Gift Exchange? Yes, please.

New Year Blog Party & Link up!  Check it out here!
So earlier in the month, a blog post went up about a Blogging Party/Gift Exchange/Link up.  Of course I was ALL IN.  I love these.  I love to see what other bloggers love and get.  I love that they want to get some cool gifts in the mail too.  And as you can see I just love a chance to link up! 

My gift exchange partner was Andrea at Diaries of A Farm Wife.  I asked her what she couldn't live without, she said iPhone, fast food sewing machine.  She had me at iPhone.  And the sewing machine part, is no joke.  Check out her blog.  Girlfriend has been busy!  Also she agreed that reading gossip/fashion magazines is quality use of a brain.  Sold. 

I hope she likes what I got her... Because I love what she got me!!!

Look at this box.
Look at the wrapping.
I'm dying to tear in!

Isn't it beautiful?
I love the colors.
The frames are ready for some of my favorite and inspiring printables.
I've been saving them for "special frames"
The desk organizer?

In her note she added that she had seen my 7 Pretty Things Post, and knew I was wanting a cool office space like this:
Love the green desk!

Now I can tell you all that the planning of my "official blogging space" is under construction.  My desk shipped today!  I'm half way there!

So THANK YOU Andrea!  It's beautiful and lovely and thoughtful!

Bloggy/Gift Exchange/Link ups are so fun!

Happy Blogging,

Who wants to party? And a giveaway!

I've been thinking.  Wouldn't it be great to get a bunch of bloggers together?  To talk shop.  To teach each other things we learned the hard way.  To share the wealth.  Over the last few months I have met some incredible women, and to meet them in person would be awesome!

Then I saw an ad for a blogger meet up in Southern California.  I'm too late for that party, but it got my wheels turning.  What if we could get some bloggers together from both NorCal and SoCal?  What if we could meet somewhere in the middle?  What if bloggers from Nevada or Oregon or maybe Arizona want to come?  What if?

Think about it friends.  We could eat, drink, and be bloggy.  Someone could lead a session on buttons, ads, gadgets, or giveaways.  Someone else could teach a session on crafts, opening an Etsy shop, or how to manage one.  Maybe a session on using social media to get our name out there.  You see where I'm going with this?

I've decided this needs to be a poll, and if you aren't in California, please don't feel left out.  If we are going to do this you are invited too.  The best part is that this is a suggestion to grow on.  If we get a lot of interest we could do a sleep over.  I know I will have to stay in a hotel for this, even if it's for a day.  If we get enough bloggers together, we may be able to have the event somewhere and stay there too.  It's open to suggestion so please take the poll and leave comments.

Now here is the hilarious part.  I have no idea how to do anything techie on my blog.  Those ads you see over there took me like a day to install.  I messed them up.  Twice.  So I went in search in how to install a poll on the blog.  And it looked greek to me, so instead I'm using Rafflecopter.  That's right, I'm turning this into a giveaway for a $15 Starbucks gift card.  Don't like Starbucks, well I don't speak that language, but enter anyway, and I'll switch it to $15 to the store of your choice.

I hope you all want to party with me.  If not I'll just eat an entire gluten free cake to fill the hole where the love is supposed to go.

Happy Blogging,

Medical Mystery Tour Part 3: DOD

If you are interested in Part 1 or Part 2 of the Medical Mystery Tour.  Please read.

DOD.  The Diet of Death.  Yeah, that's what I'm calling it.  Thanks to my BF who comes up with the best nicknames for everything under the sun.  Like she refers to Toms as winter flip flops which is truly what they are.  So when I read her my NO FOODS list, she said, "So you're going on the Diet of Death".  Uh, yeah.  I am.

The Diet of Death or DOD if you will, sounds bad.  It's not.  Really.  I just feel like it's really bad.  I get the purpose of it.  It's technical term is a Modified Elimination Diet or an MED.  Maybe you've been on one before.  This MED is to eliminate foods that are common allergens.  To find out if I'm allergic to MORE foods.  I say more, because I'm seriously allergic to everything that's worth eating.  No joke.  OK, joke.  I eat chocolate and caffeine (for now).  So that's good.  I've done MEDs before.  And I did them for a while, as in 6 months in 2002.  This one is only for 10 days, but this one just might send me over the edge.  I just might have to throw a hissy fit.  This DOD is going to be brutal.  Let's lay down the rules.

