Dear Momma and newborn

Dear Beautiful Momma at Target with your newborn,

Your newborn son is super handsome.  So handsome in fact that I can't even remember what your toddler looks like.  Your husband I'm sure is pretty handsome too, since he married you.  What I remember about our encounter, is that you all should have been on the cover of a very chic baby magazine.  You in your flowing maxi dress, beachy waves down your back, and flawless skin.  I'm sure you had on zero make-up. 

What I also remember was the look on your face.  A scowl.  When my mom and I complimented your handsome little man, (he's what maybe 3 months) you just stared at us.  No smile.  No thank you.  Just a blank stare.  Then when you gave me that glance as I was blocking the Oreos, with my crazy cakes kiddos, I thought "what a bitch".  I get it.  You're beautiful.  You are too beautiful in fact to shop at Target.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry we were in your beautiful way.

Even my mom, the patron saint of kindness, said "What a bitch". 

Then later, as I loaded my car, I remembered. 

I remembered the most important rule of motherhood.

I have no idea what's happening in your house.

I bet that beautiful little man, who seems sweet and angelic in Target, is keeping you up all hours of the night.  Maybe your boobies didn't work either and it has totally crushed your mama spirit.  Possibly your toddler who made no noise at Target, turns into the Incredible Hulk when you step through your front door.  And perhaps, you looked so strikingly beautiful today, because it was your first shower of the week.

If that's the case then I'm truly sorry.  I get it.  I've been there.  Ok, so not quite as beautiful, but I remember those days.  I'm sorry I judged.  I'm sorry if you are tired, cranky, and totally over "motherhood is bliss".  I get it. 

Just remember, that it all goes so fast.  That little mr. handsome, will soon be crawling, then walking, and then starting school.  And then you will long for those long, lonely nights where it was just the two of you, trying to figure it out.  I don't miss those nights much, but once in a while I wish I had my little all to myself, without her telling me she has Barbies to play with, and better things to do.

So, beautiful Momma at Target, I hope to see you some day soon, with your model like family, with a huge smile on your face.  Or maybe on the cover of a magazine.


I just wanted to add that Post Partum Depression is no joke.
It is very real.
If you are in a fog, feel helpless, or are just stuck,
please contact someone.
Heck, contact me! 
My email is
Anytime you want to talk or vent, send an email.
I totally understand.
I've been there, and even though I didn't want to admit it,
I needed help.
All great mothers ask for help.
With love,


  1. love this :) someone once said to me, "everyone has a story" and that's really stuck with me as a good reminder that you just don't know what's going on with someone. (though i find it an incredibly difficult thing to remember in the moment) xo

  2. Megan,,,man how we have all been there thinking the SAME thing...BUT then again i'm sure i was that woman in Target a time or 2 (minus the strikingly beautiful part unfortunately!!) I have SO been there! What a reminder on all accounts! You rock girlfriend!!

  3. This is so true! I try not to take new mommy's at face value since I never know what is "really" going on at home! :) Great post, girly!!! :))

  4. Love this. I don't know what it's like since I'm not a mommy yet, but I know that it's a lot of hard work and patience. And this is true for anyone, mother or not...things could be happening at home that we don't know about. You just have to be there, as suppot and you are great for those moms who need some. Loves!

  5. I love this post. It is so true. Thank you for sharing. :)

  6. So true girl! I've caught myself doing that as well, and it's always so so so good to put ourselves in their shoes! Love you!

    1. P.S. I pimped you out on my networks with this awesome post :)

  7. Girl...there is so much truth in this in so many ways.....and check my's all about saying goodbye... SNIFF...

    Dear life from a mom of boys

    1. My boy is going to I'm all kinda cranky.....LOL

  8. Another wonderful post my friend! We are all fighting a hard fight and a little compassion and understanding goes a long way.

  9. Thanks for this! I know I've been on both ends of this post (well, maybe not the beautiful part - but the cranky new mama part). It's such a great reminder to all moms everywhere!!

  10. Wow, I love this so much! So true, I love the quote "be kind, everyone is facing a hard battle" or something like that. :)

  11. Beautiful Post! Perfect...especially your p.s.

  12. Ahh...this is perfect! I often catch myself feeling mad when people can't smile in return or have something rude to say but then I remember I have no idea what is going on with them.

  13. You're a good person Tracy. :) And, for the record, I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that she was pretty. I've come across a lot of rude women in my life and they come in all shapes in sizes! LOL.

  14. Oops! I meant Megan (not Tracy)!

  15. Nice write up and it's so true...I read a quote recently that said "be kind everyone is fighting a hard battle"...

  16. Well said! And a GREAT reminder! You never know the back story... so that gives you no right to judge! :)

  17. I am new follower on your blog! I started reading this post and was about to not finish it. I get so frustrated with all the judgemental, angry blog posts I read. But I'm glad I kept reading! Thank you! =)
    Alesha <3

  18. This is a beautiful post. It almost made me cry. Especially your ending about PPD. Been there, done that. Twice.

    Thanks for co-hosting the big Blog-Hop.

    I'm your newest follower!