The Hangover: Easter {Tuesday 10}

Who out there has a major Peeps hangover?  Do you feel like you never want to see a Peep again?  Well I promise no Peeps in this post.  Just 10 pictures of our Easter Sunday.  If you get the chance visit Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby, for more Tuesday 10 posts.  And by all means, link up!

The Hangover, is my series on what happend on the day of a holiday, and how we are recovering.  It was a busy weekend, but it's Tuesday so we should be good right?  Wrong, my laundry piles, still in the process of remodeling, and yes, tired kids coming off sugar highs.  Detoxing children is no joke!

Let's get to the good stuff.

This is Caitlin, our early riser,
all dressed and ready for her Easter basket.
Her hair is combed, bow in,
she dressed herself "fancy".

And here is Mac.
With bed head.
This is how she rolled out of bed.
I quickly combed the mop,
so we could get our Easter on.

The Easter Bunny brought cute stuff.
Like these glasses.
Daddy had these on, but quickly took them off.
He knew they would end up on the blog.

Determined to get more eggs.
"Non-Non?", she'd ask.
Which meant "another one?".
Melt my heart!
Check her out on the move!

"Bratts" found the "golden" egg.
She was very proud of herself,
and made sure to show it off.
Soon, having only one golden eggs
is going to be a problem.

Sisters in their Easter Best.
Smiling for the camera?
Not so much.
This is the best we got.

Finding more eggs at Pappa and GGs.
(my grandparents house)
Gotta love white patent leather shoes on babies.
And ruffle socks!
I'm a sucker for ruffle socks!

Caitlin playing Easter Bunny.
She hid eggs for Mac,
and cousin JT (he's 11).
Oh, and those sandals are wedges.
She would not leave the store without "high heels".
The teenage years with this one might require
lots of wine and Xanax.

Miss Mac and her Pappa.
Her and Pappa are good buddies.
He's trying to find more eggs.
She asks for him by name.
And he loves it!

Here they are again.
What a blessing that my Grandpa
gets to enjoy my little ones.
I'm reminded of it everyday.
Especially with pictures like this.
He lives and loves for his family.

Dirty face?
Messy, tangled hair?
Happy Easter?

How was your easter??
Will you be linking up with us???


  1. What a fun Easter! Cute outfits too!

    BTW I added your button on my page for the blog swap :)

    Have a great week girlfriend!!

  2. Looks like a good Easter! Love the pictures! :)

  3. That bed head picture is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!! Haha!!! And forgetting the kids I FEEL LIKE I'm DETOXING from all the candy!!! What was I thinking? Ha!

  4. too fun, what a fun Easter and yes they are crazy in our house too...

  5. Such cuties! I can't wait until next year when Hayden is old enough to hunt for eggs :P