sewing an apron, Brocket fills her home with beauty, color, and fun.
She transforms day-to-day domesticity into a realm of possibilities,
both practical and imaginative—
and encourages us to do the same in our own lives.
I've added it to my wish list, but you don't have too!

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  1. Found you through Colletta's Kitchen Sink! Happy birthday to you! I turn 35 this year, too. :) Hope it is a great one.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. I just bought a baby pod from Coletta's shop, and I didn't even realize it was her shop until I went to visit it as part of the giveaway! Such adorable items. Would LOVE to win her book!