May Sponsors Swag Extravaganza!!!

Today is the last day in May and exciting things are happening!!

One, my oldest is graduating from Preschool!
I know!  I'm a hot mess!!

Two, one of the sponsors below is going to run a series called...
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"Hookin' the legal way"!
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So here it is the May Sponsors Swag Extravaganza!!!

Hi There! I'm Kristin from Tales From the Nook
 I'm a 29 year old newlywed living in good old Cincinnati, O-hi-O!
I have an awesome hubby, 2 awesome little puppers,
and we are working on adding a baby to the mix.
You'll find lots of great stuff here, how-to's, fashion, cooking, infertility...
all wrapped up in my little blog :)

Hi!  I'm Jeanne aka Sourire11.
I was an architect, knitter, and world traveler
before my life was happily hijacked by a fashion obsessed redhead
and a baby so chill we call him the dude. 
Now I blog mainly about raising them in the city I love, Cleveland, Ohio. 

I’m Tranae, a southern girl in the process of becoming fabulous.
I live in the Metro-Atlanta area with my husband  and 3-year-old Shih Tzu.
I blog to share my hobbies, sense of style, outlook on life,
and to meet others with similar interest.    

Fashion-loving, photo-taking, thrifty & tattooed mom of 2

Hi there- My name is Katie, and I blog at Little Becky Homecky.
There you will find a little bit of everything ranging from DIY crafts, sewing,
baking, and crocheting, to stories about my family.
Starting in June, I will be having a Crochet Series called
"Hookin'…the legal way" each Saturday
where I will go through the basics of crochet
along with some wonderful guests!
I hope you'll stop by and visit.

Hi, my name is Salena!  I was born and raised in Hawaii.  
I am a wife, mother of 6, and grandmother of 3.  
I am a stay-at-home mommy to my 3 little girls
and spend my days in what seems like a UFC fight and 3-ring circus.  
I am addicted to coffee, diet coke, Grey’s Anatomy,
Private Practice, re-creating my blog design, and pinterest.

Mommy to 5, wife to 1, warden to a psychotic dog!
I’m a self-confessed socially awkward, southern girl with sass.
You can call me Delilah!
I share my sometimes-successful attempts at domestication, motherhood,
and life in general on my blog, Confessions of a Semi-Domesticated Mama.
I might not be the next June Cleaver
but I am a happy mama who finds joy among the chaos-
that’s my superpower.
Welcome to my Semi-Domesticated Life.
I hope you brought wine.

I'm a full-time working mom of two beautiful daughters,
 a wife to an amazing encouraging husband.
When I’m not working my 8-5 or being “mommy”,
I’m a lifestyle photographer.
I'm regrettable a bit addicted to social media.
I have a constant connection with Facebook and Twitter.
I heart Starbucks.
I love the colors pink and yellow.
I have a passion about mountain biking and
I would LOVE to learn how to play the piano {on my bucket list}.

There's so much that I share on my blog and my kiddos are a huge inspiration to me,
to my writing, my designs and everything you'll see here.
I love crafting, sewing, coffee, wine, some trashy reality tv, shopping,
thrifting, anything vintage, party planning and so much more.
You'll see lots of DIY projects here as I try to redecorate
my home a little at a time, make gifts, plan parties, etc. B
ut, you'll also hear about the ups and downs of our lives,
how I deal with my anxiety, and lots of honesty about our lives,
our marriage, and our parenting.


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Happy Last Day of May!!
How are you celebrating?

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Dear Mrs. S and Miss A {A Farewell to Preschool}

Dear Mrs. S and Miss A,

I don't even know quite where to begin.  How does one thank two individuals who knew nothing about my child in August, but welcomed her with open arms and open hearts?  Two strangers who I cannot imagine not knowing today.  Two lovely women who we have to say goodbye to in just a few short weeks.

First day of School
August 2011

Let me say that the thought of not talking to you every day and seeing you everyday breaks my heart.  I feel like you are a huge part of the Crutchfield Family.  It's going to be weird not talking to you about your weekend, or even your plans for the rest of the day.

