Merry Christmas to all and To all a good read {book advent}

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When I discovered my first advent calendar it was of course the middle of December.  As a kid, I was crushed of course to find that I may have missed out on an important Christmas tradition as it was about ten days until Christmas.  My mom bought the calendar anyway.  Just a simple box, with a tree, and behind each tiny door a chocolate.  Of course I got the first 15 or so chocolates that first night, but even that was beside the point, I was hooked.

Every year as a mom, I fall in love with the idea of Advent Calendars again.  The beautiful paper creations on Pinterest, the equally beautiful and expensive trees and Santas in the Pottery Barn Catalog, even the simple boxes like of my childhood in the grocery store.  Still I have yet to buy one.  I've always felt it was an impossible goal.

Until last year.

Last year, thanks to Pinterest, I started a new tradition with my girls.  An Advent Calendar of Books.  It was so much fun and really easy.  I didn't have to buy many books since we had about a dozen Christmas or winter themed books already.  I made up the difference at the used books store and at our school book fair.  Then I wrapped each book, numbered them easily with a marker, and put them in a box under our tree.  Each night one one of my girls got to pick the book for the night and unwrap it.  Sometimes our Elf on the Shelf was waiting in the book box, with that nights selection.  Not only was it fun, but it was so easy, because let's be honest, I'm always looking for a reason to read.

The best part, we ended our Book Advent Calendar with The Night Before Christmas.  It seemed very fitting, and like most children, the magic of the book got them excited for Santa.  How can you not be totally captivated by sugar plums, rosy cheeks, and eight tiny reindeer?

This year I have an even bigger surprise for them.
This year they will be in the story.

image via MyChronicleBooks
This year MyChronicleBooks is putting your child in the story.

MyChronicleBooks will customize the book with your child’s name, birthday, gender, hometown, favorite pet and name of a family member. You can write a special dedication message, upload your holiday photo and even include your child on Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” list.

With the personalized holiday keepsake “Night Before Christmas,” MyChronicleBooks gives children a reason to believe.

image via MyChronicleBooks
So we all know I love books, but this is just too much.  I absolutely this story, and as a child, to have my name in the story, on the naughty or nice list, a special dedication to me?  That is just priceless my friends.  I also feel like this is a great Christmas Eve gift.  That's another tradition in the Absolute Mommy house.  The Hubbs had to wait until Christmas Day, I only had to wait until Christmas Eve.  As a family we allow the girls to open three gifts on Christmas Eve, they are boots, pajamas, and a book.  A book to be read that night before we go to bed.  How awesome to read a book that includes my girls in the story!

The personalized “Night Before Christmas” book is available for $34.99 and will ship in just two weeks. The last day to order the book with free Economy delivery is Dec. 1 to receive in time for Christmas Eve, while Express delivery is available until Dec. 11.

Now for the best part, MyChronicleBooks wants to make your holiday season by offering you 30% off your entire purchase, including this book!!

To receive 30% Off all personalized books and gifts from MyChronicleBooks, including “Night Before Christmas”, simply sign up to receive weekly newsletters from MyChronicleBooks, featuring exclusive offers, new book announcements and free personalized activity pages.

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New holiday traditions can begin at any time.  Whether you are ten days away from Christmas, or if your children are just about to drive you crazy with "Is it Christmas yet?".  This year, start a new tradition, with a calendar, with some chocolate, or with a new book.

If it's ok with you, I'll choose the book.  
Because Christmas just isn't the same with out some dancing sugar plums.

Thanks to MyChronicleBooks for including me in this promotion and tradition!

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  1. thanks! I just ordered mine, my 2 year old will love it!!