Here are the NOs
1. No Dairy
2. No Wheat
3. No Gluten
4. No Corn
5. No Peanuts or Peanut butter
6. No Strawberries or Citrus

Say what?

Let's being with items 1-6.  Ok, 1-5 fine.  Good riddance.  I do that anyway, every day.  And to you #6, strawberries are out of season, and I'm not a big fan of oranges.  So, we're good here.  No big.  I haven't had any of those in the last 10 days currently.  Awesome.

Now, lets talk 7, 8, and 9.  Hello.  Hello?  HELL-OOOO?  Seriously?  These are my last vices/things available in my life that make me live.  I'm not kidding.  Ok, I'm kind of kidding, but seriously?

#7 No Eggs.  To say that I eat eggs is like saying hens lay eggs.  It happens every day.  Like sometimes twice a day.  I'm the only GFer in the house, so on days when I cook a meal for John and the kiddos that isn't GF, say like biscuit pizzas, I eat eggs for dinner.  No big I like them.  They are fast and easy, and they are so awesome in fact people call them the Incredible Edible Egg.  This "NO EGGS" rule is going to be tough.  Especially because I'm a big breakfast person.  I've gotta start the day with a good breakfast.  So now what?  Any suggestions?  Any thing without sugar, peanut butter, and wheat?  No oatmeal either.  Anyone? 

#8 NO SUGAR.  Not just white sugar either.  All kinds of sugar you probably didn't even know existed.  Brown rice sugar, molasses, agave, cane sugar.  Go check the back of any GF/organic/I'm good for you product and you will find some kind of sugar alternative that is also a no-no on this list.  I can have honey and stevia.  The real kicker here... NO SODA.  I don't drink that much anyway, but when we get to #9, you are gonna realize the type of pain I'm going to endure.

#9 NO CAFFEINE.  I.  Don't.  Have.  Words.  Seriously?  If you've been reading AbsoluteMommy, then you know my day is not complete without Tea.  Iced tea.  Brewed at home or from my legal dealer Starbucks.  It's my last vice.  My.  Last.  Vice.  Since college I've give up cigarettes, bread, and alcohol.  Some by choice, some because I had to (hear that bread!).  Tea, mind you caffeine, is it for me.  I'm addicted.  I admit it. 

So #9, you are a b#*ch and I hate you! 

When I went off caffeine a few weeks ago for blood work, I was so delusional from lack of caffeine that I was literally talking and cursing all other beverages in my possession.  "Oh sure, you have a great rep for being healthy and good for me, Mr. H20, but you suck.  You are tasteless and boring and I hate you".  "Hello Miss Grape juice you are a big fake.  You look like red wine but you taste awful.  How dare you trick me!  Gross". 

See, it's about to get cray-cray over here. 

I know what you're thinking.  Get a grip lady, it's only 10 days.  You're right, but this is how I deal with things I don't want to do.  I get catty and blog about it.  It's just that #7-9 are still the things I enjoy about food.  I don't really enjoy food anymore.  I don't think I ever have.  Eating is just eating.  It's so I won't pass out or turn into a crab-apple.  Most things that actually taste good make me sick. 

Eating for me is like wading in a pool of anxiety.  Will this make me sick?  How long before it makes me sick?  Should I even attempt to eat it?  Forget going out!  Every time I do I have an internal debate about what to order, should I order, how long will it take to get the check, how many stalls are in the bathroom.  Catch my drift?

My relationship with food is terrible and sometimes toxic.  Letting go of 7-9 is going to be hard, because they are my soldiers, my friends, that have been there to see me through.  I know, I know.  It's only 10 days lady get a grip!

Bright side, it's only 10 days.  I may discover new foods, like almond butter and coconut milk, both on the YES list.  I will be forced to make healthy vegetable and fruit filled dinners, so finally my kids will eat off the food pyramid and not off a fast food menu. 