I have to thank you with all my heart for embracing my little girl.  It was a rough road we had to travel in those early days.  With all the tears and shyness.  Those were hard mornings for me, but I'm sure also for you, as you had a class room full of four year olds, just as fragile in the heart as mine.  Thank you for always having a kind word, a way to direct all the fear and crying, and a empathy that many would have dropped after the first four weeks.  I will be forever grateful for knowing that my Caitlin was always in good hands when I walked out the door, even if I could still hear her crying.

School trip to the Pumpkin Patch

I'm sure you have noticed the difference in Caitlin since August.  We are simply amazed.  We know that it is because of your support and instruction that she is the little fireball of today.  It became clear to us at the Christmas program that our little girl was coming out of her shell.  We were overjoyed that she had such a good time singing and dancing in the program.  We also know that it was the two of you who put her mind and her fears at ease.  There are not enough thank yous for that.

Christmas Program
Where they sang "Rudolph the Red-neck Reindeer"

I'm also amazed at how much Caitlin has learned.  I have nothing but admiration for you both, that day in and day out you have the patience of saints.  I know what life is like with a four year old.  You live your daily life with up to 20 at a time.  Yet, no matter the distraction, you have taught my daughter how to read, write, and color outside of the lines... Something that we value in this household.  You have taught her to be a free thinker, to be creative, and to value learning.  Something I pray she continues to to do after she leaves your class room.

Goofing around

So it's almost time.  We graduate with you on Thursday, and while we will stick around until July, we know that this time is coming to a close.  I don't think that Caitlin quite understands that next year she will have new teachers at a new school.  I don't think I fully understand that either.

With all my heart, Caitlin is so lucky to have been blessed with such wonderful teachers, and role models.  Thank you, Mrs. S and Miss A., for everything.


"Like" this on Facebook {A Facebook Hop}

Happy Memorial Day Friends!
I'm hoping that in between the lazy day of BBQing you have time to join
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This "meet and mingle" is going to be a blast,
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I'm so excited to meet all of you!
Let's hear what Lena has to say about the rules,
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It's the last Monday of the month, and I thought it would be fun to re-introduce my large sponsors:

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We are here today hosting a Meet & Mingle Facebook Hop!
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The Rules are easy peasy!

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Visit as many pages as you can, and don't be shy to introduce yourself!


Thanks Lena!
Link up your pages friends,
and have a great Memorial Day!!!

DirtySecretSaturday {Let's talk about sex}


Welcome to another edition of Dirty Secret Saturday. 
This is a linky party just for you. 
To get all those secrets off your chest. 
It can be funny, it can be heartbreaking, it can be real. 
It just has to be all yours. 
We want all the dirt. 
All that we ask in return is you give us some bloggy love,
and share this button on your post. 
Then let all your friends via Twitter and Facebook know,
we are partying it up over here!

Your hosts are:
Chrissy from A Lil Dash Of Diva

So sit back, relax, and link up all your recent or not so recent secrets! 

How I brought some sexy back...

I'm going out on a limb today.
I'm sort of nervous to post this secret.
It's kinda embarrassing.

Here it goes.
I finally like sex again.
There I said it.

And if you're a momma you may know exactly what I'm talking about.
And if you're not a momma, then skip this because I don't want this to scare you.

Look, I'm super happy for you if you were a randy pregnant lady.
I'm even jealous of you if you were a hot and bothered new momma.
I'll be super jelly if you tell me that the sex never changed.
For me it did.
In a major way.

I swear I thought I broke my va-jay jay. 
I'm dead serious.

Something happened to me once that pink line appeared.
I was sick and green and not feeling sexy at all.
I hoped that having that baby would bring the sexy back.
It didn't.
I like to say that my sex drive was thrown out with the placenta.
I'm convinced that the placenta takes it all.
Beauty.  Brains.  Sex Drive.  Sanity.
I digress.

