Gone Fishing...

Just a short post to say that Dirty Secret Saturday is taking a break until August 25th.  Me, Lena, and Chrissy have "gone fishing" for the summer.  In other words, we are enjoying summer away from the PC as much as possible.  So save some of those secrets in your back pockets and be ready to bring them out in August.

I'll be co-hosting Looking Back link-up again tomorrow.  Be sure to stop by and see me in all my 1985 glory, like short hair and huge glasses, and come to think of it, HUGE TEETH!  What is it about huge teeth in grade schoolers?  Don't forget that there are some fabulous gals co-hosting with me!!

Also before we close June, let's talk about my lovely and beautiful swaps.  Don't think for one minute that I don't love you... Contrary to popular belief, swaps are what make the bloggy world go round, well at least mine anyway!  Thanks for having my back and helping promote this blog. 

So I wonder what I going to do for the rest of the day... I mean with Instagram out and all... How am I supposed to finish #photoadayjune?  Blogger problems, right? 

Can I sleep now? {My week in Instagram}

Do you ever have one of those months that is over in a blink?  That is June for me.  June just flew on by.  So much of it has been a blur, so I'm glad I keep my iPhone next to me at all times so I wont miss it.  Why does it seem so crazy that next week is the 4th of July?  JULY people!!

Ok, so now you understand the title.  Life has been way too much fun to be behind the blog.  So I've been burning the midnight oil and staying up way past my bedtime.  I know lots of you bloggers out there do it.  How on earth do you make it?  I'm exhausted!  So really can I sleep now?

Ok, fine.  I'll postpone this nap until I'm finished with this week's Instagrams.  This week was AMAZING!  My baby girl Caity turned five.  FIVE!  We've had some great weather in Fresno, dare I say I wore jeans???  And to sum it up, my kids are crazy wild animals who like to terrorize people in restaurants... Life as usual right?

Here are the crazy loons.
They took Panera by storm last Friday!
In this picture they took a break from climbing the booth,
and decided to show off their apples.
They also whooped and hollered and laughed hysterically.
And so we were those lovely folks in a restaurant.
And did I pull out my best "listen to your mother" voice?
No I took some pictures with my phone.
Sorry if you were dining there last Friday.

Did I mention my week was crazy.
Let's just say we had a kid party on Saturday,
and a family party on Sunday.
#1So while I made 24 cupcakes and one cake,
my kids had a cupcake party of their own.
Who knew baggies of frosting could be so much fun!
#2 And since I was busy making cakes this was dinner.
I swear my kids will eat anything on a stick or in a cupcake liner.
#3 Yeah, shameless plug on Instagram.
#4 Fancy dresses for the kiddo party, and I'm going to brag a little here.
I made Caitlin's. Possible tutorial to follow.
#5 Family party was a swim party.
New bikini + Ariel crown = Happy Princess.
#6 Still not sure fedoras are for me.
So glad it was $9.99 at Target.

The highlight of the week was this gal's 5th birthday.
I did a lot of reflecting this week.
I must say, five looks good on both mamma and little lady.
#1 Panera date with her Godmother.
Such a big girl right?
#2 Ice cream out front with neighbors and friends.
This on top of the donuts in class, the big flower cookie at Panera,
and the Saturday and Sunday cakes and cupcakes.
Whose counting?
#3 & #4 Sparklers by request.
I guess she wanted to add some flair to being 5.
Plus all the neighbor kids had fun too!
I have to say that Tuesday was an excellent day all around.
It reminded me of what a blessing this life really is.

Let's not forget little Miss Mac.
She's always ready to par-TEEE!
I love her ice cream face, not a care in the world!
She liked the sparklers too, after we got over trying to grab the flame...
So here she is pointing at the moon, saying
"moon mama! moon".
But John had an even better caption,
"Is that her patronus?".
That's why he's the love of my life,
comments like that.

We also said goodbye to preschool yesterday.
Talk about bittersweet.
Two strangers took one very shy and timid child,
and transformed her into a bright, sassy, kindergartner.
I am forever grateful for the memories of this last year.
I can't believe that I won't see these two beautiful ladies every morning.
So absolutely bittersweet!

Was this past week eventful?
Wanna know what I'm doing today besides publishing this post?
Can I sleep now?

Blogger Babes tell all {Part 3}

I'm so excited to introduce you to my last round of Blogger Babes.
What better way to celebrate summer than by meeting some new friends.
So please say hello and visit their awesome blogs!
You wont be sorry!!

