We're back!!
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Well summer happened, then back to school,
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In case you don't know Hellocotton,
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Looking forward to seeing everyone on Hellocotton!


That's it friends!
Easy peasy.
This seems totally doable on a Sunday,
between sleeping in and watching football.
Have a great one!


Doing Nothing {Coffee Date}

Scenes from our week: Top left to right: Sleepy Mac, 700 Followers, say what?, Bathtime /
Middle left to right: Dear 24 yr old self, Mac's first "pan dulce", Pink Milk in a glass bottle /
Bottom Left to Right: Night owls, Friday night hot spot, MORE sleepy Mac.

I'd invite you over for coffee, but I'm too embarrassed right now.

As we "speak" there is a load of laundry in the washer that has gone forgotten since Wednesday.
I know what you are thinking, but seriously,
 I only remember it when I'm doing something else important.

Like blogging... Or eating, or lying in bed going to sleep,
and the laundry room seems like it's half way across the country.
So it's going to stay there.
The toys on the floor too.
So watch your step if you dare come over and have coffee,
that you will have to make, since I'm not sure how to use the coffee maker.

How about some tea?
I have a kettle.
Super Domestic Diva right?

If we were really having coffee, or tea, or wine,
I'd tell you that I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into.
Officially, I'm a co-room mother.
What does that even mean?
I'm also volunteering 2 days a week in class, and one day a week at lunch.
And yet, the topic of me getting a "real" job continues to come up.
Thoughts on that later, like way later.

I'd tell you life has been so busy.
Late nights and early mornings are now the norm.
A restless child on Monday night kept me up way past one in the morning.
My six thirty call time is doing nothing for me.

So Thursday I checked out a little.
I've got a new book I'm reading, it's fabulous.
Call the Midwife is a look at midwifery in post WWII England.
It's now a PBS series as well, so I can't wait for that!
But the book now has me in it's clutches, like most books do.

I'd tell you that I also had to play "Sophie's Choice" on Thursday.
Grey's Anatomy and Glee are now on Thursdays at the same time.
Why would the pop culture Gods do such a thing?
Greys was watched live, although I was dumb enough to check twitter at 7 pm PST.
It's cool, it was still a great episode.
And I DVR'd Glee, then watched it later.
But the choice at who made DVR standard was tough.

I'd also ask you if you watch How I Met your Mother on Monday nights.
And if you said yes, then I'd ask you if you cried when you saw the yellow umbrella.
Because I did.

Then I'd confess that instead of pushing and pressuring myself to post a blog,
I did nothing.
I read my new book all through the day when the kiddos were playing.
I put away loads and stacks of piled up clean clothes,
but only because I couldn't find clean underwear.
I knew it was under that pile.
I hand wrote this entire post in a notebook, while Caitlin did homework.
I even wrote it in cursive, just to practice.
With some effort the kiddos were in bed by 8:45 so I could watch some EPIC TV.
Which I did.
In the best seat in the house.
In the quiet.

Because sometimes doing nothing, is actually doing something.

How was your week?

Linking up here.

PS: Bloggy Notes
There will be a Hello Cotton Hop that goes live late Sunday!  Yay!
Dirty Secret Saturday is on hold until after the New Year... But feel free to confess anyway.
Many September Ads expire tomorrow, Features are five bucks, Mediums are four, and swaps are always FREE!

Wore: Sweat

Did I ever tell you that I hate exercise?
Like not a fan at all.
As in my favorite show?
Oh, you mean running?
Not me.
Until everyone was doing it.
So yeah, I jumped on the bandwagon.
Because it was insinuated that I wouldn't.
And that's when I'm at my most aggressive.
Please tell me, "You can't", or "You won't".
It's my biggest motivator.
So I bought some running shoes and a sports bra.
I downloaded couch to 5k.
And I took off.
I haven't finished C25K, but no big.
I'm joining some friends at Color Me Rad this Saturday.
And guess what?
I'm running that bitch.
For the most part.
I may walk a little.
But I'll also run.
Running is what's making all the difference.
When Caitlin was born, I called my BF and told her,
"I feel as if I could run a marathon.  This body can do anything."
Because I grew a HUMAN.
Like a boss.
Well now I'm putting that idea to task.
Can this body really do ANYTHING?
Of course with the right music...
How does Gwen always know what I'm thinking.
Whether I'm 18, 23, or 34.
She sings right to my heart...
"I'm fine... Nothings gonna knock this girl down"
As Mac said a few weeks ago,
Run Mommy, run.
I plan on it.

