Trading Spaces + Hoarders = District 13 Toy Cemetary

I'll be brief friends.  Since I'm literally drowning in a sea of stuffed toys, bedding for beds I no longer own, and a remnants of a toy cemetery, which I now refer to as toy District 13 (for you Hunger Games fans).  This was a project that me and the hubbs put off for far too long, because we knew.  It would take over our lives, and take about a month to finish.

We are finally moving Caitlin into a bigger room.  She has been in the nursery/office sized room since birth.  Let me rephrase that, her earthly possessions have been living in that room, since birth, while she plays musical beds 4-5 nights a week.  Sound familiar?

Also we are moving her into a room that used to be a playroom.  Here is where the toy District 13 comes in.  We have toys everywhere.  Some that I received at Caitlin's baby shower.  I am such a hoarder.  She is too.  She cries and carries on as I clean out each plastic bin, bucket, or bag.  But I'm over it.  Entirely.  I feel like the family members of those people on hoarders.  How did we let this go so long?

Plus add to that all the baby stuff we still have.  Why am I keeping all this stuff?  Pack and play, crib, toddler bed (that no one is using!), bottles, clothes, and my arch enemy "the pump".  Why is this still here?  This uterus is closed!  Seriously, I want to tattoo "no vacancy" on my uterus.  We are done here.  So all that stuff is going too. 

The clothes are going to a good home, where a little girlie should be wearing them soon.  I'm happy that her and her momma and daddy will get some use out of frilly dresses that were worn ONE TIME!  And I'm calling AM Vets to pick up the crib and stuff.  I will admit looking at the preemie sized onesies that Mac wore tugged at my heart.  Made by uterus get warm and fuzzy.  Until both kids were screaming at the top of their lungs over a book, and my uterus went right back to being a frigid bitch. 

So if you are wondering, that is where I am, and were I will be until I'm done.  In the mean time, my posts maybe few, or I might just need a break to do something besides play Sophie's choice over which princess stay, and which ponies go. 

Don't even get me started on Sheriff Woody, who I swear is giving me the evil eye, every time I pop another toy into a garbage bag.  I swear these are going to a good home, Woody, I swear!!


  1. Ok, so I totally just spit the water I was drinking onto the keyboard and had to clean it off! Yep, my uterus is CLOSED too! Ha! Never thought of it like that but i'm going to steal that saying if you don't mind!!! Haha!

  2. My son still "bed hops" too, every single night! Good luck on tackling that project. :)

  3. OH man! Sounds like a big job! Good luck girl! Hope to see you on the other side soon! :)