I'll be starting this on Saturday.  As in 7 days.  Don't worry, you are going to hear all about it!  Until then, please email, message, comment here with any recipes, suggestions, perhaps herbal teas I might like that are caffeine and citrus free.  I'm going to try to stay positive.  This is going to help me.  This is going to make me better.  This is going to get me some answers. 

That's worth no caffeine for 10 days right?

Is it completely dramatic and over the top to throw a farewell party at Starbucks? 

Happy Blogging,

I'd like to thank the Academy...

I've always wanted to say that.  Since I was a kid watching the Oscars.  Back then it was because I was the Best Actress in a major motion picture.  These days it's for best screen play.  Then I have to thank Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, and the sweet Melissa McCarthy who played a younger version of my amazing Mom, in a comedy that is touted as Bridesmaids, but about moms.... I just fell off the rails didn't I?

For those of you still with me, I did win an award.  It's the very prestigious Liebster award.  You don't know The Leibster?  Well, it's like the Pulitzer for bloggers.  Ok so it's not.  But it is very exciting to get the Liebster, because some one, who you may or may not know, thinks your blog is worthy of exposure.  This award is for those of us that blog and have less than 200 followers.  The award is exposure.  How awesome is that?

Wait, it gets better.  I got awarded the Liebster TWICE.  By two separate bloggers!  I know, my mind has been blown!  Also my ego is huge so let's talk about someone else.

My 1st Liebster was given to me by Angie at AmarieBeauty.  This is what she had to say about me:

Absolute mommy writes about motherhood and life's challenges
in the most honest and relatable way.

She also won the Sweet Celebration giveaway.  Don't hate.  She blogs some serious fashion. 

My 2nd Liebster was given to me my this lovely lady named Tara Phillips.  She blogs at TaraAshley.  And she is super cute and I love her for saying this about me...

Megan@ Absolute Mommy
Yep, you guessed it, she's a mommy and a real fire cracker at that!! I just love the funny things she says about her kids. She is also a women of my own heart, an awesome craft queen!!! She has some fun ideas. 

A firecracker?  An awesome craft queen?  I'm funny?  I love her.  And I die, because I had no idea she was reading my blog!  Thank you Tara!  You made my Friday!

Here are the rules for The Liebster:

*choose five up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers
 *mention them on my blog
  *let them know by sending them a message that they have been nominated

The winners of the Liebster are the following five fabulous women:

Kristina @ Yo Michael Michael:
She was my first follower that wasn't someone I knew or a member of my family.  She blogs from the heart and I love it.  She also does some awesome WIW posts, and some wordless Wednesdays that are beautiful.  She even quotes me once in a while.  How awesome is that?

Krysten @ Consider Me Krysten
Yeah, ok, she's my BF.  So what.  When she talks, blogs, yells, cries, I listen.  She has steered me down some pretty good paths.  I love her perspective on motherhood and marriage.  She knows me, and loves me anyway.  I don't call her the marriage Jedi for nothing.  Check her out.

Kimberly @ Tea with Kimmie
She's my cousin.  She's my shopping guru.  She also blogs about amazing teas, beautiful things she's baked, and Pinterest.  What is not to love?  No really, you tell me.

Rachael @ Imagine Gnats
The name of her blog is Imagine Gnats.  Seriously, this should be a dead giveaway about how she lives her life.  She is super duper crafty.  She has thee cutest printable up on her blog for Valentines Day and it's FREE!  She is also running an embroidery test of a pattern she made.  Love her blog.

Brooke @ A New View 365
Brooke is relaunching herself and her goals here.  She has a blog design ebook you can buy.  She has awesome location buttons she created.  She also does custom blog design.  On her blog she shares design tips on how we can make our blogs better and more reader friendly.  She shares the secrets! 

And because I got TWO Liebsters here are a couple more blogs and an Etsy shop that need your attention and deserve the Liebster:

Zoe @ Welcome to My Mother 'hood
Zoe is just getting her bloggy legs back and is ready to rock her blog.  She is creative, like she makes bags you will die over.  She is a mom, who parents straight from the hip.  She is also a very dear friend of mine from what seems a lifetime ago.  But the awesome part is, it's like zero time has passed.  I'm giving her the Liebster so she will get back into blogging.  Now go to her blog and give her the kick in the pants she needs... You are gonna love her.

