Birthday Party Moms {WIWW}

Mustard Cardi: Target
Stripe Tank: Kohl's
Jeans: American Eagle
Toms: SBI Fresno
Necklace: Jewel Kade
Rings: Wedding Ring/Pearl Ring: Silpada

I had another opportunity to get "dressed" again last week. 

Caitlin was invited to a classmates birthday.  So the four of us went as a family.  Let me tell you in advance that the birthday boy's mom invited the entire class.  Both a.m. and p.m. kiddos.  It was a little crazy, but it was really fun. 

Here is what I loved about it.  This birthday party mama was a take charge kind of gal.  She didn't let anything or anyone stand in her way of getting our party on.  And she wasn't afraid to raise her voice.  As in, if your kid wasn't behaving properly she let them know, in the nicest way possible, of course, but she let them know. 

Now believe me, I do not tolerate someone else yelling at my kid, but if my child or children are out of control, I can appreciate something being said.  This mama was totally on her game, and wasn't scary or hurtful.  She was just "in charge". 

I have a soft place in my heart for her.  I had to do this once with a three year old and a whistle.  It left me embarrassed and horrified that I had actually yelled at some one's kid.  Has that ever happened to you at one of your kiddo's parties?  Did you have to "take charge" of a kiddo situation?

It also brought up another point that me and another mom were laughing about. 

Isn't your child's birthday party the most stressful day of your life? 

It's like your getting married all over again.  It's usually the day me and the hubbs fight about things like ice and butter cream frosting.  Things that mean nothing out of context, but on birthday party day mean everything.  That's what also had me giggling at this party.  The birthday party mom and dad, were doing the usual Husband and Wife routine.  She didn't like the placement of the balloons, he didn't like the placement of the bounce house, and someone overstuffed the pinata.  Laughable now, but to them, on that day, it was huge.

So how did I do?  Did I make good on another WIW?  Do you think I needed a belt?  Let me know because this was so comfy, it will be worn again.

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PS: Don't forget!  It's Leap Day!! 
What are you doing with your extra day?
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10 Things to do Tomorrow {Leap Year}

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courtesy of Pinterest/
So tomorrow is February 29th.  A day that only comes once every 4 years.  A whole day to make a difference, to be inspired, to love, and be loved.  How exciting right?  It may be foggy here in Fresno today, but the idea that I get one more day this year, to kiss on Mac's face and giggle with my Caity girl, makes me really happy.  When I think about life, and all of the things that can happen in a day or a year, one more day in 2012 is a blessing. 

Let's celebrate our extra day of 2012?  Need some inspiration?  Here are 10 ideas.

Kiss your favorite people and hug them tight.

Read or start that book you have been setting aside.  Looks like I'll be downloading the Hunger Games.

Call that friend you haven't talked to in a while.  That one who you always comment on their Facebook, but don't really talk to.  Call them. 

In the spirit of the Pass it Forward project, be kind.  Do one random act of kindness.

Bake something.  Anything.  And let your kiddos help. 

Remind your husband that you love him.  It's an extra day for him to hear it.

Discover something new.  New song, new show, new foods.  Go out on a limb today.

Take a walk, a run, a yoga class.  Anything to get your heart pumping.
Watch the movie Leap Year.  It's amazing and heartbreaking, and such a chick flick, it's worth every minute.  It's about that very ring up there that opened the post.  Historically Leap Year granted a reverse in the rolls, women could propose to men on that one day every 4 years.  That's what the movie Leap Year embraces.  There is something magical and antique about that ring.  Just like the magic and surprise in the move.  "Speak dear, this is Leap Year". 

No matter what you do or how you choose to celebrate, enjoy your extra day of 2012.  We all get one.  Now let's live it, choose February 29th, and celebrate.  Even if it's a private celebration with just a Venti something or another.  Enjoy it.

How will you celebrate your extra day?

