You look like one of THOSE bloggers...

This is exactly what my BF said the other day.  It's like the first thing she said to me when I answered the phone...
Ok, well not exactly...

It went like this:
Me:  Hello?
BF:  Hey big blogger, congrats on your guest post!
Me:  Well Thank you!
BF:  But you know that your pictures on that post make you
look like one of those bloggers
that has her shi*t together right?
Me:  Crap!

She is totally right.  Our family pictures make me and my family look like one of those bloggy families.  Like I'm one of those bloggers.  The ones who know how to correctly frost a cup cake with one of those piping bag thingies.  The ones whose kids have a bed time, bed time routine, and sleep in their own beds.  One of those bloggers that has a clean house.  An organized house.  One of those bloggers who looks like she stepped off a Pinterest board every day.

And for my next trick I'm going to get this baby to nap without a bottle!

I don't care that this child is about to rip out my earring
which will destroy my earlobe...
I'm too busy being obnoxiously cute and sassy.
Can we photo shop the bottle out?
I need this to scream perfection...
I am not one of those bloggers.  I promise.  Friday night my kids ate cuties, trail mix, and french toast sticks for dinner.  There are currently at least 5 loads of laundry calling my name.  On Friday I didn't shower.  I wore jeans with Oreo cream on the back of the leg... Which I didn't notice until I was using the bathroom.  Oh, and yes, I use the bathroom.

So to further convince you that I am just a regular mom, here are some choice pictures of AbsoluteMommy in my AbsoluteLife...

This is me blogging.  In my nerdy glasses.
Notice the messy desk.
That's my hubby's biggest pet peeve...
This my friends is my kitchen junk drawer.
Yes that's a diaper, a rubber ducky, hair bands,
and lots of junk.  You're so jealous right now, right?

This is my pantry. 
That was organized until the
Christmas Bake-off Challenge of 2011.
We are always going to re-organize then...
The Kardashians are on, or something!

This is AbsoluteMommy in real life.
Dirty hair = bigger than life bump/poof pony tail.
Note to self: check the back of pony you look almost alien like!
Plaid shirt + jeans
Leopard flats to "dress" it up.
Messy desk.
Me trying to take self pics with my little helper.
This is my AbsoluteLife, friends.  I don't want to steer you any other way.  I'm always  gonna be real and honest on my blog.  I want you to do the same while visiting AbsoluteMommy.  This mothering stuff is no joke!  This is how I roll, and I'm gonna own it!  And maybe I'll clean the pantry today... But the Kardashian's are on...

Happy Blogging,

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  1. Haha!!! Oh good... You're NOT perfect! I love this post.... You are a brave & honest woman & it's refreshing to see!!! Your junk drawer kinda looks my purse!!! lol

  2. Love ya girl! Thanks so much for linkin up this post! SO true and you are awesome!! Shared it on my networks :)

  3. This one literally made me laugh out loud. I love me some real life Megan. You clean up really well though, just so you know. And as long as you're smiling that junk drawer and messy pantry are no big thing. Thanks for sharing and being you. Always being you. Wouldn't want it any other way! XOXO.

  4. Hi, there! Saw this link on Kristine Foley's fb. Love this post, it's the absolute truth here, too, and I always want to make sure I'm real and not trying to look lke one of THOSE bloggy moms, too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked it... I'll be checking you out too!

  5. haha! But really you do look like one of those bloggers. funny post.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  6. Great post!. Love it. That's me in a but shell too.

  7. I love this post! You're my kind of momma - real!

  8. This is such a perfect post - seriously - in LOVE!!! This is so true :)
    As I was changing into my jammies tonight, I noticed the shirt I was wearing ALL DAY had graham cracker crumbs all over my shoulders, boobs and back - the result of carrying around my 15month old. AHAHAHHAHAH.


    1. OMG! Too funny! It's like we forget to check the back!! I swear it's like moms sometimes ate walking menu recaps... For breakast we had pancakes, which are on my boob, and grilled cheese for lunch that's in my hair... Too funny! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Love the post Megs! and that is why you are my kind of friend! You always tell it like it is! You don't have nerdy glasses and Krysten is right--you clean up well, we never know that your jeans had Oreo on them all day! --Love Jax

  10. I ABSOLUTEly luved AND needed this post. Thanks for always being real, even when real doesn't mean perfect. And Happy Bloggy Birthday! :)

  11. I love this post!!! it just made me smile.
    I wanted to post this on your blog since you are mentioning the subject. It's a contest by contest factory looking for the messiest desk or cubicle!Go to to enter for free or see this youtube link
    if you enter it please please post it on here so we can watch it or vote for u!!

  12. Um - we are house twins. Except your desk is neater than mine. Right now, my living room floor is littered with half folded laundry, train tracks, wooden food, real food, a vacuum (which is held together with duct tape),library books and tons of unrecognizable stains. Woot. Thanks for being real - the rest of us do need the reminder sometimes that this is 'normal' and all those supermoms are the weirdos ;)

  13. How is that I'm just reading this now?! LMBO!!!! Love love love...

  14. Haha I just love this! Oh my this is my life! My junk drawer, my panty, but you look way better than I do! :) so excited to find your blog! Love it!

    Oh and your pictures are amazing!!

  15. Hilarious! I found you over at After Nine to Five, and I love it! Here's to all of the bloggers that work hard just trying to keep it together...