Mary @ Mary in MarriedLand
I just found her blog.  Like yesterday.  But I like what I see and I think you will too.  She comes highly recommended by my next blogger...

Laura@ Our Reflection
So I have a lot of friends and family who blog.  It's how we keep it all together.  She is a photographer/momma/Christian/blogger who has fun link ups and following fest.  Currently she's linking up so V-day crafts.  Check it out.

Veronica @ Good Luck Charm Designs
Veronica is designing to her hearts content.  Find her stuff at her Etsy shop or her Facebook page.  She has got some really awesome designs, and many are CUSTOM.  Need invitations?  Check.  Need a banner?  Check.  Need cupcake flags?  Check.  Like sock monkeys?  Check!

Tiffany @ Breakfast with Tiffany
My new fashion guru.  I'm not kidding.  She is blogging about being a real life mom, with real life fashion inspiration.  The stuff she posts, I could do.  It's simple and on trend, and I hope it's going to deliver me from jeans and sweats. 

Congrats to all the lovelies that just received their very own Leibster.  I'm super honored to say the least.  I received mine from two bloggers that have just crossed my path of life.  It's awesome that they felt like I was worthy of some extra exposure.  That's what is so great and addicting about blogging.  The community.  The bloggers.  The love.

Happy Blogging,

Stop and smell the roses

Or the flowers if you will.

Last Friday night the hubbs brought home flowers.  Let me tell you this is rare.  Not the idea that he was thinking of me on his way home (ok sometimes that too), but the actual act of buying me flowers.  It wasn't my birthday, or a holiday, and I hadn't hurt my back yet.  He just brought home flowers.  And of course I ruined the moment by saying "What were they half off", because it's a rare occurrence to get random flowers on a Friday night.

I've written some posts on him recently.  Some posts about us and our marriage.  I hope I'm not painting the picture of perfection.  We are not perfect.  Our marriage is FAR from perfect. 

We fight.  We yell.  We sometimes say things we can't take back.  We also love.  We laugh.  We say things that make the other spit out their drink.  We are married.  We are people.  We are parents.  We are human.

Recently we have been taking advantage.  Of each other.  Of time.  Of responsibilities.

Then I read a post here and here.  He read them too. 

We both realized in our own way, that someone had to pour the first glass.

One of us had to forgo the first cup.

So he brought home flowers.

So I put down the iPhone.  I shut off Facebook/Twitter/The Blog.
And we talked.  Without yelling.  With out tears.  Without the usual foot stomping dramatics.

It was our first Ah-ha of 2012.
We stopped all the other distractions.  The kids were asleep.  The phones were away.  The tv was on CNN (ignored).
We talked shop.  Our marriage.  Our kids.  His job.  My blog.  We talked about outstanding issues with each other that still aren't resolved.  I have some, he has some.  Neither of us is perfect.  Neither of us is to blame. 

We talked about it all and what it meant to us.  What it meant to our marriage.

We were nice.

We were loving.

We were kind.

And it was refreshing and re-energizing.
Because someone had to pour the first glass.

One of us had to forgo the first cup.

Because he brought home flowers.

I even made a pretty home for them.
Happy Blogging,

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Get Yo Craft On! V-day Edition

It's almost Valentine's Day, and conversation hearts are everywhere.  I love conversation hearts.  Not to eat of course, but to admire.  They are so cute and the colors slay me.  The pastels are such a joy in the middle of a foggy or rainy February.  I also love them because they talk, and if you haven't noticed, I love to talk.  They say things like hug me, love ya, kiss me, and xoxo.  What's not to love?  Oh, yeah the taste.

So let's craft them and skip the chalky calories.  Since I'm nothing if not a crafting, frugal, domestic goddess (are you laughing yet?), I've decided to give you a craft idea that is simple and cheap.  Here is a 5/5.  Five dollars in five minutes, give or take a few of each, craft.

I didn't use that tissue paper.
It just helped you see the vase better.
Cylinder vase - Dollar Store
2 pkgs of Convo Hearts - Dollar Store
Shot glass - my cupboard.  Don't judge.
Flowers - from my Hubby, so free

Place your shotty in a vase, and then pronounce it "vaaah-ze" to feel fancy.