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A case of the Mondays

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courtesy of Pinterest/Celia Fernandez pinned from Etsy
So I took the weekend off from the bloggy.  Well I did post my Dirty Secrets Saturday link up on Saturday morning, but then I did what I didn't think I could.  I left it.  I didn't jump back on and start reading or editing.  I didn't Facebook or Tweet all day.  It helped that we had 2 parties to attend on Saturday, but you want to know something?  It felt really, really, good.

For some reason I felt no pressure.  Sometimes when I'm away I feel so much pressure.  Like I'm missing out on some prime advertising opportunities.  Like I should tweet that blogger that I'm kind of stalking.  Like I should answer everyone of my comments in less than 24 hours.  That I really need to get off my butt and enter all my sponsors giveaways.  It wasn't in the cards this past weekend.  And I don't feel bad about it.

However I did wake up this morning in a semi panic!  I've been away!  No one is reading!  AHHH!  Then I realized that I really didn't have a lot to share.  I have some posts floating around in my brain, but I'm not there yet.  You ever get that way?  Also last week I did two crafting adventures.  The first, was a success!  So excited to share it.  The second is still an epic failure, both times I've tried to tweek it.  Don't you hate when that happens?  Plus they are both guest posts for other blogs, so you know what that's like.  THEY HAVE TO BE PERFECT!! 

So, now I have a case of the Mondays.  Or so I thought.

Today I'm honored to be featured over at ModaMama.  Joanna has created this beautiful series called "Motherhood Exposed".  It's many mamas letting it all hang out for better or for worse.  Today is my post.  This is a post that was originally submitted for an essay contest.  Nothing became of it, so when I saw that Joanna was still taking submissions, I went for it.  I just read it and I had forgotten many of those things.  I had forgotten how far I've really come.  It was like reading someone else's story.  It's funny, but I'm totally re-inspired by myself.  Oh, how utterly arrogant that sounds, right? 

I also want to mention a really awesome giveaway I'm taking part in right now.  My gal, Kristine, at The Foley Family, just launched her group giveaway, and I'm taking part.  Kristine has been such a huge support to me and my blog.  Go check it out.  You may also meet some new bloggers, and the prizes are winner takes all.  How cool would that be for a Monday?

Finally it's time to talk a little shop.  Well not really.  I just wanted you all to know that I do not charge for sponsor space on this blog as of yet.  I feel like my traffic doesn't support really great exposure just yet.  If that changes, then I will let you know.  That said, the only "charge" for sponsor space, is a space for me on your blog.  So let me know if you'd like to swap this month.  You can leave it in the comments, or contact me by email.  I also have no limit on swaps, so would you like to swap with me?   

So my case of the Mondays, is wavering.  Although today is also my first day of going completely "grainless".  We shall see how that goes.  I'm sure I'll have a recap soon.  In the mean time please visit ModaMama and The Foley Fam, if you get the chance, and send over some "grainless" recipes if you have them.

Let's make it a great day.  Monday gets such a bad rap!

Happy Blogging,

Dirty Secret Saturday {1} Let's be honest about our week

Welcome friends to Dirty Secret Saturday!  I'm so excited to be co-hosting with Lena at Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby and Chrissy at A Little Dash of Diva!  This is a safe place my friends so let out all the secrets you have been keeping.  Tell us some truths about your motherhood.  Let us in on some deets about you!  Good, bad, or otherwise let's have some fun.

Since I skipped my usual InstaFriday post, I'm going to use some of those pictures to give you an honest look at my week.  I used to not be so honest about motherhood.  In the beginning I would outright lie!  Sure my kids are sleeping through the night (after they come and sneak in our bed).  Of course they eat fruits and vegetables (fruit snacks count right?).  They drink out of sippy cups (sweet tea, Dr. Pepper, Coke).  So you can see where I was trying my best to play the part of "Super Mom".  Well it didn't last long.  I made more friends telling it like it is, than trying to be like it "should".  So now, I'm all about letting everyone in on my AbsoluteLife!

This is exactly what happens when you are
blogging instead of making breakfast.
I could hear this little voice saying "He-op" which is Mac for "help".
So after I finished my thought (of course),
I walk into the kitchen to find this.
At least she didn't break herself or her sister's doll bed.

