This Guy {Life Lately}

This is how we look when I know he's BS-ing me.
It's a rare occasion that the Hubbs and I get a fancy date night.
Where I'm showered with shaved legs.
The Hubbs forgoes a ball cap.
Where neither one of us is wearing Fresno State red.
A tried and true date night.
We were lucky enough to get one this past weekend.
It was fabulous to go out on the town.
In a fancy dress and heels.
With my hair done.
With my eyebrows penciled in.
(So you know I meant biz-nass)
We had dinner with other adults.
Although you couldn't tell since we were being immature.
Cracking jokes, indulging in an open bar, and taking cell phone pics.
Because every occasion calls for Instagram.
There were no spilled sippys at the table, or refusal to eat the fillet.
Just a bunch of us, dressed up, and free to have fun.

At a very fancy wedding, obviously.
Nights like these remind me why I married this guy.
This guy knows how to have fun.
This guy who likes to dance in the car and sing Billy Joel.
Then Elton John.
Then Fergie.
This guy who hates taking pictures for Instagram,
but does it anyway.
This guy who made sure I had plenty of water on the rocks with a lime.
This guy who told me to take at least one sip of the free champagne.
This guy to told me I looked hot, then grabbed my ass all night.
This guy who took me out to the dance floor,
and then left me for the flower girl who was about Caitlin's age.
Who twirled that flower girl and made her laugh.
She had the time of her life.
And so did I.
This guy, who, after all the fights, tears, and years,
will still do this:
Eyes up, Crutchfield.
 Yeah, he's looking down my shirt.
This guy, who just threatened a cease and desist,
since he didn't approve these pictures.
Yeah, this guy.
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  1. Aw, your husband seems like such a sweetheart. Aren't you a lucky gal (and he's a lucky guy). ;)

  2. OK I know I sound like a broken records but THIS POST is one of my favs!! Love me some good ole loving and looking down shirts :) So happy you're happy! Love you!

  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE this post! We don't get too many date nights in either but we are sure to soak it up when we do (and I shave my legs of course too). Bahahahha! I guess if our men want our legs shaved they just have to take us out on dates ;) Have a great day love!

  4. LOVE that is what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  5. I read this last night before going to bed and it made me smile. We could definitely hang out with our hubs one day...they seem creepily similar:)
    Happy Tuesday!