Drop in your hearts carefully because they will want to jump into the shot glass. A spoon is a good tool to fish them out.

Can you see the shot glass?
When your shotty is covered to your liking, drop in flowers of your choice and water.
Looks nice just like this.
Then you can bling it up.  I added a pink ribbon.

I added pink ribbon here.

This really shows off the flowers my hubby bought me on Friday night.  This isn't his usual MO.  So of course I ruined the moment by joking "Were these half off?".  So I'm going to take a moment and highlight his "just for you because I thought of you" moment.  He loves me. 

I bought extra convo hearts because I wasn't sure how many it would take.  So now with the extra, Caitlin and I are going to make these for her preschool teacher and class aid.  This time I'm going to use carnations, as they are very under appreciated and quirky.  Much like my crafting skills.

Happy Blogging,
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Our Reflection

All that glitters is four

If you have a four year old daughter, God bless you.  No really.  You must understand better than most the current "4 going on 14" stage.  Where if it doesn't sparkle or make her look like Ariel then it doesn't go on the body.  This phase that everything is up for discussion or debate.  Where every morning is a fashion show that ends like the season finale of Project Runway, with me victorious, and my girl in tears.

It's the sass, the attitude, all the backtalk.  It's like an endless episode of toddlers and tiaras. 
Rocking it!
And today like most days, I ran out of patience.  I yelled.  I threatened to throw out all of the clothes she refuses to wear.  I could not handle one more debate on purple gingham vs. red velvet.  I could not argue over why red glitter shoes could not be worn with the purple velour track suit.  Meltdown after meltdown about side ponies vs. half ponies vs. pigtails.

I can't debate like a high powered attorney at 7 am.  I just can't.

Then the sass.  That mouth she has on her.  It's like looking in a mirror.  I'm all sass and sarcasm, and she got that gene.  I back talk the Hubbs all the time, so why wouldn't she.  She is following my example.  I have no one to blame, but myself.  Seriously?  I'm the mom, right?  I should be able to do as I do, right?  Well not exactly.

This is her first day of school outfit.
She picked it out.
So today, I think we are even stevens.  I love her.  Like more than life.  It's just challenging some days.  Like today.  I try to be encouraging.  I try to talk it out.  But I can only handle one or two meltdowns about hair and accessories before I snap.  Is this how my mother felt?

My mom reminds me that I was exactly the same.  I wanted to dress myself.  I had the details down to a T.  Is it any wonder, my mini me demands the same.  A good friend reminded me that this is what we all want as moms.  A child that can express themselves.  Can have and form an opinion.  A child that has an imagination that runs wild.  So I try.  I try to encourage all the great outfits, and let me tell you some of them are killer.

She got this for Christmas.
Look at the fingerless gloves.
She loves this!
She want to wear this to Target.
Some days are a battle around here.  A fashion/attitude war zone played out against a Disney Princess background.  Some days the wounds are worse.  Some days we call a truce.

So we will start over tomorrow.

But today.  Deep breath in... Breathe.

I even asked her today, "Did I pick up the right kid from school?".

Well hows that for an example in sassy sarcasm?

Happy Blogging,

WINNING! AbsoluteMommy Style!

A bigger than life THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this Sweet Celebration giveaway!  You made my first official giveaway a huge success!  Unfortunately there can be only one winner. 

And that person is...

AngieJan 24, 2012 01:34 PM
Congrats on one year!!!
So Angie you have 48 hours to email me.  So please, email me!

Thanks again everyone!  I'm super happy that I was able meet some new people AND that I successfully loaded Rafflecopter. 

Happy Blogging,

In sickness and in health...

We have all either taken this vow or heard someone take this vow.

We take it with visions of being old and growing old with our spouse.  Like sitting next to or in a hospital bed.  And holding wrinkled hands with each other.

We don't take it believing that this vow will challenge us so early in our marriage.

John and I will be married 7 years in April.  Seven.  It doesn't seem possible.  But we look at our girls, 4 and almost 2, and know we've done a lot in 7 years. 

But I don't think that 7 years ago, John knew that this vow, was going to be the one that was the most challenging. 

