Get Yo Craft On! Vday Cup Holder

This my friends is one craft project I'm super proud of.
This is like the Nativity Ornament I did.
This makes me look crafty.
Let's talk about the inspiration.

A few Saturdays ago I was visiting one of my BF, Starbucks.
Since I walked in instead of drive thru, I decided to shop around.
They have super cute things for Valentine's Day including that lovely above.
Then I looked at the price, the felt and the stitching and thought:
Seriously, I can do this.
So I did.
You will need:
felt stickers (yes, felt stickers!),
glue gun,
scissors / pinking shears (optional)
What you do:
Use the template provided by the nice people at
It's all ready to be printed out.

Line it up on the fold of the felt of your choice.
I pinned it because I don't have a steady hand.
Then you can use the pinking shears on it like I did below.
You will end up with this:

Now in the photo below, I used the template
on some scrap felt for a little reinforcement.
I cut that piece in half, and glued it to the original red piece.
This is because the felt I bought was kind of thin.

Now for the fun part!!
The possibilities are endless.
You could use what ever scrap fabric, felt, stickers, jewels, etc.
Below I used another piece of felt, cut to the template
with a heart cut out of it.
Glue it all together with that fancy glue gun.

Then I got a little fancy and added the stickers, below.
Reinforced with said glue gun.

Now for the Velcro.
I measured the placement using a Starbucks grande cup.
This helped me figure out where the Velcro should go
and how tight the cup holder should be.
My Velcro was adhesive, but I added a little glue gun just in case.

I put the Velcro pieces together and re-wrapped the cup.
Then I pulled back the top, added some glue and placed the Velcro on the other side.

Fast and easy, it should look like this.

And one side of your cup holder should have Velcro showing.
(See below)
The other should not.

And when you are finished you should have something like this.

Or these.

I admit the one below is my favorite.

So what do you think? 
Wouldn't this make an excellent teacher gift? 
Maybe one for your best friend? 
I think this would be an awesome Valentine's gift for any Starbucks lover! 
You could get a gift card, slip it in the cup, and add the cup holder. 
Whatever you decide, get yo' craft on friends!

Happy Blogging (and crafting),

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