This is what Sunday hair looks like.
Messy, with a side clip so she can see.
Also you can't see in this pic,
but trust me this kids got a snotty nose.
I kept wiping, it kept runny.
Soon she was using her sleeve herself.
Since she had it covered, I went inside to make dinner.

This is my princess at a princess birthday party.
She ate this cupcake.
And the slice of cake we took home too.
This was also the party where there was a 40+ Princess Ariel.
I don't know about you but I like my princesses young and beautiful.
Look, I'm going to be 34, so I know age is just a number.
But like my BF stated, I'm not wearing a tail and a clam shell bra.

So this isn't exactly from this week, but this is a weekly occurrence.
We try to "sleep" train Mac.
To get her to fall asleep on her own.
This is what happens on those nights she doesn't want to.
She is also usually banging on the door.
It's at that time that I'm turning
up the volume so I can hear Glee.
John keeps reminding me that I once said
 crying it out was the worst thing to do to a child.
I keep telling him Mama's got shows to watch.
Plus we do go in soothe when she cries,
but if there are no tears, she can figure it out.

This is me trying to wear something other than a
sweatshirt, Uggs, and jeans.
This is me trying to wear something
that will catch some attention.
So they look at my outfit and not my dirty, greasy, hair.
Greys was on and I didn't want to miss it.
So I skipped a shower.
Priorities people!

Do you guys all know about FebPhotoADay?
Well it's this fun challenge on Instagram.
I'm doing it and Thursday (23) was "where you work".
This is it folks.
My living room where the magic happens.
Actually this is where Nick Jr. happens.
And lots of screaming, fighting sister.
It's also where we eat snacks and ruin our carpet.
And while that laundry basket of clean clothes is no longer there,
the clothes are still not put away.
They are now sitting next to me by our desk,
reminding me that they need to go home.
Which is in Caitlin's room.
But right now that seems to far.

So that's me folks.  That's a little glimpse into our week.  Are there chores I could be doing?  Of course.  There are always chores.  There is always dirty dishes to be loaded.  Clean clothes to be put away.  Toys to be picked up.  Could I cook a nutritious dinner tonight?  Of course.  Will I?  Probably not.  It's Saturday.  So I'm going to do what I do most Saturdays.  Love my kids, laugh with the hubby, and blog/read blogs/enter giveaways and Facebook and Twitter the day away.

What are you doing this Dirty Secret Saturday?

Happy Blogging,

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Kindness is a gift. Not a privilege.

Kindness is a gift that we give to others.  Simple and effective, when done in the right spirit, random acts of kindness can change days as well as lives.  Making a call, saying thank you, sharing your lunch, or giving small change, are all random acts of kindness that can be game changers.

Now, speaking of changing the game with kindness, feast your eyes on what Ashley of The Shine Project has created.  If you follow The Shine Project then you know the blessing that is Ashley LeMieux.  She is a young person, working and fighting to make brighter futures for teens in her area with a scholarship program.  She is always inspiring those of us who follow her blog to be our best selves.  Simply put, "The Shine Project's purpose is to inspire you to live the highest quality of life obtainable, and to motivate you to join our efforts in making this world a better place".

Join me friends in discovering Pass It Forward, a new endeavor created by Ashley to inspire each and every one of us to spread kindness daily.  This project is an experiment in human nature.  Let's see how far one individuals random act of kindness can travel.  Get ready friends, this is so easy and simple, but one that has the potential for the biggest impact!

According to Ashley herself:
Pass It Forward was designed to get people to do little things, everyday, that makes an impact on the community around them.
Pass it Forward is designed around a card (read card that I've attached now so you understand).

Each card is given a unique ID number. Lets say we're at McDonalds, and I decide to pay for the person behind me in the drive through. I'd give the cashier the card, and tell them to pass it along to the next car when the give them the food that has been paid for.

I then go home and log into the website that was on the card, and find my unique ID number. I log into it, and add my information... My first name, city, and a description of what I did....

