WIWW: Easter Egg Party {Announcement!}

Coral cropped sweater & White Tank: Target
Jeggings: Kohl's
Boots on Left Kohls
Toms on right: SBI/Fresno
Love the cropped sweater!
Say hello to my "mommas got dirty hair" messy bunish thing.
Crochet Toms = Spring time happiness

Last Friday was the Preschool, egg hunt,
Easter party extravaganza at Caitlin's school.
I'll say that since the train wreck that was the Halloween party,
(both kids crying in my lap while I broke out
into a cold sweat and had a panic attack)
I rarely take Mac to these parties anymore.
But peeps were busy, and I thought Mac might have fun too.
So we all went to the school party.
And it was super fun, but boots were a must
as it was 50 and clear, but windy.
That didn't last long, because by lunch we were all sweating!
Fast forward to a quick stop at home to change shoes,
then off to Build A Bear.
Have I mentioned that my mom rocks?
Well she started a Build A Bear Easter tradition.
Nice, right?!

So, that's what I wore, and I would highlight my Easter ensemble,
however, I was exhausted by the end of the day, so no pics.
It wasn't a favorite anyway, my top made me took "tent" like.

Now speaking of WIW, and fashionable posts,
I have an important announcement!
To celebrate my SEVEN year Anniversary,
I will be hosting a WIW: Wedding linky party!
On Monday April 30th, please link up a post
about what you wore on your wedding day!
If you aren't married, then link up a post about
what you wore to a wedding,
or what you wore as a Bridesmaid. 
This means I'm actually asking you to post the most
hideous bridesmaids dress you have ever worn. 
Please and thank you in advance!
So please share the news. 
I'll have a button for it in a few days,
if I can bribe one of my bloggy friends to button up for me.
(Brooke: I'm talking to you girlfriend!)
Save the date!!

Linking up with
The Letter 4


  1. what a cute outfit! Love the shoes!! and a great idea for a link up! : )

  2. what a fun idea! i will definitely link up xoxo

  3. L.O.L.!!!! Check your messages on your FB biz page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hint: Our anniversary is May 1st!!!!!

  4. I'm so in! Lucky #7, remember:)

  5. I got your email, I'll definitely link up with you :)

  6. I would love to participate...but never a bridesmaid and never a bride. Schniff. Can't wait to check out the wedding dresses though...have all of that lot to come one day. Hooray!

    1. Well you could always link up something you wore to a wedding... That would be cool too!

  7. I'm totally down! What a great link up idea.

  8. OOh fun! I can't wait to see everyone's!

  9. Love the outfit and what a great link party idea!

  10. love the outfit! not tent-like at all. And love the idea for the linky!! Happy 7!!