Blogger Babes July {Part 3}

It's the end of the month.  Really?  July has come and gone?  I'm not ready yet!  I still have plans for this summer... And it's coming to a close quick.  But before we start August, I need to give some more love, to more sponsors.  I had more "featured" sponsors this month than ever before.  Crazy right?  Well here is the last bunch of Blogger Babes for July.  Meet some amazing gals, with kick ass blogs, and find out who is giving aways some love of their own.

Jellli of Jellibean Journals
 Blog / Facebook / Twitter / RSS

Summer Bucket List:
Spending lots of quality time engaging with
my pretty brown-eyed girl and her hottie dad.

Favorite post from last month :

FB or Twitter: Twitter:  
Although they've "accidentally" suspended my account
twice in the past month, I'm a Twitter girl.
FB changes things up too much for this busy mama to keep up.

Starbucks order:
Tall skinny caramel cappuccino generously
sprinkled with chocolate nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Summer playlist:
birdsongs and crickets,
"Goooooal" broadcasting from husband's soccer games on TV,
and screeching growls of my sweet sleepy baby.

Kristine of The Foley Fam {Unedited}

What is on your summer bucket list:
 Disneyland with our fams

Favorite post from last month
Twitter or Facebook
Your order at Starbucks:
Hot Chocolate

What's on your summer playlist:
Sweet Home Alabama from Kid Rock - never gets old :)

 Stephany at 'ol Mother Hyder


What is on your summer bucket list:
Well I just sold my house to my husband...really, true story. We did this to refinance at a very low interest rate and got a cash out in we are paying off ALL our debt and the only monthly bills will be our new mortgage and utilities. How awesome, right.... but my husband is loosing his wonderful job. So, we my bucket list this summer is soaking up quality time with a wonderful man and daddy. He works religiously and we are ready for this break and to see him every day + have his chair occupied at dinner.
That makes this Mommy happy.


Favorite post from last month:
Ahh, tough one... Probably Oudie Girl Fashion.
It's a fun collaboration with my sister.
She models and I like to photograph her.
Working together as a team!

Twitter or Facebook:
Twitter for sure. Facebook is so olds chool for me. I mean my phone will NOT even go off when there is a notification, so blah. I think it has changed its mind so much on what it wants to do, it can't do anything right anymore. And, plus it let's people on it that DO NOT need to be on the Book. I mean, do you remember the days you had to be a part of a network to get in. It was a secret club. And, Michael's (the hubs) grandmother is on it and that is just weird to me. Weird. When my parents get a Twitter, I'll be done with that too. Ha.

Your order at Starbucks:
Now call me OLD SCHOOL, but I have never been to Starbucks.
Not a coffee girl.
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate works great for me.
I know the sell other greatness,
but- just have never had the urge to pull in for a treat.

What's on your summer playlist:
Music? Kids Bob by the Fresh Beat Band, what else. :)
But, I have a mixture.
I am a country girl and my faves on it right now are
Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Little Big Town.
And, let's not forget about the good 'ol Wooble + the Kang Wang.
Yes, I love to shake my ass.

Laura from Our Reflection

Twitter or Facebook:
Your order at Starbucks:
Non-Fat Peppermint Mocha

What's on your summer playlist:
Never Let You Go by Manafest

So that's it my friends!  The last of my July Blogger Babes.  And as a special treat Laura of Our Reflection and Kristine of The Foley Fam are offering you Free Ad Space!!  One space from each!  Sweet Deal!!  But wait there's more.... You can also win one FEATURED SPOT from ME!!  That's right.  Next month you could be the Blogger Babe!!  So do the rafflecopter thing, and I'll do my sign off thing...

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A hat, A hacker, A Vlog {last week in Instagrams}

Here is proof.  Of all of the crazy that happened last week.  Ok, so it wasn't super crazy, but I feel like it was a blur.  But with every blur, hic-up, and bump in the road, we laughed and played, and lived!
That's what it's about, right?

(1) Shades with my mini me.  (2) Modeling a very big hat.  Which we all had to model, see numbers 4 and 6.  (3) Oreos poolside, but then Grandma put the kibosh on that since Oreos got in the pool.  I know shocking, Grams has rules!  (4) Me modeling the big hat.  (5) Close up Mac, recording a Vlog... 
(6) Mac's turn in the hat!

Then this happened.
Yeah, I got hacked.
It was scary and hilarious.
Read about it here!