Let's say the person behind me was you, you would pass it forward to someone else, and then would go home and do the same thing.
From the very beginning, you will be able to track where your card goes, and how many people you affect just by doing one simple act of kindness.

Here is the actual ID card which will soon be available. 
I'm supposed to get mine in a matter of days!
Since I found The Shine Project blog, I have been challenged to change my way of thinking.  To really understand the blessings in each day.  To reach out and choose kindness, and to make a difference with that kindness.  No, I haven't done huge things or changed the world.  But the little things count too.  Like giving your spare change.  Offering to pay for some one's cup of joe.  Or offering a cup of joe to the someone who looks like they could use one.  Kindness isn't always monetary.  Helping someone with their groceries.  A kind word, a small favor, a little help.  It's all in the spirit of The Shine Project.

Kindness is a gift my friends.  We should treat it as such.  Kindness is not a privilege reserved for others.  It's a right that should be shared.  Everyone deserves kindness in their lives.  Because kindness saves lives, it inspires lives, and it changes lives.

Pinned Image
courtesy of Pinterest: Marissa Garcia /
Join me friends.  Pass it Forward.  Be the change you want to see.  Be the best you!

How will you pass it forward?  Are you excited to get started? 

Happy Blogging,

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Also Linking it to Friendly Friday!
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MMT Part 4: Diagnosis, Treatment, More DOD

If you are still hanging in there this is part 4 of my Medical Mystery Tour. 
If you'd like to catch up please read parts: ONE, TWO, and THREE.

Hello friends, family and readers.  I've been back for almost a week, and I've been putting this off.  Not because the news is bad (ok a little bad news, but more on that later), but because I knew this post was going to be a long one.  I've been racking my brain trying to shorten it up.  I'm trying to condense this down as much as possible without leaving too much out.

Last Wednesday I had my first appointment with Dr. Rick Peterson at Health Now Medical Clinic.  Let me tell you that this wellness clinic looked like a simple office building from the street, but is pretty legit in it's own right when you walk in.  Everyone was welcoming and helpful.  Offering ideas on where to lunch and shop.  But let's get down to what's important.

Right off the bat, Dr. Rick (as he likes to be called), let us know that he was going to give us all the information we needed to get me better.  That he, and his team, were more than prepared to treat my entire body, and not just my symptoms.  He assured me that he wanted to find the root of the problem just as much as I did, and not just put a bandaid on the situation.
Should I type that again?  Because that's really what he said.

So he gave us some basics into my test results right away.  First of all I am no longer absorbing any B vitamins that I am eating.  My body has stopped absorbing most nutrients as my stomach and intestines are inflamed.  Gross right?  Well, add to that that the B vitamins are what give you energy.  Well, hello fatigue!  He also said that according to my test, my adrenal glands are no longer functioning correctly.  Which means that not only are my hormones out of whack, but I'm not even producing enough cortisol to have a functioning adrenals.  While my iron is at an acceptable level, my ferritin is not.  Which means I'm not anemic, but I'm not really absorbing iron properly either.  Let's add to that by stating that my C-Reactive Protien (cardiac) is at 6 times the average level.  That means that my arteries are not only strained, but also inflamed, at a very high level.  If I were obese or overweight I could be at a very large risk for a list of cardiac/heart problems.  This would also be a good time to mention my parasite.  Her name is yersinia and she is a total beezy.  She's causing me to take antibiotics.  Something I hate to do.  Well, more on her later.

Now let's talk diagnosis and prognosis, since I have your attention.  I'm not dying.  Really.  I'm just sick, or let's say injured.  My immune system, gut, and adrenal system are injured.  They are working triple time to treat common infections and inflamations.  Which is making me feel like crap.  The good news, rather great news is, that it's all treatable.  With antibiotics, supplements, diet, and B12 shots.  Oh did I forget to mention those.  Yes, my hubby, gets to play Dr. McDreamy, and give me B12 shots in the bum, 3 times a week, for at least 12 weeks.  Let me tell you they hurt like I don't even know what!  So while I hate pills and medicine, except for my daily birth control pill, these supplements are the key to my recovery.  So I've gotta find my big girl panties and get set to let some healing begin.

