Random Ramblings on Tuesday

I'm a crazy lady list maker!  I'm not saying everything on the list gets done.  I'm just saying I like to make them.  So the other night while making dinner I started writing blog ideas on a post it.  Another fun fact: I love post-it's and office supplies in general.  They make me feel important.  Like I have a desk and I do important things.  Well I do, right? 

Anyway, I started making a list and each was important, but I was really stretching each one out to make it's own post.  Some I could have stretched, but I wanted all of them to make it to the blog this week.  And I did not want to annoy you or bombard you with posts.  Then I read twitter and remembered that Lena over at Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby would be hosting the Tuesday 10 on her blog today.  Well two birds right?

So here I go with some pretty random things for show and tell today.

1* More Blog Party Swag
Remember this post.  Well I'm crazy and thought I didn't get a bloggy party partner.  Before I knew it I had 2.  Here is the swag from the second partner.  Jessea blogs about her beautiful life over here.  Here are the goodies she got me. 
Vday stickers - swoon/Dotty note cards/post-its!
Yes, those are the post-its I wrote this list on.
2 * Linky Followers.  Read yesterday's post for more info, but also check it out over in the sidebar and add your pretty face.  (This one actually got it's own post anyway, whatevs)

3 * Herbal Teas.  I'm really, really trying to like them.  I have to cut the caffeine for the next 10 or so days.  Ugh!  I can't even describe the withdrawl headache.  All I can say is that I hope I will like herbal tea very soon.  Right now I'm drinking Tazo Vanilla Roobios.  Any suggestions?

4 * Crafty.  I got crafty last Saturday.  Want a sneak peak?  Ok.  Then promise to come back tomorrow for the full post.  It's easy I swear!!
For the tutorial come back here tomorrow!
5 * Mark your calendars for this Saturday!  I'm guest posting over at Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby.  She was kind enough to let me invade her blog.  So don't miss out on more crafty stuff to get you through Valentine's Day.  Visit Me and Lena on Saturday!

6 * Feb Photo A Day on Instagram
Its a little blurry.
I have to say that I find project life a little overwhelming.  You know a photo a day and such.  This Feb photo a day on Instagram is so fun!!  I love seeing what everyone posts.  Like yesterday was dinner.  I saw some amazing dinners.  I even posted my own.  It's fun and I don't feel overwhelmed.  Check it out.  Start today, #7 is a button!  If you are on Instagram, tell me in the comments so I can follow you.  I'm absolutemommy. 

7 * DOD Recap.  I'm starving.  I've had ZERO caffeine.  I can't have chocolate.  Plus side:  I actually like things like hummus, almond butter, and cream of rice.  Avocados for breakfast aren't so bad.  I'm going to add smoothies to the rotation today.  It's not so bad, I'm just more hungry, and there isn't a huge selection of "yes" foods.  I will keep you posted.  Again, add your suggestions.

8 * Creative Estates.  I'm not going.  I know, I know.  Here is the deal:  I bought the ticket in haste, well my mamma bought it for me as an early bday gift.  Because that's what mammas do.  I was totally stoked and ready to go.  Many of my favorite bloggers will be there!  Like Lenora (YellowHeartArt), Tricia  (MammaMarchandsNest), and Ashley Stock herself  (LittleMissMomma).  Again, I know, how could I say no?  Well the real deal is, money.  Plain and simple.  I didn't factor in my doctor visits and hotel accomadations for said doctor visits.  I also didn't factor in airfaire to and from Creative Estates.  So my ticket has been sold.  I will be admiring from afar.  One day fellow bloggers I will meet each and everyone of you.  Promise. 

9 * Valentines day!  This time next week it will be Valentine's Day.  And even though me and the hubbs don't get super romantic, I LOVE THIS DAY.  The promise of it all.  I also love Valentine's day with the girls.  Babies make Valentine's day magical!  They are your constant Valentine no matter what.  So I'm going to try and make these monster cupcakes again from Elsie Cakes at A Beautiful Mess.  I swear the look on the hubbs face when he ate one on his birthday, priceless.  Like he was seeing me for the first time.  I want that again, and a new iPhone.  So there you go!

10 * Cougar Town returns next Tuesday.  This is the best Valentine's Day gift.  Ever.  Ok well not ever, but seriously!  I've been missing this show.  AND, if you have yet to check it out, do it.  Next Tuesday on ABC.  I promise.  Ask yourselves these questions: Do you like wine?  Do you like a husband and wife who banter and fight with humor?  Do you like a crazy singleton who gets a little sloppy and laughs too loud?  Of course you do!  COUGAR TOWN.  DO IT! 
Truth GUNS!
Picture from Google
Picture from Google
Did I lose you?  Are you still with me? 
Have an AMAZING Tuesday.  And link up 10 of whatever you want. 
It's the Tuesday 10 in it's new home!

Add yours today!
Happy Blogging,

PS:  If you are Laura Hernandez then you just won
a Starbucks gift card from the
BlogParty/WannaParty Survey! 


  1. Sorry for all the typos!! I'll edit when I get home. I'm so embarrassed!!

  2. I AM SO SAD that you're not going to CE. :)

    1. Me too!! But it really isn't in the cards. I was so excited to meet you too!

  3. I love love herbal teas!

    Right now my favourites are Cinnamon Vanilla by STASH and Apple Cinnamon, Red Zinger, and Sleepytime by Celestial Seasonings

  4. I love post-its! My cousin and I love them so much we have conversations about them. We might be a little odd.

  5. love it and your penny caaaaan picture made me laugh!!! Cant wait for it to return!!

  6. Love this list & can't wait to see the tutorial tomorrow! =D

  7. OMG I have missed Cougar Town! So glad it's coming back, it's a bit of a guilty pleasure but what can I say I love anything that affirms drinking red wine in LARGE cups is a good thing LOL :)

  8. I enjoy drinking loose leaf tea better than tea in tea bags (maybe it's psychological but whatev). They have great ones at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and also Cost Plus World Market. And HOORAY for the return of Cougar Town! Bring on Big Joe!

    1. OMG! And big Carl, and if you are really in the know, BIG KIMO!

  9. Penny can!!

    I so can't wait for Cougar Town. That show is hilarious.

  10. Ahhh I LOVE herbal teas! Have you tried loose lead tea yet? That is my absolute favorite. You can buy them in bulk at your local health food store

  11. SUPER 10, Megan!!
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  12. I love your lists!!!

    Oh my gosh, the caffeine withdrawal headache is out of this world awful. I've been trying to cut back, too, but I had to wean myself off slowly. And it seems like meds don't touch it once the headache starts!

    I think I need to hop aboard the Cougar Town train. I hear so many good things about it!