Life Lately {nine-thirteen-twentyfifteen}

This is what I've been doing with my life so far this month. Which pretty much solidifies the fact that I'm on Instagram way too much!

First Fresno State home game and the kids went along for the ride. They barely made it to the second quarter since it was a school night and all. I'm the kind of mother who picks her kids up early for game day shenanigans. I'm also the kind of mother that says yes to snocones at seven thirty at night. They were in bed by ten, so don't give me any grief. I do have standards.

I shared this on Instagram, but it's really one of those stories that is too strange to be true. That lady is suing Mattel for using her likeness when creating that hamster. The. Hamster. Mattel even used the same name as the woman shown in the picture above. She said it was the color they used for the fur and the eyes that is grounds for a lawsuit. I've never laughed so hard in my life. I think she's mad because that hamster is way cuter than her. Or maybe she is mad because she doesn't like butterflies that close to her head. Whatever the reason, this lady is suing a toy company for using her likeness.

Fridays are spirit days at school and the girls get all decked out in green and black. I'll confess here that I made the mistake of trying to make shirts for my girls. I hate the cut of the spirit shirts. Just plain t-shirts that hang like ill fitting smocks. I wanted to make them look cute and stylish, but obviously I know nothing because both girls cried after I showed them the end products. Look, I understand Pinterest. I did my research, but they didn't want them cut or sewn or tied fashionably. They wanted smocks. Thankfully a close friend with two children at the same school was able to supply emergency shirts because of course I did my Pinterest fail at seven the night before spirit day. Of course I did. We took selfies anyway with our sunnies just to show that we can rock smocks any day of the week.

"Mom, I can dress myself for dance". Okay sweetie. My favorite thing isn't the bag or the glasses. My favorite thing in this picture is the almost black toe nail polish. Diva in progress.

Scholastic Book orders always have me like whoa. The thing that sucks is that each grade level gets a different order. I found this one at my neighbors who has a fifth grader. I hit the jackpot when I found that the first two "The Baby-Sitters Club" books have been reissued as graphic novels. Graphic Novels people! You better believe I put in that order.

This is pretty much how I spent Labor Day weekend. Hair up. Tank top and shorts. Sunnies. And sometimes a sleeping Mac on my lap. Did I stay on Facebook the entire time while she slept? Yes. Did I feel bad about that? No. She is almost to the point where I'm not the most comfortable napping place in the world. I'll take what I can get for now. That pony tail says it all. My baby is almost too big for this lap.

My parents celebrated forty one years of marriage. I really love them for it. Now that I'm older I can look back at things that happened between them and wonder how they stuck it out. Wonder how they kept it together. They really do love each other. They always have, and everything I know about love and marriage I have learned from them. Even the bullshit parts. Thanks Mom and Dad.

I'll keep it simple. Sometimes time hop is a total dick.

I wasn't trying to make breakfast at all. Nope. I was not trying to measure out pancake batter and milk. I wasn't trying to crack eggs and dodge this man grab assing. He grabbed boobs too in case you were wondering. Why is he always trying to lick my face?

This is my first cookbook from 1984. It's worn and written in. Some of the pages are colored in marker and crayon. My name in my kindergarten scrawl inside the front cover. And its still hands down makes the best french toast in the world. My mom used this book to make me french toast whenever I was sick or sad. Twice in college she came home to find me a hot mess and when I would refuse to eat she would just make french toast because she knew it was what I loved. Caitlin asked for french toast last week, and I didn't hesitate to pull out this book and get to work.

Today is National Pancake Day. For once I was able to join in on a national celebration involving food. Lucky for us we got a free sample of Pamela's baking and pancake mix at a Gluten Free expo. They came out more like crepes, but they were still delicious. Next time I'll half the wet ingredients. Of course we decked them out with whip cream and chocolate chips. Duh. Its Sunday.

I found this Buzz Feed link about funny food tweets. This one had me dying around midnight. There is something about any object that makes me laugh when you put a monocle and top hat on them. I'll never look at that dancing Peanut the same way again!

In case you missed it I talked about the uterus last week on the blog. My uterus. Your uterus. Raising children who have a uterus. You can thank me later. Also I'm really hoping that this plush uterus is a heating pad, because how cool would that be?

So that was a little glimpse into my life lately. Follow me on Instagram if you'd like to see the photos that didn't make the cut. Or if you just like to follow someone who takes way to many selfies and over shares her life. Tag me in one of your photos so I can see what you have been living your life lately.

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