After pregnancy and then birth, the last think I wanted to do was have sex.
Didn't you just see what I pushed outta that thing?
Do you wanna know what it feels like to sit down?
I can't even imagine...
Plus, my va-jay wanted none of it.
Damn, girlfriend was tired.
I felt like I owed her some time to relax.

So I was happy with a 6 week reprieve.
Only after 6 weeks, I was a mess.
But the countdown to "6 weeks post partum" was an actual thing in my house.
I put on a brave smile.
I didn't need "big girl" panites, I was still wearing them (thanks childbirth).
Most likely I was unshowered, speckled in baby vomit, and lactating.
Yet my hubby was over the moon.
And I felt like the 29 year old virgin.
Ouch, is a complete understatement.

Fast forward 2 years.
Lots of trying and failing at getting my groove back.
Lots of pain and resentment.
I was so mad at my body.
How dare my va-jay quit on me like that!

So when I say that we tried for another baby, we did.
We actually put in some work.
Well the husband was all about it.
Not so much.

A second baby did nothing for my sex drive.
In fact I was an even bigger mess.
What do you mean you want to have sex?
I haven't eaten a hot meal in days.
I haven't slept in 24 hours.
I don't remember showering recently.
And you want to have sex?

 Plus both my va-jay and my uterus had hung a closed sign. 
Did I even have any feeling down there?
I swear I was numb. 
Emotionally and physically.
My va-jay was begging me to close up shop.
Girlfriend was tired.
Plus she didn't work like she used to, if you catch my drift.
Quickies were for a someone younger and in better shape.
Girlfriend needed some R&R.

So I found myself at this crossroads.
Still struggling with this concept of sex.
Struggling to want sex more than sleep, a shower,
or the current episode of Grey's Anatomy.
Was I ever going to want sex again, let alone like it?
Was I ever going to get my groove back?

 Let's not forget the emotional struggle this caused in my marriage.
My husband thought I didn't love him anymore.
The intimacy was gone.
We were so awful to each other.
Well of course we were, we both needed to get laid.
For lack of a better term.
And the fighting.
Fighting about anything and everything, and it always turned into a fight about sex.

So with nothing to lose, I introduced a "sex" schedule.
Oh, don't grimace at me.
You've seen them in every women's magazine.
I saw mine in Redbook.
And I told him we would do it "every three days".
Every three days for a month.
That was the plan.
But life got in the way.
But we weren't mad this time.
Because we were on the same page.
And now, we are on a better schedule.

We like each other more.
A lot more.
We laugh and are at ease with each other.
We are happier and less stressed (go figure).
Turns out all girlfriend needed was some TLC.
And a little time to relax.

 People noticed.
A friend asked, "so what's happening over there?".
I told her my secret.
And then we giggled about it. 
Because for some reason, sex after motherhood is kind of taboo.

Why am I nervous to post that I'm finally bringing sexy back?
That I like it, look forward to it, and don't cringe when I have to think about it?
We're all big girls here, right?
I mean we did do the deed to get the kids, so why are we uncomfortable now?

Well now in our lives, there is a lot more on the line.
We are supposed to all be over joyed with motherhood.
Our houses are supposed to look like "when Pottery Barn meets Pinterest".
Our children are supposed to speak three languages and be miss or mr. manners.
And our marriages are supposed to be perfect.
Full of romance and date nights.
Love letters and racy texting.
For some of us they are, and that's great.
For some of us they're not, and could use a little work.
Or a "sex" schedule.

Any secrets you want to share?

Dear "___" {Friday Letters} {InstaFriday}

Dear Caitlin,
I love you something fierce,
but our fighting has to stop.
I understand that you are 4 going on 16,
but for reals.
Mommy lost her voice yesterday.

Dear "road trip" Mac,
You are hilarious.
I'm sorry that you can't "get ouuut" when you want.
However your comic relief is priceless.
Don't change that face.

Dear Daddy,
Congrats on 10 years at your job!
Selling toilets has been huge for our family.
We just wanted to let you know we love you
and we are so super duper proud of you.
Plus it gave us the chance to get chocolate wasted!

