Wore: Sweat

Did I ever tell you that I hate exercise?
Like not a fan at all.
As in my favorite show?
Oh, you mean running?
Not me.
Until everyone was doing it.
So yeah, I jumped on the bandwagon.
Because it was insinuated that I wouldn't.
And that's when I'm at my most aggressive.
Please tell me, "You can't", or "You won't".
It's my biggest motivator.
So I bought some running shoes and a sports bra.
I downloaded couch to 5k.
And I took off.
I haven't finished C25K, but no big.
I'm joining some friends at Color Me Rad this Saturday.
And guess what?
I'm running that bitch.
For the most part.
I may walk a little.
But I'll also run.
Running is what's making all the difference.
When Caitlin was born, I called my BF and told her,
"I feel as if I could run a marathon.  This body can do anything."
Because I grew a HUMAN.
Like a boss.
Well now I'm putting that idea to task.
Can this body really do ANYTHING?
Of course with the right music...
How does Gwen always know what I'm thinking.
Whether I'm 18, 23, or 34.
She sings right to my heart...
"I'm fine... Nothings gonna knock this girl down"
As Mac said a few weeks ago,
Run Mommy, run.
I plan on it.


  1. OMG me too!! I was not a runner at all then the hype from the blog world, instagram it inspired me! I am also doing the couch to 5k (haven't finished it) but you know what I actually enjoy it!

    Good luck this weekend


  2. That's awesome! I want to do a color run someday! And I hate. running. hate. it. I've been doing the Couch25K to! I'm only on week 4 right now, but it's the farthest I've made it! ;)

  3. You can do it! 5K's are fun because they are short. That's all I've ever done. Long distance is not for me. Let us know how it goes. Looking froward to your post!! Stacie xo

  4. Love it!! {Like a boss! LOL} :):) I just started running too! Good luck on your race this weekend!! xo

  5. You can run the whole thing!!! I'm confident!!! Whenever you feel like walking, just imagine my voice inside your head saying "DON'T WALK!!! Walking is NOT an option!" That is what I do by the way. I imagine my BFF's voice saying the same thing. I haven't walked once yet. Good luck!!! WIsh I could have joined you!

  6. SO excited for you! You know I'll be there in spirit! Seriously tho how is it here already! So sorry I didn't get you your bling #mommyfreakinbrain Can't wait to hear all about it! Makes me even more excited for mine :) Love you! XOXOXO