Also I feel like I'd let you all down, if I didn't talk diet.  As in the Diet Of Death.  I'm still on it.  The only thing I've added back is eggs.  That took a long 3 days.  That my friends is a post on it's own.  Any way, I've been advised, until I'm rid of Ms. Beezy Yersenia, I have to stay on the DOD.  I've been 18 days without caffeine and sugar.  It's still tough to drive by Starbucks and not shed a tear. 

Here's the part you are not going to believe.  Seriously are you sitting down?  After receiving all my test results I also received my results for cross reactive antibodies.  That roughly translates to other foods my body is allergic to. 
I tested "out of range", which means way over the index on the following:
Cheese (duh milk)

Here are the borderline foods (almost allergic to/on my way to being allergic to)

You don't have to ask.  I was completely shocked.  Those that are italicized and underlined are GLUTEN FREE.  No joke.  I've been eating gluten free without a care in the world and half of what I'm eating is cross reactive for me.  WOW.  I am currently, and was on that day super bummed about rice.  Rice has been my buddy, my road dog, my hero.  Rice is what saved me on my honeymoon in Hawaii.  Rice is what saved me on that bachelorette trip in San Francisco.  Rice has been saving me for a while.  And now, well now I'm going to have to say goodbye.

Which brings me back to my DOD, or what will now be my actual diet for at least the next 3-4 months.  According to Dr. Rick, going completely and 100% grainless, is going to get me better faster.  So not only will I be staying away from wheat and gluten, but rice, corn, oats, and anything else considered a grain.  For the next 3-4 months.  After that I can be re-tested, and hopefully I can start to re-introduce the non-gluten grains.

I'm going to admit a few things now.  Things I'm not proud of.  I have thrown more than a few fits about this.  Argued with the husband a few times.  Snapped at people who I feel are asking "stupid" questions. 

I've retreated a bit.  I didn't want to call my friends and tell them all this.  I was mad about it.  I was greiving my former diet.  Resisting the change, and implementing my new diet.  I was sad and angry about rice.  I was really ticked that I had to take another antibiotic after having to take a prev pack in August.  What do you mean there is another parasite??  I almost died (huge over exageration here) from the last antibiotic!

Then last night, after talking to the pharmacist again about my Cipro perscription, I cried in the car.  Why am I so upset and pissed off about Cipro?  Who gets angry and pissy about rice?  My diagnosis and treatment could include chemo.  It could be a lot of chemo, or surgery, or hospitalization.  Or even worse "untreatable".  So I have to stop this pitty party.  Put on my big girl panties, and get to work.  


So I did.  I started the Cipro this morning.  And by this afternoon I had tingling hands and feet, which could mean an allergic reaction, so as advised, I stopped it.  I tried.  I'm still on the DOD, and guess what, I found little things that make me happy.  Like 100% organic sugar free all natural fruit rope.  Sounds delicious right?  Well to me it tastes like candy.  To me it's a little victory.  To me it's pushing me down this road to recovery.

Thanks if you are still with me!  Thanks if you've made it to the end!  If you have any questions leave them in the comments.  If you'd like to know more shoot me an email!

Thank you for all your prayers.  They worked.  They got me here, and they will get me well.

Happy Blogging,

WIWW: Vday and more!

Would you believe that I got "dressed" twice last week.  Yeah, seriously, twice.  So what was the occasion? 

Well first off Valentine's day.  I had a preschool party to rock, and I was convinced not to show up with dirty pony tail, no make up, and yoga pants.  So I dressed up!  My red skinnies are back friends!

Red Skinny Jeans/Target
Black Tank/ closet
Heart tshirt/ Kohl's
Toms/ SBI
Isn't that the cutest tshirt?  I couldn't resist! 
It says love in all kinds of languages, on what looks like label tape. 
It's so comfy too. 
Can't wait to rock it again soon.