Dear Kindergarten,
You may be getting Caitlin next year,
but Mac is still mine.
For now.
Slow your roll,
and stop being so tempting.
Because your alphabet rug in the
library had me at "M".

Dear Salsa eater,
I wasn't joking when I coined you the
"whitest" Mexican baby.
Your love for Mexican food cracks me up.
Maybe we should have named you MariJesus!

Dear Nutella,
Thanks for making breakfast a no brainer.
Grilled Nutella on white has to be my perfect 10 on my
way to being crowned mother of the year again.
But I gots things to do,
like this post.

Dear Baby Pram,
You have brought great joy to all the little
girlies of the Hernandez Family.
Thank you.

Dear Readers,
Please do this one little chore over on Facebook.
Seriously, Zuck has done it again and made something
that should be so simple so complicated.
But I won't complain, because I still check Facebook like 4 times a day.
So if you want to see what AbsoluteMommy is up to,
do this one little thing.
Please and thank you.


Dear Sponsor Swaps!
Thank you!
Swaps make the blog world go round.
Swaps connect us to people we would never meet otherwise.
Swaps you make my day!
Thanks for the love!
If you have checked out my swappers,
go to there and enjoy!

Dear Friday,
I'm so glad you are here.
Let's make it an awesome three day weekend!

What's on your schedule this weekend?

Linking up here today!!

Also here

Preschool Ditch Day {And a giveaway}

Today is officially preschool ditch day.
Because Mac woke up crying at 1:15am,
and after mommy blogged until 12:30 am,
mommy zombie walked and crawled into bed with Mac.
And mommy didn't hear her alarm go off at 6:30.

So no preschool today.
We didn't wake up until 8:30.
Breakfast happend somewhere around 10.
I did do the dishes before I decided
to blog about what's happening here.
But I'm still in my pjs, so is Mac,
and Caitilin has decided that
panties are the suitable fashion choice today.
Will we actually do any fun "ditch" day activities?
Possibly, an icecream and Michael's run is in the future.

Here is what I'm trying to wrap my head around right now:
Why is it that Mac can tell me she pooped and peed,
but outright refuses to go in her princess potty?
And why does she always choose that moment when
I just poured the eggs in the frying pan to poop her pants?

Why did my darling Catlin decide that she wanted eggs too
when the first batch was already done?
I mean it's not like I didn't ask her 1000 times.
And every time was no, until the 1001st time,
in which the answer was yes.

Finally, why is it that today is the day that
Caitlin found her Baby Alive?
I say found because I have had it
hidden in the bottom of the toy stack.
Because it also poops and pees when fed,
and I seriously don't need
another pooper or pee-er right now.

Oh, and in case you are wondering,
Baby Alive is sitting on the princess potty.

In the meantime, let's welcome Tiffany,
and TKC Designs
She's here to off you some deals on a
summer make over for your blog!

Friends and readers,
meet Tiffany!

Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany and I blog over at the Momma bear diaries! I was so excited when Megan asked me to do this post for her. It's kind of an exciting post to me because I LOVE Megan's blog and I get to have a little spot on it for today!  

I am a twenty something stay at home mom transplanted from Georgia to a blistering cold northern state. I'm in the middle of three bears. Sometimes, I cook, I always clean, and better yet I have the web design gene. 

The web design gene is actually why I'm here today! 

I want to give one of you a discounted blog design! 

You can enter to win 50% off a simple or an all out package.
If you choose the Simple Package that takes your total from $55.00 to $27.50. 
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Who doesn't love a deal?
If you don't win you can still get a discount. You get 10% off a Simple Package or 20% off an all out package. All you have to do is contact me with the code "absolutemommy" !

I am so excited to see who enters and wins! I can't wait to begin this design and would love to see some more of you even if you don't win! You will still get a deal if you just use the code.

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So how awesome is that?
Doesn't a summer bloggy make over sound great?
Things are looking up around here right?
And maybe, just maybe, I'm motivated enough to get dressesed.
Or maybe I'll just go and check on Baby Alive,
and see if she's ready to go back into witness protection.