Kristine from The Foley Fam {Unedited}

My ultimate summer look is:
Shorts, tank, flippers aka flip flops not to be confused with the swimming flippers

When I think "bathing suit" I think:
Bleh! #really

The last thing I pinned was:
Pinned Image
Find her Pin here
Planning my daughter's 2nd birthday party next month! Luau style baby!

My fave nail polish of the moment:
I have black on my toes #notverysummeresque

My Summer Vay-cay fantasy:
Anywhere that has a beach #imsothere


Stephany from Ol' Mother Hyder

My ultimate summer look is: 
Gauchos, T-shirts, Flip Flops w/ hair in a bun!
When I think "bathing suit" I think:
Here comes Free Willy. I've never been cute in a swimming suit.

The last thing I pinned was:

My fave nail polish of the moment:
Essie - Chinchilly

My Summer Vay-cay fantasy:
Destin Florida with my sweet family watching our little boy's toes in the sand and snapping photos of the beautiful sunsets.


Laura from Our Reflection

My ultimate summer look is:
floor length chevron skirt with layered tank
When I think "bathing suit" I think:
I'm in love with one pieces this year!

The last thing I pinned was (include link to pin and picture):
this maternity pose:
Pinned Image
My fave nail polish of the moment:
Anything teal! 

My Summer Vay-cay fantasy:
spending it with my family at Lake Tahoe


That's the last of my June sponsors!  I was so blessed this June to host some fabulous ladies!  You know what I noticed about most of us?  We don't really like bathing suits and we love us some teal nail polish!  I hope that you enjoyed this series!  Come back next month for new faces and new questions!  Do you want to be a bloggy babe?  Click here!

What The Blog Wore {Medium Sponsors June}

Sure I could have shared a great WIW post today, but instead I'd like to highlight what my Blog wore all June... These amazing Medium Sponsors.  

Want to know just how awesome they are?  Some of these lovely ladies are giving you free stuff!!  Check it out!

Megan, Shaping Up to Be a Mom

Shaping Up To Be A Mom is all about how I'm trying to shape up in every area of my life: fashion, fitness, family, etc! I love to write about the items on my bucket list, how I organize and beautify my home, and experiences from our travels!

Summer Memory:
I grew up on the beach in southern Maine, and even though we now live in land-locked Arizona, I have been lucky enough to take my kids back to where I grew up and watch them play in the same sand where I spent my summers!

Jackie, Perched

Hello dear ones! I'm Jackie - just a girl, married to her guy of ten years, living, loving, and building our urban nest in Brooklyn, New York. I have two dogs and two cats who are my universe, a hilarious family, and amazing friends who are my family. I enjoy brunch, the beach, and taking pictures of strangers on the subway for my own amusement. New York is an amazing city, and sharing it with all of you is a blast. I can't wait to see what we can discover tomorrow.

Summer memory:
I think the best and clearest summer memory I have from my childhood is running through the sprinklers with no top on, in just my underwear, in our front yard when I was itty bitty. Yeah, we had neighbors, but I was all like, "long hair, don't care!" Why didn't I just wear a swimsuit? What was wrong with me? Who knows? ;) There's also the one about when we took my dog (my first love, Murphy, a dalmatian) to the ice cream place with us one summer night, and he ate his vanilla cup too fast and burped directly in my face. Good times.

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Kimberly, A Night Owl Blog

Hi! I'm Kimberly from A Night Owl, a blog about the evening antics of a working mom! I'm wife to my best friend Andre, and mother to two adorable boys, AJ and Alex. In my "spare time" I enjoy crafting, photography, thrifting, parties or a quick and easy recipe and have really enjoyed sharing this aspect of my life with all of you! I love to connect with new friends and would love for you to come by A Night Owl and introduce yourself!

A summer memory ::

When i was little, we always used to take our family camper up north (you know, because phoenix is HOT) and go camping at a place called tortilla flats. it's beautiful and was always a welcomed break to boring, hot summers!

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Courtney, Baxtron Life

Baxtron{Life} is a place where I share everything that I love, lots of pictures of life in NYC with our little family of three, daily musings, fun link-ups and some of the real struggles of my life.

A summer memory

In 2007, 3 guys and 3 gals (including myself) set out in a old school winnebago on a cross-country mission trip - we thought we were going to change the world in the name of Jesus. Little did we know he had other plans in mind - we broke down several times, ministered to people along the way, the group divided after we ended up stranded in Louisiana. Three of us stayed in Louisiana, feeling called to do work there - the rest ventured onward. All six of us have been radically impacted by the journey we took! Totally life changing experience. 2 of those who stayed in Louisiana ended up married - myself & husband Jerry. So much more to the story than this!!