Is it weird that I took like 5 pictures of this guy until I got a good one?
That is a guy, dressed like a banana, popping and locking for Jamba Juice.
I couldn't make this up if I tried.
I laughed so hard, I almost missed my light!
A guy, popping and locking, in a banana suit.
You want some Jamba Juice now don't 'cha?

This kid.
In my lap.
Loving face time.
So I decided to record her.
Check out Mac's first Vlog.

How can I follow that?
I can't so that's all I got for today.
Caitlin is ready for her close up, but she hasn't decided on an outfit.
I swear I'm not even making that up!

This post was sponsored by Mindy,

My email is in Manilla, eating lumpias {hacked}

By now you all realize that whatever happens to me is going to end up on the blog.  End of story.  Even this story which isn't that big of a deal, but I almost lost myself over it.  Of course the seriousness at which I was handling myself (completely overboard, freaking out, close to tears) came to an end when I called my BF.  Who instantly had a great side story to share about said hacking, and I just lost it.  I laughed so hard, and before I knew it this post literally wrote itself.  So here goes the story of how my email decided to travel the world, and didn't even leave a note with me.  With my entire contacts list, yes.  Me, not so much.

Let's talk about the email itself.  It's what my friend called "flat and not her usual witty self", when she called another friend to ask if I really was on a project trip to the Philipines.  To which I say, thank you for thinking that I am that cool, philanthropic, and brave.  I have a fear of flying number one, and two since my diet basically consists of chicken and avocados, I rarely travel anywhere that can't provide those two items immediately.  Also, how awesome that my wit and sarcasm precede me, and that the email was not believable because it lacked both!

Here's the email:

Hope you get this on time,

Am sorry I didn't inform you about my trip to Philippines for a program, I'm presently in Manila and am having some difficulties here because i misplaced my wallet on my way to the hotel where my money and other valuable things were kept.I want you to assist me with a loan of (2,800 Euro = 3,700 Dollars) to sort-out my hotel bills and to get myself back home.

I have spoken to the embassy here but they are not responding to the matter effectively, I will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist me with,I'll refund the money back to you as soon as i return,let me know if you can be of any help.I don't have a phone where i can be reached.

Please let me know immediately if you can be of help to my situation.


Ok, so I can see that you may or may not believe that I was in dire straights.  Let me set the record straight, today, so that if I do end up stranded in a foreign country, and send an email similar to this, you will believe it's me.  I would have blogged heavily about any program I was going to go on.  I would have wanted you to know all about it.  I can't wear neon shorts without you all knowing, so some big trip to the Philippines... Yes, I would have blogged!  You should also know that I can't even do simple math, let alone exchange Euros and dollars.  In addition I would have parked my ass at the Embassy, even if it was the British Embassy in the Philippines, until they got me home.  And finally, do you seriously think I would be anywhere without my phone???  My beloved, third child, my iPhone.  Really? 

So here is what a letter would look like if I went over seas, and while I did mention it, in detail, on this blog, you may have forgot.

OMG, Holy (insert appropriate "F" word here),
I'm stuck in (insert country of choice here)
Some ahole stole my wallet, and now I'm wandering the streets of (said country) looking for avocados and chicken.  I'm starving, I haven't showered, and I really need a Starbucks.  I'm deadly seriousy as you can see by the Instagram pictures of me crying at the Embassy.  If not I will tweet a picture of me in the gutter with a newspaper blanket.  Please send whatever you can spare, money is great, but I'm dying for some grain free food right now.  This is not a joke, like the last time.  I really here.  Attached you will find an OOTD picture of me in dirty shorts and a tank.  Crying.

In addition to that, the only country that is on my bucket list is England.  Because I have to at least try to run through the pillar at Platform 9 and 3/4 once, and stand in an empty hearth, throw some floo powder, and shout "Diagon Alley".  Just once.  So if you get an email of me at Kings Cross looking disheveled and perhaps with a wand in my hand and a lightening bolt on my forehead, act on that one.

So yes, it's been a frustrating yet comical day.  The ahole who hacked me changed not just my password but all my identifiers, so it came close to losing the email address entirely.  And yes, I freaked, flipped my lid, and almost cried.  But, you want to know the best part?  All the people in the blogging world that had my back. 

Thanks to all the bloggy friends that responded to the email to confirm that I was home safe, and some random ahole hacked my email.  You guys were ready to send money.  You rock.

Thanks to all my Tweeps, who blew up my feed immediately!  Like this awesome gal who always has my back!

