Let's be crafty friends: Covert Robin

A month or so ago, Rachael, from Imagine Gnats decided that she wanted to host a round robin gift exchange with us bloggers.  The catch was that the gifts had to be handmade.  I was all about it.  I can get crafty when I want to, and it sounded like soooo much fun.  So I was all in. 

Then a "informational" email came around about the value the gift should be, and what exactly hand made meant, and things like that.  Ok, I was still good.  I like challenges, and I like to make things for people.  Sweet.  I'm still in.

Then I got my "Covert Robin" name.  I was honored to get Tara from SewTara.  I say honored because as soon as I went to her blog, I knew I was in the presence of a true artist.  Her blog is amazing, and inspiring, and well, intimidating.  She is a REAL crafter, and does amazing things with needles and thread.  I'm a novice, a rookie, a fake, and then I had a little freak out.

How on earth would I create ANYTHING remotely crafty for such a person?  I didn't know where to start.  I tried and tried and brainstormed.  And zilch.

So I did what many of us do when we are un-inspired.  I got Pinspired.  That's right Pinterest.  I found do-able projects that would impress the most esteemed crafter.  At least that's what I told myself.

Here are my pinspirations:

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Caroline Valade via pinmarklet from 
Just another hang up

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Maria Lopez via pinmarklet from

So this is where I started.  Easy and straight forward, and amazingly enough, I had most of the supplies that I needed.  Or in my case, I had enough to tweak these projects and make them my own.

Let me say, that I hate taking pictures of things that I make.  I am not a photographer, so keep in mind that this Instagram pic, doesn't really do my stuff justice.

I made the pin cushion with fabric scraps and left over stuffing.  It's a little lopsided now that I look at it, but when I made it I was so proud!  It's filled with the contents of a mini sewing kit and buttons, that I bought, which I guess is kind of cheating.  Oh, and I added a little fabric bow/flower bling. 

The bunting tote bag.  I liked the cosmetic bag, but zippers are way over my head at this time.  So I had this tote left over from a forgotten project last fall.  I again used scrap fabric for the triangles, and did my best to sew straight and clean.  I really liked the way it turned out.  It looks like a happy little tote don't ya think?

Finally, a tshirt scarf up cycle.  I had loads of my hubby's old ts just begging for attention.  It's long enough to be doubled like an infinity scarf.  I made a green one for me for St. Patty's and I love it.  So, I was hoping Tara liked it too.

So after all the intimidation, worry, and sweat over this Covert Robin project, I was happy to know she loved it.  I got Tara's email and had a big sigh of relief.  Because I was dealing with a serious crafter, who deserves some serious homemade swag.  Looks like I put just enough love and thought into it that she ignored some sewing missteps.  So glad you liked it Tara!!

Don't forget I got a gift too!  I'd love to share it as it is AWESOME, but I'll wait for Katie of There & Back to link up with the Covert Robin.  You can see a sneak peek here.

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  1. Congratulations Megan. Meeting new challenges can be really intimidating and then exhilarating when we have come through the other side. Here's to new challenges.


  2. your gifts look great!! and i especially love the happy tote :)

  3. Great job!! Those are some really great gifts!! I love that they are all both useful and adorable!! :)

  4. You did a GREAT job! The tote is adorable! Everyone needs a cute sewing kit and those scarves are so in right now! :) What a lucky girl she was to draw you!

  5. Fun! I'm noticing a bunting theme on some of these swaps!