Allison, Life on LeRoy
Hey, hey my name is Alli and I blog over at Life on LeRoy. I live in Wisconsin with my charming, energetic 2-year old Dayton, and my handsome, hardworking husband, Tony. We enjoy the simple things in life like snuggling, taking long walks, having random dance parties in our living room and tickle fights. On my blog you'll find updates on our life, recipes, DIY's, photography, fashion and a "Life Lately" link up party every other Monday!! Stop by and say hello, I would LOVE to meet you! xoxo

A summer memory
I feel like summer has just begun and already we've had so much fun! My brother recently got married, we've spent hours by the kiddie pool, having campfires, feeding the ducks at a local river, building a new deck, doing a lot of family hiking; we like to stay busy if you can't tell :) We kind of have to get it all out during the summer time because living in WI also means being cooped up for a long period of time in the winter!

Julie, White Lights On Wednesday

White Lights on Wednesday is where I cook it, bake it, and eat it. There are some family, crafts, sewing, and DIY sprinkled in, but food is where my heart it.
Summer Memory:

I originally from California, but I grew up in Arizona. Every summer, my mom would take me to California and the beach. Some times it was San Diego for a girl's weekend. Other trips we went to Newport Beach to see my aunt and shop and soak in everything we missed about California. The favorite part of any trip for me was always the drive out. Time to talk to my mom, outlet mall stops, and we always found our way into Hadley's so I could get red licorice. It's my favorite ritual.
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My labor of love

Five years ago, I woke up and knew my life would be changing in the greatest way.  I was nervous and cried as I made my morning trip to the bathroom.  I looked in the mirror at the pregnant Megan, and said goodbye, as the next time I looked into this mirror, I'd be a mother.  Caitlin's mother... And so it began, my labor of love.

It was a Tuesday, just like today, and I was on my way to lie to the labor and delivery triage nurse that my water had broke.  It was a master plan hatched by my exhausted OBGYN, who had tried to solidify not one, but three due dates.  Caitlin surpassed them all.  Like everything that has happend with her since that Tuesday, she does what she wants when she is ready.  Why would her birth be any different?  So the plan was, another trip to the hospital, a little white lie, and the promise that when he arrived, he would break my water and they would have to admit me at his orders.  Still I was nervous.  My induction had been cancelled the Friday before, and I was heartbroken and disapointed. I was still nervous that today wouldn't be the day.

I remember I had this little cramp, real low in my abdomen.  Like a period cramp, not at all painful, just annoying.  I had been reassured that this was not a contraction, just some stretching.  My entire pregnancy I was convinced that I was going to be that lady who has her kid on the bathroom floor or in the toilet, because I wouldn't know labor when I was upon it.  So here I was, at 6:30 in the morning, waddling my way to the car, husband wheeling the bag, me gripping the boppy, excited and hopeful of the day to come.  I remember looking at him and saying "This is it" and he said "It's too late to turn back right?".  And we laughed.

Into the ER we went, lying through our teeth, and getting a free pass to triage.  I told the triage nurse that I wasn't sure if my water had broken, but since I was well past my last June 19th due date I wanted to be sure.  She was very reassuring, saying that first time deliveries were always a mystery while hooking me up to monitors.  Let's see what's happening here, she said.  Well, the joke was on me and my naieve interpretation of contractions.  The little annoying cramps were indeed contractions, and were now 8 minutes apart.  The nurse even laughed when she said, well your water isn't broken but you're in labor dear.  Gown on, insert IV, wheeled to a birthing room.  Into my labor of love.

This was it.  I was in a birthing room.  Surrounded by monitors, and beeps and whooshing sounds.  I was in a bed, I was in labor, I was going to finally meet my daughter.  I felt great, until my Doc came and broke my water.  As a side note, I had been telling John that the "pressure" was killing me and that I just knew if my water broke I would feel amazing.  Well for a split second I did feel amazing, and then I felt like my body was ripping in two.

I was so scared, and started telling John I wanted to go home.  Please take me home, I don't want to do this, I can't do this.  He said I could and I would, because Caitlin was finally coming and I didn't want to have her in the toilet, right?  So I told my nurse my pain threshold was at a 100,000 on a scale of 1 to 10, and to please give me the good drugs now, because I couldn't do this and wouldn't do this with out the drugs!!