Kristine is the bomb.  Period.
#yeah, PERIOD.

Thanks to all my friends on Instagram who knew it couldn't be me because of a few details that hacker didn't know about me.  One, I over share my life online, and two, I'm a stickler for spelling and grammar.

Does she know me or what???

I feel like this is a great compliment to my writing abilities.

And thanks to my friend from high school who left this comment on my personal Facebook post:

I seriously laughed at this one all night!

What can I say?  Well a lot since this post is super long, and if you are at the end of this rant, thanks.  I hope I made you laugh, because the laughs I had last night were so totally needed.  I guess it's not the end of the world if your email gets hacked.  It's just really frustrating and inconvenient.  Until you find the humor in it.

And then it just writes itself.

Meet Megan.
Not only does she have an awesome name,
but she has a totally awesome blog!
Check it!

Confessions of an AbsoluteMommy

Sometimes I can go on a bit of a rant.  This is one of those days.  Sorry in advance, but I hope you can laugh about it with me.  Because if I can't laugh about life, then what's the point?

Confessions of an Absolute Mommy

I find gratifying satisfaction when I can load all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.  I have no idea why.  It just feels like I've done something big.  Like discovered America. 
It's completely sick, but dishes are like the only household chore I actually enjoy. 

I hate Facebook posts about "genius children".  You know what I'm talking about.  "Amy says her ABCs and she's just 2, oh my Harvard here we come".  "Alex can read Fox in Sox!  WOW my 3 year old is a genius".   I'm sorry, but are these genius children still crapping their pants?  A genius does not crap their pants.  Show me a 2 year old, who goes on the pot, WIPES THEMSELVES, and flushes, and I will gladly call them a genius.  The key words being, WIPES THEMSELVES.  My 5 year old still calls me to "help".


I've been staying up super late (like 1am) to watch TV alone in the quiet.  I love the solitude.  Plus I love talking to my favorite characters on the screen, so if I'm alone in the rocker recliner no one looks at me like I'm mad.  I am however mad about Sookie Stackhouse, the new show Newsroom, and Brenda Leigh Johnson!

I have over 1000 likes on my Pinterest likes board, and I'm so overwhelmed by it.  Why don't I just repin my likes when I like it?  I have no idea.  I guess I think that not everyone will like what I like, and why bore them.  I think I need therapy for my Pinterest Liking addiction.

I am raising emotional eaters.  I'm dead serious.  When either of my kids gets hurt, I pop a Hershey's kiss in their mouth.  It's sick and twisted and I'm sure you are all calling the motherhood police.  But I do it.  I also offer ice cream as a bribe more often than not these days.  I'm amazed at the mileage of a vanilla cone.

I hate to vacuum, but do it more often these days because my husband believes that chips or crumbs in the carpet are grounds for divorce.  So why not make the man who works outside the home 12+ hours a day happy... Because the woman who works inside the house 24 hours a day is tired.  I vacuum anyway.

I have been enjoying this summer for the sheer fact that the hubbs likes to sit in the garage and have beers with the neighbors.  This means the kids go outside with him too.  That means that I can hide out in the house and read or watch tv, or go on Pinterest.  It's been amazing.

I've been having issues with posting to my blog daily.  I'm lazy, and sometimes uninspired.  Ok, I've been super uninspired lately.  Problem is, I feel like I'm missing out if I'm not posting everyday.  Will someone tell me this isn't the case.

I've been known to wear maxi dresses three days in a row, just so I don't have to shave my legs.  Look, my showers are rushed enough, without having to worry about cutting my leg off with a dull Venus razor.  That's the truth.

I'm completely over the fact the the "5K" marathon is the new black.  Most likely because I'm envious of anyone who loves to run.  I hate to run.  Fact: Running makes everything jiggle.  Everything.  And I'm not motivate to run long enough for them to stop jiggling.  Why can't we go back to "5vodKa martinis" as the new black? 

Pinned Image
Color Me Rad

Last Confession:
I'm such a follower that I'm going to jump off a bridge and join my friends in a 5K coming up.  A good friend of mine has said that she will walk it with me.  That's because we both agreed that while the "Couch to 5K" looks awesome on paper.  The couch looks better. 

Tell me it's not just me.  Tell me some mommy confessions of your own!

 And them link them up with these lovelies!!


Meet Delilah
She will make you laugh your ass off.
If you need that kind of thing.