 Then I had a Princess birthday party to go to in our neighborhood.   Where the moms have seen  me run to the grocery store in my pjs.  Where the kids have seen me with zero make up daily.  Where I've pretty much gone to the last 4 birthdays for this little girl in jeans and a sweatshirt.  So guess what?  I shopped my closet and put this together.  I didn't even know I had all of this!

Mustard Cardigan/Target
Cap sleeved ruffle shirt/ The Loft
Grey tank underneath/Target
Dark jeggings/Kohl's
Brown boots/ Kohl's
What do you guys think? 
Now that I look at the picture I think I needed a belt. 
Yes belt?  No belt?
And I had to highlight my no fuss, no muss ponytail.
Thanks go to my bangs.
The best part?
The hubby said I looked really nice.
Like stopped what he was doing to comment.

So how did I do friends?  I've decided that wearing something other than jeans and a hoodie isn't so hard.  It just takes a little thought.  And some serious closet shopping!

Happy Blogging,

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Versitile Blogger Award! {Tuesday Ten}

Happy Tuesday everyone!  About 2 weeks ago, Laura over at Our Reflection, gave me the Versatile Blogger Award.  Well, thank you very much.  Now I'm going to award it to some of my favorite bloggers, while I link up to Tuesday 10!  Get your top 10 list together friends and join in the fun over at Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby.  It can be 10 of anything, and you can meet some other bloggers along the way!

Here are rules for the Versatile Blogger award:
1. Thank the person that nominated you, and give them a shout out on your blog with a link to theirs.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.  I'll be sharing 10, for my Tuesday 10.
3. Send on the award to 15 other bloggers whose blog you love and appreciate and then let them know they won the award.  I'll only be sharing 10, for the sake of Tuesday 10.  I know I'm such a rule breaker!
10 Random Facts about AbsoluteMommy
1* I just found out last week that I'm actually 5'1.  No seriously, I've been living half my adult life telling people that I'm 5 ft exactly.  Hilarious!
2* I'm a breakfast eater.  It's the most important meal to me.  If I skip breakfast, my next meal is usually breakfast food because I feel weird without it.
3* I have a subscription to Self magazine and I neither diet or work out.  So why do I keep getting it?  I think that one day it might motivate me.  Right?
4* I have a great love in my heart for Harry Potter.  Don't believe me?  Check out my guest post at Little Miss Nerd Girl today.  I'm still waiting for my owl and my letter!
5* I didn't like the peanut butter/chocolate combo until I was preggo with my first.  It's like I never really cared about peanutbutter cups.  Something about growing a human sent me over the edge.  I had to stop buying them.
6* I horde crafting supplies.  Currently in a no longer used pack-n-play.  It's serious business.  I'm afraid the hubby just might call A&E.
7* To this day, even while Gluten Free, I still crave turkey sandwiches from Togos.  Like at least once a week.  I have a feeling that may never end.
8* I've been off caffeine for 15 days.  I have no idea how this is happening, or how I'm surviving.
9* I'm currently wearing a flannel shirt that my hubby calls my "Jack Butler" shirt.  You don't know Jack Butler?  Go watch Mr. Mom.  You can thank me later.
10* The TV is always on in my house.  If my DVR doesn't record one of my scheduled shows I will throw a tantrum like a hungry and tired two year old.  And if you try to talk to me while Grey's Anatomy or Glee is on, I just might cut you.
Well how random was that? 
Now for 10 (rules schmools) of my favorite blogs and bloggers!
Check out all of these wonderful blogs.  They are some of my daily reads and many of them I follow on Facebook and Twitter to get their up to the minute blog posts. 
What do you think?  Did you learn anything new about AbsoluteMommy?  Do you follow any of those lovelies up there?  Don't forget to link up over at Lena's place!
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What did Angie buy? {Guest Post}

Remember my Sweet Celebration Giveaway?  You know for my first bloggy birthday?  Well if you do then you will remember that I gave away a $20 Forever 21 gift card, with the catch that you had to come back and guest post what you bought.  Well Angie, of Amarie Beauty won, and she's back friends.  Not only did she buy something fantastic with the swag, but she's also styled it for Spring 2012.  She even shows you the splurge vs. the save.  That I love.  We don't have to spend a million to look a million right? 