So I got the drugs.  And they were good.  Then time sped up.  Water broken at 1:15pm, epidural at 2:15pm, fully dialated at 3:15pm.  Not what you'd expect with a first baby.  Not at all, but here I was, resting, if not shaking and itching from an epidural, and ready for the next big thing.  Which was pushing.

I pushed.  For a time I will not mention as you just might stop reading.  I will say that the crowning portion was the worst and that when I was told to stop pushing my body took over and out she came.  Not a typical first birth, but nothing about me, motherhood and Caitlin has been typical.

At 4:17pm I went from Megan to Mom.  She was here.  A tiny 6lb, 7oz, being that I grew.  How did we go from being in my belly to in my arms?  Surreal is not even a good description.  I didn't cry, I didn't laugh, I don't think I felt anything at all.  It was like watching someone else's baby get cleaned up.  How on earth is this MY baby?  What do you mean I'm a mother?  I can barely take care of myself.  Doesn't the universe realize how completely self centered I am? 

Then she was on my chest.  So tiny and warm, eyes adjusting to the light, and then her cry.  Her high pitched, mouth wide cry.  And my heart was no longer mine.  It was hers.  Suddenly my life's mission was to make it all better.  No matter what "it all" was.  My labor of love took on a new life at a new speed.

I wish I could say that the last 5 years have been as easy as my labor and delivery.  I wish I could tell you that I was blissful and magically happy.  I wish I could tell you that I handled every struggle with grace, and every milestone with tears of joy.  But I can't.  I can't tell you any of those things. 

I can tell you that no matter how I felt about myself, I loved Caitlin so fiercely that it hurt my core.  That I'd lay awake at night and watch her sleep, afraid that some greater source would realize I sucked at motherhood and take her away.  I will tell you that I convinced myself that if I could just make it to (enter milestone here) that it would be ok, it would be enough. 

I can honestly say that even though it was hard, and heartbreaking, I'd do it all again today.  Just like I did five years ago.  And I'd change nothing about our journey from birth to five years.

Today Cailtin turns 5.  She is every bit of 5 as one can imagine.  Sassy and spirited.  She has her momma's looks and her Daddy's personality.  She is stubborn about most everything, and loves unicorns and glitter.  She has also been a teacher.  She has taught me everything I needed to know about myself, about motherhood, and just how far I can skirt on the edge and still make it through. 

And so it continues, my labor of love...

This post was inspired by Bloom, by Kelle Hampton
you can buy the book here, or follow her here.

Today's post was sponsored by Stephany of Ol' Mother Hyder
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The eve of something big

It's the eve of Caitlin's 5th birthday.  FIVE YEARS.  Is it over the top to say that it flew by?  It so totally did.  Five years of anything is a big deal, five years of marriage, the five years between 16 and 21.  So on the eve of what seems like a big deal, I'm reflecting. 

On motherhood and on me.

Caitlin in utero.

Five years ago today, I was fat, hot, and super preggo.  I was in pain, and peed every time I moved (tmi?).  I also was half way through a gallon of mint chocolate chip when I switched to rocky road.  I'm being super serious.  And I was so darn mad that this baby had missed all three of her due dates.

I was also naive.  Naive at the change that was about to happen.  That it wouldn't effect me so.  I was lost in a motherhood dream where I was blissful, on a cloud of happiness, with a child who slept and ate, and pooped perfectly.  Where everything was perfect.  Just like the books.

Five years ago it was still just me and the hubbs.  Watching Daniel Tosh, before he was Tosh.0.  Dropping "f" bombs about every little thing, like empty gallons of rocky road.  It was just the two of us, and a decked out pimped out nursery, a very expensive breast pump, and the hope that in the next month we'd get some sleep.

Five years ago, I didn't know this little person named Caitlin.  Who would challenge every fiber of my being from the moment she arrived.  I didn't know that she would have my hair and my eyes, but daddy's personality.  That she would hate to sleep, but love to be held.  Constantly.  I didn't know that she would challenge every rule of potty training, challenge every definition of motherhood, challenge every idea I had about love.

I had no idea that she would change me into a better person.  She would teach me everything I needed to know about being a mom.  That she would demand nothing more from me than love.  Just love. 

I didn't know that Caitlin would be one of my greatest collaborations, and assign me my hardest job to date. 

Five years ago I was just Megan, pregnant and waiting.

Today I'm mom, learning, loving, and living the best part of my life.

Meet Joanna!  She blogs at Moda Mama.
Follow Joanna's life and fashion diaries proving
that motherhood can be fashionable.