Are we there yet? {Motherhood}

Don't you just love that question?  Are we there yet?  Like a broken record, it can be what makes or breaks a road trip.  It's a question as parents we hear even when we are just going across town to a different Target.  But do you ever ask yourself, "Are we there yet?".  As a family?  As an adult?  As a mother?

Two things happened recently that made me ask myself that question as a mother.  Am I there yet?  Have I evolved into the kind of mother I have wanted to be since I got that plus sign?  Am I the kind of mother I had hoped to be when I was mothering Cabbage Patch Dolls?  Am I the kind of mother who takes pride in her work?  Perhaps...

A few weeks ago, I went out to lunch with my dad and my girls.  While we were eating, there was a table near us of two pregnant moms with two adorable toddler girls.  And it was a typical lunch of two moms trying to have a conversation and eat, while two toddlers tried to interrupt and not eat.  The moms were cool and borderline calm as they tried to wrangle girls with bows and mac and cheese.  The toddlers were adorable as they laughed and sang and played musical chairs with no music.  I admired both teams from where I sat, because both had obviously brought their "A" games.

As my group wrapped up our lunch (which was far from uneventful, including Mac stuffing all her ham into her cheeks like a chipmunk and then spitting it out on the table), the moms and toddlers were wrapping up theirs.  At the drink refill station, I casually asked one of the moms how old the girls were, she replied two, going on three.  And I remarked that I remembered those days, and that my youngest had turned two in April.  I figured that would be it, until she said, "Tell me the second one is easier".

True to form, I stumbled my answer.  Yes, NO, absolutely!  Because the second child is easier.  Possibly because we are more relaxed.  It's also harder having a second child, because you have a first child who still needs their momma.  And absolutely because we are so ready for our do-over.  Our second chance to make the changes we want, or to do the things we "should" have with the first.  I gave her my honest opinion on all of this.  The second child is easier because we are more ready to be ourselves.  Our "new" selves we discovered somewhere around 2 in the morning, three months in to this gig.

How do I know this?  How do I have the confidence to even state this?  I'm not sure.  After talking to those moms, I was like "WHO AM I?".  I don't know enough on mothering to answer those questions.  I don't even read the books that teach you those things.  Sure I have Happiest Toddler on the Block, but I seriously skimmed it.  I get my motherhood advice from blogs or my Facebook friends.  Seriously, when did I get here?

My second thing was that I'm having a hard time with Mac being my last baby.  Chalk it up to her being two.  Or finally looking like a toddler, with her new hair do.  Maybe it's because I know my health is a major factor, and pregnancy isn't a smart thing for me to do.  Also I'll be 35, which I swore (at 25) was last call for my uterus.  I'm not really sure.  I know, I'm such a hypocrite because I came on her months ago, stating that my uterus was closed for business.  That some how changes when it's time to get rid of the high chair, the bottles, and the tiniest onesies that could not have possibly fit your giant of a toddler.

So again, how did I get here?  When did the transformation happen that I'm actually a confident mother?  Like confident and capable at the same time?  Not a lot has changed.  My kids still eat "questionable" breakfast choices.  They currently do not have a bed time this summer.  I'm still a yeller when my house looks and sounds like a government coup. 

However, one thing has changed, my attitude.  The attitude that I can do this.  That I could add another monster to the mix and life would be just as exhausting, just as chaotic, yet undoubtedly blessed. 

Last week I confessed that I was sad that Mac was my last baby to my BF, and she wasn't surprised.  She didn't judge me either, thankfully, since I made her pinky promise that if I started to talk "third baby" she would tie my tubes for me.  She actually said something that surprised me.  She said that she thought that I was the type of mother that just gets better with every child.  I become a better/happier version each time.  That I find more joy with more faith each time.  It has to be the best compliment I have received as a mother. 

I'm no expert.  I'm not perfect.  I still fumble through my job as a mommy.  Now, the imperfections don't bother me as much.  I can usually still get through the fumbles and the set backs without to many people noticing. 

But there is something to be said about about being here.  In this little pocket of motherhood.  Where I am confident about the choices I make.  Where I find joy in the exhaustion and chaos.  This place where I finally feel like a mom, on solid ground.

"Mommy, are we there yet?"

Yes, girls.  We're here.

Meet Cassie one of my fabulous July Sponsors!!

Want to know? {Life Lately, Instagram}

Want to know about our life lately?

Top left
5 randoms about me.
Yes, I dream about eating bread at least once a week.
I'm a Celiac!
Bottom Left
I vlogged last week.
It was nerve racking!
Top Right
Me and my gal got inked...
Ok not really.
Bottom Right
My hubbys got jokes!