We had been married a little over a year when I got pregnant with Caitlin.  Those first 4 months were killer with all day sickness.  He would leave in the morning and return in the evening and I would still be in the same place.  Bed.  Still sick.  Still complaining.  Still mad at the world.  Because I hate being sick.

Then close to 3 years later, I was pregnant again, this time with Mackenzie.  The all day sickness was worse.  My blood pressure was high, the leg cramps were worse, and I had zero cravings... I hated it all.  I was mad that I wasn't indulging in ice cream.  Depressed that I couldn't do all the things I wanted too without being exhausted.  Frustrated that I wasn't enjoying my pregnancy.  I really didn't enjoy either pregnancy. 

So I'm sure he thought that when Mac was finally born, I'd be back to my old self.  I'm sure he was not prepared in anyway for the post partum hemorrhage that followed.  Neither was I.  I'm sure it left him just as speechless as it left me.  I'm sure he was completely unprepared for the frail and pale wife that met him in my post partum room, some 8 hours later.

I have continued to be sick since Mac was born.  Slowly getting worse and worse.  Slowing developing new symptoms.  I'm sure there isn't a way to prepare your husband for the golf ball size hair balls that he removes from the drain.  Or the $200 plus antibiotics, followed by the $100 anti-nausea to go with it.  Or the bills that will begin arriving, from the new medical clinic that will be seeing me soon.

Recently, after an exhausting day, we were in bed, watching TV, something reality or sports perhaps.  I said to him I guess you really didn't know that it really would be "in sickness and in health".  To which he replied, "Seriously.  Is it too late to rethink it?"

This is what he does.  He makes it funny.  He makes me laugh at myself and the situation.  He changes the tone.

He looked at all the tests that came in the mail, and made a joke about each and every one.  He looked at my modified elimination diet, and said, "What in God's name can you eat?".  He looked at the vials, and cups, and taped arms and said, "did they leave anything?". 

And sure sometimes I'm not in the mood to joke.  Sometimes I want a pity party. 

He won't let me.

I joked that I wanted to renew my vows this year.  Since it's lucky number 7. 

Perhaps we already are...

For better or worse.  In sickness and in health.  Forever and Always.

Happy Blogging,

Adding this over here today.
Checkout Lollipops

Forever 21 and a Xanax

Forever 21 isn't new to me.  I'm not that old or unfashionable.  I've shopped there before, both in store and online.  I love it just as much as the next girl/woman 16-34ish give or take.  Well I'll be 34 this year, so I'm making it 34ish.  But, I haven't shopped there in a while, because thinking about shopping there makes me break out in a cold sweat.  Don't laugh.  The Forever 21 here is Fresno is THREE stories.  Yeah, ladies, THREE.

THREE stories of delicious and ridiculous bargains and steals.  Three stories of yummy gotta have it prints, scarves, and earrings that OMG are $1.80!  ONE DOLLAR EIGHTY CENTS... The pressure of all this fashion packed into three towering stories made me want to pop a Xanax.  The pressure of having to rush through it all.  I just knew in my heart I would miss out on something amazing and then I'd be crying, sitting next to the nail polish table, holding a scrunchie (they're baaack) and a feather headband, trying to crawl my way back to sanity.  I'm not joking here folks, this had the potential for Fashion Melt Down Train Wreck 2012.  And isn't that the real crime?  That I'd miss some really great bargain, and never know the glory of wearing a Lady Gaga inspired ruffle shirt covered in blue galloping horses.  Am I right?

So last Sunday, my cousin Kim, who is like my shopping guru, and I went to THE MALL.  The mall, meaning the good one with Sephora, American Eagle, and  the panic inducing Forever 21.  We started out slow, and then I made my move.  I put on my big girl panties and said let's do this.  But I had one condition.  We had to stay on the first floor.  She could certainly go to other floors, but I would not be joining in fear of her having to call the ambulance.  Kim, being Kim, totally understanding and unselfish, held my trembling hand and lead me in.  And I instantly went coo-coo bananas over it all. 

Are you joking me that there are $4 scarves, a kitty faced hand mirror for $1, and nail polish that would put Crayola to shame in it's colors.  And the clothes.  OMG the clothes.  The nautical sweatshirt, that looks like a real navy top, like the one Popeye wears.  No, I didn't buy it, because the husband draws the invisible line at military garb, paisley, and neon.  No joke. 