So let's all give a warm welcom to Angie!
vintage metals & pastels

See those bronze finish sandals for $7.50 up there that are just perfect to wear for this springs trend? I choose those along with some other basic goodies that I needed to stock up on with the gift card I won right here on Absolute Mommy and now I am back to tell you about it!

This spring's colors are pastels and vintage metal tones. Clearly everyone is not comfortable or suited for periwinkle and mint green . It is also unlikely that you will wear a bronze mini skirt to Target toting a couple kids.

Colors and styles that hit the stores are decided at the runway shows and by top designers each season. Much of the style is not exactly wearable in the real world and not all colors look great on everyone, no matter what the popular choice is. All trends aside your own personal style and flattering colors look best on you.

Too get a little fashion in your life and make the current trends work for you pick what you love and work it into your current style.

Both pastel and vintage metals are wearable, likeable colors. Work in a few pastel pieces with your basic subtle colors. If that is too much try it on your manicure. Every single polish designer has a pastel collection coming out for spring. The metals are even easier to incorporate and will carry over for all seasons. Think belts, bags and shoes!

Thank you so much ANGIE!!!
Be sure to check out Angie's blog where she gives great DIY beauty tips and highlights practical style.  Both of which I could use more of in my life. 

Are you excited for Spring 2012 fashion??  What's on your shopping list?  I'm thinking I need those lavender jeans, but I'll be buying mine at Target!

Happy Blogging,
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InstaFriday: Coffee Date

Have you ever read Rags To Stitches coffee dates?  How about Nay's over at Cover to Cover and Everything in between?  Well if you have, then you know the drill.  If not check them out.  I've been reading them for the past few weeks and they are so inspiring and personal.  A little look into their life as if you were having coffee with them.  I love it! 

So in that spirit, let's have a coffee date:

If we were going to have a coffee date,
I'd invite you to Starbucks because I don't make coffee. 
I have a machine, but I don't really know how to use it. 
I rarely have ground coffee in the house. 
So to Starbucks we go, my treat.
We'd sit down with your mocha, frappie, whatever, and for me? 
Some herbal tea with honey. 
Yes, still no caffeine. 
And yes, I'd start out by complaining about it. 
Then I'd tell you somethings about my week.

That above is a precious moment.
The hubbs works hard, and misses a lot of breakfasts during the week.
Since we were out of town, he got some more kiddo time.
He's trying to get Mac to eat some eggs.
He's also watching cartoons with them.
A little moment for him and the girls.

I'd tell you that this girl is my cupcake date.
She loves them, but you know that.
She picked at this frosting for awhile.
Love this face.

I'd tell you Caitlin LOVES chocolate.
That this was a disaster!
That the sugar went straight to her head.
That I swear we almost got kicked out of Whole Foods.
I was THAT mom, with THOSE kids.

I'd tell you that this was by far the biggest indulgence in awhile.
Mani/pedi on Valentine's Day.
Those pink glitter nails rocked my Vday.
Plus they are gel so they will stay pretty for a bit.

That's how I feel about Valentine's Day without Chocolate.
Or Starbucks.
That's my face for attending 2 Valentine's Day parties without chocolate.

Then I'd let you know that this is a little piece of heaven for me.
That little all natural/organic/100% fruit rope tastes like candy.
In my mind at least.
Those little fruit ropes are the newest additions to the DOD.
And they make me very happy.

Finally I'd tell you that in the rush and blur that was packing.
To leave for a trip on Vday night.
My hubby surprised me with these.
Pink roses.
On the most romantic, love filled day of the year.
I was so surprised!
They are lovely.
They made my Valentine's Day.

Then I'd tell you a little about my doctors appointments. 
But that would take too long, so I'd tell you, let's talk about it later.
Later, because I want to know what I missed this week in your world.
I'd then tell you, to tell  me about your week.
What did you get for Valentine's Day?
What did you give?

Finally I'd tell you I'm really glad we did this.
That it was just what I needed.
Can we do this again sometime??

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