You wouldn't believe me...

Imagine being able to go back.
Back to when you thought you had it all figured out.
When the world was your oyster.
The point in time where you were no longer a "young" adult, but an actual adult.
Paying Bills.
With no summers off.
What would you say to that person?
That person who is now ten years older, somewhat wiser, but still a work in progress.
I have a few ideas.
In 10 years, none of this will matter.
Not the booze.
Not the cigarettes.
Not the "friends" at work.
That nasty boss of yours?
She's pretty tame to the one you will have four years from now.
Be ready.
In 10 years your friendships will change.
Some for the better.
Some for the worst.
You will hurt, and they will be hurt.
Just try to take it in stride.
Right now, you think you know exactly what you want.
Exactly who you want to be.
Exactly who you want to become.
Get ready to have that notion rocked.
In 10 years this back and forth dating with this guy will be laughable.
No, it will seriously be dinner conversation among friends,
and everyone including you will be laughing.
It will seem so silly and unimportant.
The most important thing will be that he finally agreed to marry you.
Someday soon, you will be in Target and witness a toddler of terror.
You will roll your eyes and give their mother a death stare.
Watch yourself.
10 years later you will pay an obscene amount of money for a toy
that will enable you to buy toilet paper and tampons in silence.
No, this isn't a joke.
In 10 years you will no longer care about those 10 extra pounds.
You will leave the house without make up.
You will grocery shop un-showered and in last nights pajamas.
And, it won't bother you one bit.
In 10 years you will know that marriage is a job.
That there is a serious level of work that goes into it being successful.
Right now it seems so romantic and very much like a fairytale.
You have to build your happily ever after.
It's totally worth it.
In 10 years you will have come back from the brink.
The hardest job you never wanted will now be your first choice.
Everything has been challenged.
Your thinking.
Your beliefs.
Your self worth.
But in the end something magical happens.
They call you mom.
In 10 years you finally do something you really want.
For yourself.
For others, at times.
You realize you have a story to tell.
And you will.
But, don't start earlier, because you aren't ready.
And even though you feel like you squandered time,
you didn't.
It takes time to get here.
In 10 years you will be living a life you didn't know you wanted.
You never set out to be these things.
You didn't know if it was possible.
I'm here to tell you it is.
You wouldn't believe me if I told you, but your best is yet to come.
Have fun being 24.
Smoke (occasionally).
Enjoy it.
Although, you won't miss your 24 year old life one bit.
Linking up over here today.

Blogger Babes {September}

I'm having a hard time believing that September is at it's close.
Most likely because we are still enjoying 90+ degree days.
And by enjoying them I mean, praying for cooler weather.
I just want to wear jeans, make some pumpkin muffins,
and rock a hoodie or two.
Until then, I've asked some of my Blogger Babes to share their newest
guility pleasures and some cold weather recipes.
And don't forget all the goodies they have brought to share with the class!
Take it away beautiful Blogger Babes!

Colleen from Paisley Boulevard

My newest guilty pleasure:
 would be vlogs. I'd rather watch them than tv sometimes.
Cause I'm weird and nosy. 
I'm looking forward to October, because:
 it is my favorite. It's spooky and fall. Love.
My favorite blog post from last month:
 this one.
My favorite recipe for Fall:
Those easy pumpkin cookies you make with
cake mix and pumpkin puree.
Too simple.
Colleen is giving away featured ad space for October!
Laura from Our Reflection
Newest guilty pleasure:
PSL hands down

I'm looking foward to October because:
Making home-make Halloween costumes this year!
My favorite blog post from last month: 
A favorite recipe that you make in the fall/cold weather/halloween:
Cream Cheese Pumpkin Muffins, found here:
Erin from The View from 510
Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram
Newest guilty pleasure: 
Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's true, I've given in.
I'm looking foward to October because:
We'll get to take Jackson to our State Fair for the first time.
Oh, and, my birthday!
My favorite blog post from last month:
Favorite post from my site: Everything Changes 
Favorite post from other blog:
Sarah from It's A Vol's post Can't See it Yet
A favorite recipe that you make in the fall/cold weather/halloween:
 Pumpkin Cupcakes!
I shared the recipe on my blog last year.
Find it Here!
 Erin is offering the following discount for
Medium Ad Space on her blog!
Use FALL for a 20% discount.
Myranda from Pretty Living PDX
Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / BlogLovin / Google+
Newest guilty pleasure:
Project Runway, I love this show!
I'm looking foward to October because:
It is my birthday month!!!
My favorite blog post from last month:
The post about my daughter starting school and how nervous I was-
Read it here
A favorite recipe that you make in the fall/cold weather/halloween:
Soup, any kind as long as it tastes good and it's warm
 Myranda is giving away 3 months of "prettier" ad space.
Details here.
Kristine from
The Foley Family

