It's Getting Hot in here {and my kids are crazy}

This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are all my own.

It's not even June and yet, Fresno has blessed us with some 100 degree days.  And while I'm sure there are some mid west and east coast friends that are shaking their head as I already begin to complain, let me tell you a little about Fresno summers.  This is only the beginning.  Soon, the temps will reach well over 100, and leaving the house to do anything will become my least favorite chore.  Trying to wrangle 2 kids under 5 in 100 degree temps?  Well lets just say I have friends with more than 2 that are my own personal heroes. 

So what can we do in 100 degree plus temps.  Well we can swim, which we do a lot at my momma's and my father in laws.  We can pay out the nose for play centers and indoor trampoline centers.  Or we can roll the dice and take a chance at the play center in the mall, or McDonalds where the plague is ready to take down your entire house hold.  Seriously just thinking about it makes me sick!

Or, we can just stay home.  And by doing that, we worry about the hours in front of the TV, the iPad, or the computer.  The heat makes both my littles crazy.  Especially if they can't go play outside, which is like their most favorite thing in the world.  Then they drive me crazy, because honestly, I hate sitting in 100 plus degree weather unless there is a pool nearby.  The first summer Caitlin was old enough to be bored with her toys, I got yarn, penne pasta, and markers to make necklaces.  It was a really poor attempt at crafting.  This was way before I started a blog, and before the birth of Pinterest, so I was a lost soul with my cranky and bored 2 year old.  I'm embarrassed to even share that!  But it's the truth.  Now as I have an almost 6 year old and a 3 year old, what else can we do, besides eat ice cream for every meal while watching Finding Nemo for the gazillionth time?
Enter Babaa Box.
A monthly subscription of activities for your little ones to survive the summer.  Delivered to your door, or digitally so you can print out activities and DIY ideas.  If you choose to have it delivered to your door, you will get books, puzzles, science projects, and games.  The possibilities are endless.
Fishing game for Summer fun
So what makes Babba Box different?
Two things make BabbaBox different from all these other kids products and subscription services.

1) Solutions built to fit your life…
The BabbaBox is designed by parents who understand that different situations call for different solutions.  While sitting down and spending an hour doing a project with your kids is fun, the reality is sometimes you are juggling dinner and need something they can do relatively independently.  

Each BabbaBox includes solutions specifically designed for four different occasions that are part of all parents’ routines: TV Free Mornings, Sanity Saving Weeknight Activities, Purposeful Weekend Plan, and Story time.

2) Have fun while building critical thinking skills…
The BabbaBox is about so much more than just arts & crafts.  Each month includes a different combination of hands on projects, books, games, sensory activities, kid-friendly science, imaginative play and more.  And everything included is designed by BabbaCo’s early childhood experts to develop important critical thinking skills – of course while having a ton of fun in the process.
There are also 3 super fun themes to help you survive the summer.  And they will be equally fun for both boys and girls.  Participating in a Babba Box subscription just may make you the cool mom on the block.  I can totally see the entire neighborhood wanting to join in the fun.  Which is fine as long as they bring their own snacks...  Check out the 3 themes that will help you survive whatever early summer mornings or late summer nights throw at you!
June: Deep Sea
Take a voyage to the bottom of the sea, enjoy a colorful book about some of our favorite creatures, make and plan an adorable fishing game, plus so many oceany activities. 

July: Camouflage Animals
Where’d who go? Not only is camouflage on animals totally cool, but it also services a purpose – to help protect them. This month we will learn about all the amazing kinds of camouflage, play a little hide and seek ourselves and other well disguised fun! 

August: Pirate Treasure
Bring your sea legs! This will be arguably our most fun theme yet, as we set out on an adventure, pirate-style. We will sing songs, meet famous pirates through an amazing book and become experts in life on the high seas!
Check out Babba Box and if you like what you see, use “SURVIVE” at checkout to save 10% on any Summer Survival Pack.  
In this house there are only 14 days left of school, and the temps keep climbing.  No more novice penne pasta crafting in this house.  This year we are going to survive summer with Babba Box!
This post is part of the Surviving Summer Break with Babba Box campaign.
This is a sponsored post, but all my opinions are my own.
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  1. I am so dreading the next few months! Same situation (two kids, 100+ degree temps), plus being 8-9 months pregnant! Luckily I do have a teacher husband who will be at home "helping" out! Good luck, mama. Hopefully the Babba Box will help- it sounds great, especially the "they can do it on their own" part!!

  2. I'm impatiently waiting for Penny to get old enough to use a Babba Box! For now I either force us to play in 100 degree 100% humidity weather, or run errands inside A/C'd places, or watch a whole lot of TV... which I hate. All of that, I hate.

  3. I also ordered the summer survival kit. I have twin boys who will turn 6 in August, and my youngest will turn 2 in September. We live in Texas so if we don't go outdoors before 10am we won't go outdoors at all. I am launching a children's museum in Denton, and am currently trying out all sorts of do-it-yourself science and math oriented projects using my kids as guinea pigs. :)

  4. We absolutely LOVE our Babbabox! We just got one yesterday for fun in the kitchen and I can't wait for all the kitchen experiments we have in store!