Dear Week, WHOA {Friday Letters in Instagram}

Dear week,
You blew me away. 
Things got REAL. 
And I've got pictures to prove it!

Dear Instagram,
Thanks for making this blurry photo awesome.
My best pic of the week.
Happy Father's Day indeed!

Dear PC,
We had some good times this week.
Thanks for letting me get it all out.
The emails are a little overwhelming.
See you Sunday.

Dear someecards.
Thanks for always describing how I feel.
How do you know?

Dear Mr. Sun,
I get it.
It's June, it's Fresno, it's hot.
You love me.

One Oh Eight,
Besides the sunburn, you didn't ruin Father's Day.
I know you tried, but we got this!
Just don't get all One Fourteen on us, thanks...

Dear Tanned Butt,
You are the cutest!
You are so dark, don't you know Snookie's
baby is already jelly of you.
I love watching you splash in the pool.
Is it possible to get any darker?

Dear cuddly baby,
Love that you still want to crawl in my lap.
It's getting close to the time that this is going to go away.
I don't even mind the wet swim diaper on me
when you are too tired to change.
Don't stop wanting cuddles, that's an order!

Dear Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros,
I feel like I'm at a church revival picnic.
And I love every minute of it.

Dear sewing machine,
Show me a sign.
What is it exactly that I'm doing wrong?
Bobbin, check, threaded check, plugged in check.
Sew and rip seams, check.
Oh, "catch" the bobbin.
Got it.

Dear WIDN,
You are so fun, but seriously you always catch me doing this.
"This" being on Instagram instead of cleaning the mess I'm looking at.
Thanks for checking me, I'll clean it right after I take a picture of the mess,
post it on Instagram, hook it up to Twitter,
check Twitter to see if anyone relates,
and then double check Instagram for likes.

Dear Neon shorts,
I. Love. You.

Dear Grumpy,
I know it seems unfair, but you need sleep.
So be a dear, and close your eyes, and have sweet dreams.
It's late, and mommy has to blog...

Dear Readers,
Did you know that Hello Kitty fedoras are all the rage?
Well, they are.
Now you want one, am I right?

Dear Anonymous Commenter,
You are my first "Anonymous" commenter!
I feel like I should award you a prize.
Instead I'll immortalize you here.
You have already thanked me for making
you famous on Instagram.
Your welcome, but wouldn't that make me famous?
I'm just not that cool.

Dear Friends and Readers,

I'm linking up here.
You must check out these fabulous Friday lettters!!


Wondering what to do with all your Instagram pics?
Check out my gal Sue at As It Seems.
Check out what she does with her Instagram pics!

Blogger Babes Tell All {Part 2}

I have more Blogger Babes for you.  In case you missed part One you can see it here.  It's hard to get to know bloggers from a quick spotlight, so I'm trying to jazz it up, and give you the opportunity to get to know them better.  Meet more of my favorite bloggers, and find out how they are ready to rock this Summer!


Meet Lena

My ultimate summer look is:
A fun maxi dress {or skirt!} and a cute pair of flip flops or flats!

When I think "bathing suit" I think:

The last thing I pinned was (include link to pin and picture):
I'm not really on Pinterest much anymore... except for some polyvore sets... this is my last one!

Pinned Image
Find Lena's pin here

My fave nail polish of the moment:
I'm loving the Wet n' Wild brand right now... affordable and it really lasts!

My Summer Vay-cay fantasy:
To be honest, just to have the entire summer off with my family is the ultimate dream... wouldn't even matter if we left home or not!!


Meet Sue

My ultimate summer look is: S
Shorts & a tshirt- I'm super casual with my summer outfits!
When I think "bathing suit" I think:
Ugh. Do I have to?
The last thing I pinned was (include link to pin and picture): A messy braid
Pinned Image
Find Sue's Pin here

My fave nail polish of the moment:
Anything with bright colors
My Summer Vay-cay fantasy:
A beach- it's what summer is all about! Luckily I have one.

Meet Heather
My ultimate summer look is:
Aviators and super glossy lips! Keep it simple:-)

When I think "bathing suit" I think:
My heart say teeny weeny bikini. My mind says throw on that one piece for god's sake!

The last thing I pinned was (include link to pin and picture):
The Swoop Bag this thing is awesome!

Pinned Image
Find Heather's Pin here

My fave nail polish of the moment:

My Summer Vay-cay fantasy:
Sedona, AZ at a luxurious spa with my husband....no kiddos:-)


So there you have it.  Some more bloggers to stalk in blog land. 
Don't tell me I'm the only one who does this!!

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