Are you ready to Par-teeeey?

I am!  Are you??

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

This is happening right now!
Go visit 5 Minutes for Mom for details!
This is a totally awesome blog party created by two moms
who understand the need for networking,
blogging, and frienship!
No child care needed folks.
This is a great way to share what you do,
and meet some new friends along the way!
The best part is you can link your blog by category!
That's right!
Blogs with shops.
Christian bloggers.
Lifestyle Bloggers.
Or my favorite,
Daily life and Opinion bloggers.
Opinions, like mine, LOL.
So check out the Ultimate Blog Party!

And if you are visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party,
here are some fun facts about me.

I'm 34, and finally ok with that.

I have 2 beautiful daughters, who are the lights of my life.

They are also four and two, so you know how that goes.

I married to a man, who despite my sarcasm and serious sassiness,
loves me anyway!

I blog about everything, but mostly my journey through motherhood.

My motto is "I wasn't built for motherhood, it built me.  It's a work in progress."

I love to link up, so this Ultimate Blog Party was a no brainer!

I love Twitter and Instagram.

I'm in counseling with Facebook, since he went all mid-life crisis,
and added Timeline.

If you hang out here, I hope you will feel welcome.
I hope you will be inspired to be honest.
I hope that you will have a laugh,
But mostly I hope you will enjoy what you read.

With AbsoluteMommy, what you see is what you get.


  1. Thanks for hooking me on to this! Exciting! =]
    I totally get the Facebook issues lol

  2. Hi Megan! I love your catchphrase about motherhood - so true! Great to connect with you - hope to see you soon. PArty ON!