As a side note, we saw the most amazing sweatshirt pictured below, and being overwhelmed my affordable fashion, I didn't buy it, but my goodness I should of. 
Courtesy of Forever 21
If that isn't the most ridiculous sweatshirt, I don't know what is, and I'm kicking myself for not buying and understanding it's glory then.  It's epic!  It's like the perfect sweatshirt for Easter right?  Who doesn't love a rabbit, and then to class it up with a top hat ?  Seriously?  It's dressed and ready to hit the Easter Parade, or at the very least Easter brunch.  Further proof I need a Xanax last Sunday.  Or a Starbucks.  Or quite possibly both.

So I did it.  I conquered my fear of the three story Forever 21, well at least the first floor.  It was great, but now I'm in a depression about the two floors of awesome-ness I missed out on.  Oh, and before I forget look at the haul my four year old got.

There may or may not have been a "Mommy are you coming home yet?" call prior to this purchase.  This is mommy guilt in motion folks.  And really look at those Hello Kitty tissues.  Everyone, I don't care how old you get will always smile and squeal when presented with HK tissues.  And yes, that's lip gloss and nail polish, and the stinking cutest hand mirror $1 could buy.  Don't ask me how much this cost, because I don't want to be divorced for financial irresponsibility.  Also you'd just die!

Happy Blogging,
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7 Pretty Things: Inspired

7 Pretties. 
That inspire me. 
That get me there when the words are
blocked or the mind is full. 

The Saved By Grace necklace from
Ephesians 2:8-9
8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—
and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—
9 not by works, so that no one can boast.

Love the green desk!
Courtesy of Pinterest. Find it here.
This is what my blogger dreams are made of.
Want.  Need.  Must.  Have.


Conversation hearts = Valentine's Day. 
No matter how old I get.

15 ways to tie scarves
Pinterest.  Link here
I LOVE them. 
They make any outfit look good. 
This will help me be fancy!

This quote. 
Big blog dreams here!

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Rain Day Dinner

Friday was dreary.  Cloudy.  And there was a huge chance of rain.  I'll be honest with you, I love the rain.  As long as I'm at home, in my pjs with some really great TV.  So Friday we stayed at home.  With reckless abandon.  Pjs for most of the day.  I did shower, but then put on yoga pants and a long sleeved t-shirt.  Then kids went from overnight pjs to lounge in the house pjs.  It was incredible!

So as dinner time approached, I knew, this day was pretty much toast.  Why should I really put in a huge effort for dinner time?  Why start being productive now, right?  Well of course the answer was pizza, like delivered to my door in 30 minutes or less.  Then I had a moment of regret.  More money again?  Spending money on dinner when I just spent a gazillion at the grocery store.  I knew that I must have something in this house resembling pizza.  Turns out I did.

Feast your eyes on Biscuit Pizzas. 

Ok, so you all probably already make these.  There was great debate (internally) about the deliciousness of biscuit pizzas.  But then I remembered:  bread + cheese = Awesome.  How could this not produce a win/win situation?  Seriously, what is better than cheese and bread?  Ok chocolate.  But isn't pizza a vegetable now or something?

Here is the tutorial:
You need
one can of biscuits, some shredded cheese, pizza sauce,
and a rolling pin.
Pop open the biscuit can without having a small heart attack from the anticipation of it popping in your hand. 
Biscuit cans and may one day be the death of me.
Roll out the biscuit until its as thin as you like.
Slap on some sauce and some cheese and whatever else fancies your pizza.
Bake according to package.  Mine were approx. 11 min
Eat.  Enjoy. 

Revel in the fact that you are a domestic goddess who makes delicious dinners in less than 20 minutes.  Rachel Ray who?

What's more fun than a pj and pizza party in an upside down tent with your sister? 

I have no idea!
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Happy Friday = InstaFriday

Happy Friday everyone!  Here's a peek at our week. 

The magic of blanket forts.

Still hopelessly in love with my Toms. 
What's not to love? 
They have pink soles!