 Blog / Shop / Facebook / Twitter / Bloglovin / Pinterest / Instagram 
Newest guilty pleasure:
Peppermint Hot chocolate! #yummo!
Ya know, as oppose to my normal hot chocolate {wink}.
I'm looking foward to October because:
Our Mia love turns ONE!!
Mad Hatter Tea Party here we come!!
My favorite blog post from last month:
Group Giveaways {Tips and Tricks}:
 Read it here!
A favorite recipe that you make in the fall/cold weather/halloween:
Shared some tailgating recipe {Here}
Kristine is giving away 250x100 size Ad ($15 Value) 
with an option to participate in my sponsor group giveaway
 Have you checked the sidebar?
Well it may or may not say 700 followers.
If it doesn't, then just know it said it long enough for a picture.

 And since that's something to celebrate,
I'm going to offer up some thanks.
One Creepy Cozie,

And a $15 gift card to Starbucks.
You will be the envy of all your friends.
Ok, maybe your short under 5 friends.

Have a fantastic end of September!

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Nerds, Pinterest, Motherhood, Your Welcome {Friday Letters, Instagram}


Dear Entertainment Weekly,
You are my nerdy boyfriend.
You slay me with all things TV, movies, books, and music.
After years of mooching my Aunt's copy,
I've finally committed to you.
Knowing that you will be in my mail box every
week makes my heart sing.
Dear Big Bang Theory,
I love you.
That is all.
Dear Kindergarten Teachers every where,
There is a special place in Heaven for you.
There has to be.
I'm one day into my volunteer session, and guess what,
I could never do that job.
Dear Room Mother's every where,
I was so naive.
Your job looked so koosh and cool.
I now know the truth.
Will you let me into your club of Room Motherhood?
Dear Candy Corn,
You are the conversation hearts of Halloween.
I adore your stripes, your sunny disposition,
and your deliciousness.
Little did I know that the rest of my family adored you as well.
This little piece of Pinterest may not last until Halloween.
Similar tutorial here
Dear Pinterest,
I am totally and shamelessly addicted to you.
You make me want a better home, a better wardrobe, a better life.
However you keep me from a shame spiral by providing tidbits like this.
Thank you.
Pinned Image
Dear Michael's,
How do I adore thee?
Let me count the ways.
Ribbon, and felt, and glitter?
Oh, my!
You are doing nothing for my Pinterest addiction.
Dare I say you are my dealer?
I've turned into an arts and crafts supplies hoarder.
Your Welcome.
PS: could you please hurry and stock some
burlap Christmas stockings?
Dear Pumpkin Spice Lattes,
I hear you are amazing.
I hear you are to die for.
I hear that you are the greatest thing since the "red cup".
Unfortunately, we shall never meet.
You are not on my diet of clean and allergen free eating.
So to make it seem like I'm enjoying you,
I made this.
In your honor.
Tutorial here

Dear Costco,
You got me this week.
Fine I needed important things like diapers and wipes.
But when I had to go back for printer ink,
I bought this:
And left without the printer ink.
It was worth it.
PS: Just a thought, could you please sell cookies at your food hut?
It would make bribing my kids out of all your Christmas stuff a lot easier.
I'm sure you'd have no problem selling them for a dollar each.
Heck, a desperate mom like me would buy them for five dollars a piece.
Just sayin.
Dear Fresno Fall,
Dare I say you are on your way.
Did you realize you are missing out on opportunities to wear a scarf?
I know, me too!
I know that most would think celebrating over 80 degrees is crazy,
but 70 degree mornings are glorious.
The evenings are wonderful.
Perfect for mud pies.

Dear Running Shoes,
I know.
We did it.
Who would have thought.

Dear Mac,
The whole monkey on my back is super cool.
Especially when I'm trying to blog.
Or eat.
Or do something productive.
This is your favorite place as of late.
Please for the love of all things holy,
don't get big.
Dear Motherhood,
Again, words allude me.
Just when I think I know you,
just when I think I have it down...
You throw me a curve.
That's cool.
I plan on hitting it out of the park.

Linking up