The body part I hate most {belly wrap review}

I was compensated for this review with free product.
These are my opinions based on using one wrap.
I did not use a system of wraps.
Also it is my promise that I will not review product that I haven't tried myself, 
my family hasn't tried, or product that I don't believe in.
These wraps were fun, and proved to me that they do work, 
since I was a naysayer.
Everyone has a body part they hate most.
Some people hate their thighs, their arms, or their butt.
Sometimes it's over time these love to hate relationships pop up.
To be honest I've hated my belly since I was 12.

Prior to 12 years of age my belly was flat.
Ok maybe not super flat but there was no pooch.
Wanna know how I knew I was going through puberty?
The pooch.
And I've hated my belly every since.
I don't ever show my mid drift.
Not since I was 12.
Not even to tan.
Except those two trips to Hawaii, were I bared my belly,
only to hate all the pictures I took of myself.

So why now?
Why show the Internet (or just you, my faithful readers) my belly now?
Because I did one of those belly wraps I thought were a total crock.
And guess what?
They actually work.

My friend Natali that I know through blogging started selling wraps a few months ago.
She also started a Facebook page dedicated to fitness and health.
You are probably wondering what wraps have to do with fitness.
Because if you are like me they kind of seem like a cheat, but they're not.
Instead they are a way to build on the results you are already getting.
For example, 
Say you lost 15 or 20 lbs and now you have some extra skin,
wrapping that skin can help get it smooth and firm.
Say you had a baby, and now you are back to your pre-baby weight,
but your belly is not, these wraps can help.

I will tell you that one wrap alone will not get you the major results you may see on Natali's Facebook page.  According to Natali, to get the results you want multiple wraps must be used, over a period of time.  Some of her clients wrap for up to six months, and yield major results!

Here are my results after a single wrap.
The wrapping is easy, you just need some plastic cling wrap,
and lots of water to drink!

Left is before the wrap.
Middle is day 2.
Right is day 4.
Looks pretty good right?
I only lost about 1/2 an inch, but my stomach looked better.

Here is the front view.
Again the left is before the wrap, the middle is day 2, and the right is day 4.
I was pretty happy with the results, and impressed that this was only after one wrap.

I'm not saying that this would be my fitness routine.
I'm just saying that I'd be interested to see what an 
entire round of wraps would do for my belly.

Like with exercise, nothing is a quick fix.
For someone like me who eats really clean, and hit times of laziness in my life,
I think wraps are a great way to restart a fitness regimen and get some motivation.

If you are interested in trying a wrap of your own, you can email Natali 
If you are interested in purchasing some wraps for yourself, here is a little bit of what she offers:
You can wrap for free if you get a group of 4 together who want to wrap.
Fresno Clovis area only****
Individual wraps are $30, 2 or more $25 each, or get a box of 4 for $59 as a Loyal Customer through her website.

If you are interested, hop on over to Natali's Facebook page,
 and let her know you read about the wraps here at Absolute Mommy.
What do you think?
Have you tried body wraps before?
Do you still use them?
Let me know and link back if you have results of your own!
And I still can't believe that I just showed you all my belly.
See y'all I'm not that skinny!


  1. The pictures aren't showing up!!!

  2. Your results are awesome! I could def use some toning.... all over.....

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