I just love all the #WIDN tagging on Instagram!
Even if I get tagged doing absolutely nothing.
Like a good stay at home mom should, right?
Yes that is a book and a remote
and a sleeping baby in my lap.
Also my take on breakfast to go.
A few of me and Mac just chillin.
And me with my feel up in the front yard.
Ahhh, the life!

We can cross night swim off the bucket list.
We had a little evening swim party.
With ice cream of course.
It was so much fun.
How do you like those ice cream 'staches?

We started ballet and tap this week. 
I realize that those tap shoes need bigger ribbons,
and it's on the list.
Also tap shoes with pink tights are so girly don't ya think?
Bun head? Check.
Black leotard? Check.
Cutest ballerina? Double check!

Mac started swim lessons this week.
And I got a surprise work out.
Why didn't you guys warn me that "mommy and me" classes are hard?
I'm too out of shape to be lifting 25 lbs over my head while swimming!
Ok, so it's not that bad.
I swear she had a blast.
You just can't tell by these pics.

How have you been?
What have you been up to lately?
Do tell, then link up over here with Alli at Life On LeRoy!

Have you met Chelsea?
You must!
Go there now and enjoy the fun!


Summer says {Photo Challenge}

Summer 2011

Summer says, "First Ice cream cones are delicious".

June 2011

Summer says, "Hello" to the sea for the first time.

June 2012

Summer says, "Bask in the delight that is summer"
I'm linking up with Lena of Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby
fame at her newest venture Lena B Photography
with Maria and Natalie.
Be sure to check out this fun photo challenge and link up!
Don't forget to say hello to Heather at

July Blogger Babes {Part Two}

Sorry this giveaway wasn't open all day!
Just fixed it so we are good to go.
Thanks for your patience!

Are you all ready for some more Blogger Babes?
I don't think you are, because not only are these gals awesome,
no, they upped their game and came bearing gifts!
Yeah, gifts.
Be sure to stick around for the giveaway at the end.
You don't want to miss it!

Jannette - Project Baby Smiles

Summer Bucket List
Pool time with friends, family, and neighbors
Trip to the coast
Collect shells at the beach
Many days at the park
Lots of 4 year old boy activities!

Twitter or Facebook

Starbucks order
Caramel Frappuccino. It's hot here in Texas!

Summer playlist

Mostly Country, with a summertime vibe.

Jannette is giving away one set from Project Baby Smiles shop. 
That includes Monthly Onesie Stickers,
Pregnancy Belly Stickers, Baby Milestone Stickers. 

Delilah -
Confessions of a
Semi-Domesticated Mama

Summer Bucket List
 I actually just posted my bucket list here.
I have everything from making Root Beer Floats to a trip to the Zoo on there!

Favorite post from last month

Facebook or Twitter
Definitely Twitter
Facebook makes too many changes. I don't like change.

Starbucks order
Venti Mocha Coconut Frapp with whip....yummmm!

Summer Playlist
We are Young by Fun,
Good Life by One Republic,
Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, and so many more...

Delilah is going to be her usual awesome self and give you the chance to win TWO MONTHS of "Jill Taylor" ad space (300x75) on her blog.

 Megan - Shaping Up To Be A Mom

Summer bucket list
I'm going to be acting in a play festival!

Favorite post from last month

Twitter or Facebook
Facebook! Still not sure I have Twitter all figured out...

Starbucks order
Probably a hot chocolate or hot apple cider, since I don't drink coffee!

Summer playlist
"Forget You," Cee Lo Green- best song of all time

Megan is gonna rock your summer by first offering 10% off with the coupon code "0512," and free shipping! to her Shop!  AND, she is going to give one lucky winner this headband and earrings set, also from her shop!

Heather Paulding - Spunky Real Deals

Summer bucket list
Oh the Outer Banks!
My family's favorite hangout Buxton area...quiet and beautiful:)

Favorite post from last month
Wind Event Rant

Twitter or Facebook
Starbucks Order
Local coffee girl, but during the fall I heart the pumpkin spice latte.....
Full fat please!

Summer playlist
Katy Perry...I hate to admit it, but it's true:)
Heather is an Etsy consultant, and would be happy to offer a free shop critique, you can contact her here for more information.


I am so lucky to have these babes in my sidebar!!
I wasn't joking when I said they were gonna bring it!
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