How to eat a cupcake {Tutorial}

Since we are traveling and I'm not near my computer
I thought I'd give you all a little tutorial.
Plus I've been meaning to post these pics since Christmas!
InstaFriday and recaps of my doctors visits to follow.

This post is to show the real way to eat and enjoy a cupcake.  Please note that this is not professional advice. 
Just the opinion of a very cute toddler and her mama. 
Only a cupcake was harmed in the making of this tutorial. 

Make sure to look over the cupcake. 
Quality is important. 
Don't waste time on a sub par cupcake.
Or one with out sprinkles.

Start slow. 
There is time. 
Proper cupcake eating should not be rushed.

Make sure to take time to breathe. 
Enjoy the indulgence.

Laugh at those who are counting your calories. 
Cupcakes are for those who know decadence.

Protect your cupcake. 
Don't let your peers pressure you into
believing that you have met your sugar limit.

Smile and enjoy every savory morsel.

Wear your cupcake/frosting goatee with pride.

Finally squeal in delight!!
 Let the sugar take over your central nervous system.
Enjoy your sugar high!

Who's hungry for a cupcake?

Happy Blogging,

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Friendly Friday y'all!


  1. This is so stinkin cute!!! Thanks so much for join in the linky followers fest! So happy to have you!

  2. Hahaha, that's adorable!! She's so cute! And now, I kinda want a cupcake. lol

  3. ADORABLE. Um, me. I want a cupcake. I'm drooling. Thanks. ;)

  4. BEST tutorial eva!
    xoxo's mama...and the little cupcake fairy too:)

  5. Yes ma'am...that's the way to eat a cupcake. Savor the whole experience. Visiting from the linkup....hope you can visit me.

  6. haha! Yes, I agree... totes the best tutorial EVER!!! LOVE it!

  7. yay! I've always wanted to learn how to eat a cupcake! ;) adorable.

  8. How sweetly messy~ Looks like she had fun.