Sponsor Info

I'm using Passionfruit Ads for all my sponsor spots.
It's quick and easy, and will rotate my ads
so everyone will have the spotlight.

My ad shop has changed as my blogging schedule has changed.
Beginning February 1st spots for ads will be limited.
1 Feature Spots
Top ad spot, Guest post with or without a giveaway.
5 Premium Swaps
Partnering blogs who swap this space size for size, please email me
mamma_megs@yahoo.com for more info.
2 Medium Spots
social media shout outs and a chance to join the group giveaway
10 Swap spots
Swaps are FREE with code FREE4U.

All ads are for 30 days
from the time you purchase your ad.
You can start anytime!!
Have fun with AbsoluteMommy!
I look forward to having you hang out on my blog!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi there -
    Are you still accepting free swaps? The code 512FREE wasn't workin':/