Don't Touch That Remote!! {Tues10}

Today's theme for
Tuesday 10 was irresistible.
It's actually 10 embarrassing movies,
but I'm tweaking that.
I must warn you.
I'm not embarrassed at all.
Some of these movies did not win any Academy Awards.
They do however brighten any day.
Plus, they are the movies that me
and the hubbs enjoy together.
We have spent many hours watching and laughing.
They may or may not change your opinion of me!
I like a good comedy with foul.
I also like tragic teen aged vamps.
And I absolutely love one teen wizard.
For realz.
Any time, any place.
Preferably on cable,
so my favorite lines have not been cut.

Super Troopers!!
sorry the picture will not download!

Uh. Yeah.
We totally watch this.
We had it on once when,
Caitlin was like one.
And she liked it.
It was on Comedy Central so it was ok.
I will not apologize for loving this movie.
My parents let me watch this
when it came out on VHS.
Yeah, I'm that old.
I will watch this every time.
Who can say no to Long Duck Dong?
Sure the book is 100x better.
But I can't take my eyes away
from this when it's on cable.
I just love the way Edward talks
to her in class for the first time.
Like he's just learning English for the first time.
I also love the part where Bella asks,
"How long have you been 17?".
Gets me every time.
Plus, I catch the hubbs watching this one without me.
Yes, I sure do!
Don't laugh, but this is not my pick.
This is the hubby's pick.
Every.  Time.
He's not shy about it either.
And I'll admit I've been shushed a time or two,
when it's on tv.
Gotta love a man who loves Miranda Priestly.
It doesn't matter.
One.  Two.  Three.
It's on the tv.
Recently, Caitlin asked to watch the movie
her and daddy were watching before bed.
Direct quote from Caitlin,
"you know the one with the scientist and the lightening".

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
again downloading issues!
I'm now a fan of this movie.
Pre marriage, not so much.
But we watch this movie like the daily news.
So, now, I'm a fan.
My husband can quote the entire movie.
Not just Ferris' parts.
All the parts.
I love all Kevin Smith Movies.
But Mallrats will always have a
special place in my heart.
It's not always on tv now, but when it is,
I'm busting up like a high school kegger.
Plus, my BF will admit that both her children's names
were inspired by this movie.
No, they aren't named Jay and Silent Bob!
I can't explain the pull to this one.
Other than the fact that Dave Chappelle
is in fact hilarious.
Plus, you have to hand it to the
story within the story about Killer.
"First to understand what happened to killer,
you gotta understand who killer the dog was".
I can't even justify this with a DUH.
I'm just going to say that the Hubbs
thought I was crazy train.
He thought Harry Potter was for nerds.
However, after a few ABC Family
weekend marathons,
he was hooked.
Even caught him using an English accent.
He refers to the double door hall closet as
the "Dumbledoor" closet.
So yes, we stop everything for Harry Potter.
Merlin's beard!

So that's my list!
I hope you like it.
It's just like me, all over the place.
What are you're favorite movies?
Are any of mine any of yours?
Will you be linking up with Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby???

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  1. My friend had "scandalous relations" with the nerdy science geek in Beerfest. She met him at an event him and the rest of Broken Lizard were at. I think his name is Steve Lemme or something? Anyway. Totally name dropping, but that's all I can think of when I watch that movie. He was also the guy in Super Troopers that wore nothing but a nut cup. Very attractive man in real life. But his characters are usually fugly.

  2. Love it! My hubby's pick would totally be "The Devil Wears Prada" he actually works in the Corporate world of:fashion so he will totally pause and watch if it's on tv :) Fun list!

  3. The Devil Wears Prada is one my hubby's favorites too - ha!

  4. Mallrats & Half Baked are HILARIOUS!! Definitely faves around here!
    I've never seen Beerfest! ;)
    Gret list... thanks for linking up!!

  5. Okay, most of these are definitely not embarrassing. I LOVE Sixteen Candles. My husband does too. In fact, once he was old enough, he modeled his "style" after Jake Ryan. Which is nice for me. Jake Ryan is a cutie. Too bad my husband has lost most of his hair...

  6. Totally awesome list! I love them all.

  7. EEK! GREAT list!!! 16 Candles is the BEST! I've seen it a million zillion times and it NEVER gets old!!!

  8. "Snoochie Boochie, Brodie Noochie" is said at least once a day in my house. At least. As are "Now go fourth...and wreak havoc" and "I'm playin' the role of the concerned guy." Me and Jeremy. Every day. People won't even watch it with us because we say every line. We love us some Mallrats. It's out of control, really. Also, I love that the Hubs calls it the "Dumbledoor." Really? No wonder you married him! He's amazing.