Because we couldn't be Mac to actually Tebow...
We gave her TebowFace courtesy of Daddy's birthday cupcake cake. 
No cell pic of that.  And even though Tebow lost the NINERS WON!!   
Yeah we're fans.

My pantry before.  You can read about in this post here.

And in case you were worried. 
My pantry today, after a nap time scramble. 

I'd like to say it was because I was inspired to get organized. 
It wasn't. It was as simple as having more groceries to put away. 
And if I was easily embarrassed I wouldn't mention
that I found Worcester sauce older than my daughter. 
No, the four year old!

The Hubby's birthday cupcakes.  Inspired by ElsieCakes.

If you haven't visited ElsieCakes please do yourself a favor and go there. 
It's an everything beautiful blog, with instructions and tutorials! 
These babies are from scratch, and I MADE THEM. 
As you can see I'm no professional, but I made them. 
And the Hubby... LOVED THEM. 
Is hording them. 
Looks like these are on the menu for Valentines Day and/or
"I was a horrible wife today" day, so here are some cupcakes, and sorry. 

How was your week?  Are you on Instagram? 
Look for Me! 
I'm absolutemommy... Of course!

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Medical Mystery Tour Part 2

This is part 2 in a series I've started.  To get caught up, read this...

Last post was super heavy with many of you responding with prayers and kind words.  Thank you.  No really.  I read and cried with each comment.  It was an amazing outpouring of support.  Thank you.

Now, many of you may be wondering just what kind of healing I'm talking about.  For some it may be hard to wrap your head around alternative medicine... That's a-OK.  I would too, if I were you, but please know that most "Western/modern" medicine has yet to provide me with answers.  This has been a journey that began at birth.  Some day I just may ask my mom to guest post.  Please, please understand that I am not a doctor.  Health Now is not paying me for this post or any other.  This is my personal journey, and what I hope is going to work for me. 

I found HealthNow over the summer at another blog.  I was immediately interested, as two of their doctors had written  a book about Celiac and gluten intolerance.  The book is called The Gluten Effect.  Dr. Richard Petersen and Dr. Vikki Petersen are clinical nutritionists.  Along with an Internist, Chiropractor (both Dr. Petersens are chiropractors as well), a Physical Therapist, and a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, they make the team at Health Now Medical Center in Sunnyvale California.  I like that it says, "Our team of doctors work together to offer a comprehensive wellness approach to health" on their website.  All I could think of when I read that was, NOW we're talking!

The HealthNow website is full of information and testimonials.  Way too many to mention here.  If you are interested in them or want more info please visit the links.  Also if you are interested in the book, The Gluten Effect, you can find it on their home page.  I haven't bought it because I have so many "gluten free" books since my diagnosis, and many times it's the same info.  However after my visit I just may have to buy it.

Speaking of my visit with this team of doctors, I'm scheduled for February 15-17 (any guest posters out there?).  I'm looking forward to the visit since I'm really looking forward/praying for some answers.  The hotel living for a few days with the kiddos is not the best, but family is close, and they are ready and willing to help.  Thank God, again, for family!

Now for some fun stuff.

Before that visit, I had to complete some "test" which roughly translated to "specimen collection".  Yeah you know what I'm talking about, if not read this.  And one collection was saliva.  I'm leaving it at that.  The two blood tests in addition to this was seriously a walk in the park.  The fasting and all. 

All received in the mail.  Exciting?
Here are some pictures of a very interesting day.  No caffeine for 24 hours.  Saliva collection every 4 hours with nothing but food and water for the previous hour.  Is it any wonder I had to post-it everything? 
Yes that says No Caffeine...
Yes, I did it...
And at 10:15 I had a glass of tea.

This is what your lunch looks like when you have a 1 hr fast.
Yeah that "sample' had to be refrigerated.
And it wasn't any kind of waste matter...PROMISE

Misc. Test kit... Awesome.
 All tests are done and Fed-Ex'd as of last week.  I'm super happy that none of the bags say "bio hazard" or "Poop Test".  So while I'm very excited to visit these doctors, there is one more obstacle in my way.  The Modified Elimination Diet, or as the BF calls it, "The Diet of Death".  This diet is the real deal.  It's no joke.  It's also the subject of my next post.  I'll leave you with a teaser.  Are you ready for this?





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