I must confess... {Dirty Secret Saturday} Link up

Dirty Secret Saturday is back.  Join me, Lena from Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby, and Chrissy from A Little Dash of Diva as we get down and dirty... With secrets or confessions, or just something you'd like to admit.  Write it, add a button, link it, live it. 

Funny Family Ecard: Please don't grow up to be like me. You are much too sweet to be sarcastic and moody.

I must confess:

I hate cleaning.  Of any kind.  Right now you can't see my living room floor.  And if you came over, I wouldn't let you use my bathroom. 

I never make my bed.  Never.  If the bed's made, the hubbs did it and it's because there are people coming over.  I feel like if I go over to make the bed, I might just crawl back in it.

I hate to vacuum.  So much so, that when Caitlin saw them at Target once, she said, "Daddy likes those".  She's right.  Daddy does the vacuuming 99.9% of the time.  Ok 100%.

I hate making 3 different dinners.  One for me, one for John, and one for the kids.  Or on special, let's throw a fit over our veggies nights, 4 different dinners.  I know, I said I was never going to be a short order cook.  But let's be serious.  If I didn't cook what my kids wanted to eat, they would eat chips and fruit snacks for dinner.  And that meal is reserved for special occasions, like Tuesdays.

I have no desire to enroll my child in French, Spanish, Super Science Team, or Fancy Ballet classes.  Why?  Because that would mean I would have to attend those things too, and Moi has better things to do.  Like read The Hunger Games again, or watch Cougar Town on DVR.

I hate the makers of Littlest Pet Shop, Squinkies, and any other miniature toy that my 4 year old loves, and my 2 year old loves to eat.  Seriously how many miniature bears, dogs, and kitties do we need?  I guess a million, because yesterday Squinkies were the "prize" in a Happy Meal.  If you don't know what these items are, God bless you and keep you safe.

I hate that I cannot for the life of me bring myself to completely do the laundry.  I can get it to the washer and then the drier and then it gets fuzzy.  I have piles, no, mountains of clean clothes just waiting for a hanger.  And they will keep waiting there until they get worn.

I hate that I really want to start exercising, but still find reasons and excuses.  I feel like it will just set me up for disaster.  The last thing I need are toned arms and legs, possible a more contoured waist line.  Why?  Because in 6 months when my appetite for exercise has been quenched with sugar and chocolate, I'm going to feel like a real failure.  Why even set myself up for that?

I dislike any claims by any parents that their kid is a genius, unless of course their kid is Doogie Howser.  No really, let's stop for a moment and talk about this.  You know you have one friend who is dead serious that their kid is going to be the next Steve Jobs.  Their kid was walking at 6 months, while yours was drooling.  Whatever.  I have more important things to worry about, like if Khloe and Lamar are really breaking up, or if Kim is ok after the flour bomb incident.  Seriously if your kid is such a genius, then why is he still craping his pants?

I must confess, I could be here all day.  Really I could, but I would eventually bore you with my secret confession, which now aren't really a secret.  Oh, well.  I'd rather be an open book, than a closed one on the shelf.

What do you hate?  Genius babies?  Miniature toys that you always step on?  Making the bed?  Don't be shy, link up and make some friends!  It's your day to tell us what's on your mind!

Pull up a chair...

Not going to lie to you friends.  This week has been rough.  Not in the way you would think, but just in the way that sometimes life takes over.  So pull up a chair.  Excuse the mess and the chaos, and have a seat with me.

Let me start by saying that my house is under construction.  We are finally moving Caitlin into a bigger bedroom.  Complete with pink and purple walls (that are still being painted), a new bed, and a playroom that has to be cleaned out and transformed into a bedroom.  There are toy bins, boxes, books, and baby dolls everywhere.  It looks like a flea market. 

I was also challenged this week mountains of laundry.  Like the rocky mountains.  It was awful.  And while I've tackled most of it, the clean stuff is still sitting waiting to be folded.  Why is folding and putting away the worst part of laundry?  Is that just something I feel?

This week I also felt uninspired.  I wrote some really fun posts last week, but it got me thinking.  Lately all my posts are prompted.  By themes, or by link ups.  I've been really lagging on "original" material.  I've been feeling a little overwhelmed.

Plus this week was kicked off by my birthday on Monday.  I was inspired by that.  And I really did enjoy photo bombing you guys with instagrams, but then, I had nothing.  No really, I had a few things going on in my head and playing out, but I just wasn't ready to type them out.

Even my BF sent me a text to find out if I was ok.  She was worried since I hadn't been on Facebook, or blogging.  I guess I just went off the grid, and while it felt good, I had this nagging feeling.  What am I missing?  How are my stats?  Ugh, how many emails do I have?

Because I've been swimming in a sea of emails!  No seriously.  I never imagined that I would have over 250 in my blogging account alone.  My personal email account most days goes untouched.  I'm happy and grateful for the emails.  It means I have readers, and an unheard of amount of blog friends that would like to swap.  It also means that I have to sit down and answer them all!  Seriously, how do you bloggers with like 800+ followers keep up?  I can't even imagine.  So with the sea of emails to answer, the bloggy went untouched.

And that was ok too, since I was just uninspired. 

I'm coming around though.  I love blogging.  You all know I do, but sometimes it feels like work, and it was NEVER supposed to feel like work.  That's how I know, it's time to dial it back a little.  Don't fret, I still have stuff to share.  If you know me in real life, you know I never stop talking.   I feel like here, I never actually stop blogging.  I just want more "me" content, and less "prompted" content. 

So thanks for pulling up a chair.  I'm on my way to send and answer more emails, make breakfast (we slept in), and enjoy this sunny Friday, before the rain starts tomorrow.  And I pray for zero rain, since I know a little man who is celebrating 2 years tomorrow, and needs a sunny day.

How was your week?  Are you glad it's Friday? 

Birthday Recap {Tues10} {WIW} PhotoBomb

My apologies in advance.
This is a bday recap, Tues10, WIW, InstaFriday,
train wreck extravaganza!
I've got over 150 emails for bloggy biz,
a mountain of laundry,
and Caitlin's bedroom under construction.
Things are outta whack, and disorganization has taken over!
So, here are a few posts, condensed into one.
I have to say, taking the weekend off from the bloggy was fun.
I even curbed my Facebook and Twitter time,
but as you can see, not my Instagram time!
WIW Hunger Games

Tshirt/Cafe Press - It's Effie!
Jeans/American Eagle
Katniss, Mockingjay, bow and arrow with a pearl necklace/Bday gift from BF courtesy of Etsy
Shoes/Pink soled Toms
Number One on my list for my Tues10/Birthday recap is the Hunger Games (#1).
(#2) My Effie Shirt in PINK!
(#3) My new Katniss necklace!
I went on Friday with my mom and two of my besties.
To say it was fantastic is not doing it any justice!
I laughed, I cried, I cheered for the boy with the bread.
Which as my BF pointed out is crazy, since I can't eat bread.
Star Crossed lovers indeed!

Saturday night we had some peeps over last minute.
Guess who picked out my cake (#4).
Yes, it's four candles, since being 30 is a given,
four lets me know how many times I've passed 30.
Caitlin helped me blow out the candles (#5).
Mac ate my slice (#6) since cake is not on the DOD!

Mac trying out my new iPhone 4s,
with it's magical reverse pic taking abilities.
She had a blast making faces at herself!
I love this kid!

left to right
(#8) My birthday morning alarm clock
(#9) My first officially signed bday card!
Isn't this what being a parent is all about,
Plus, it says "there'd be now me if it weren't for you"...
Bring on the tissue!
Did you all really think I'd celebrate without Bday Toms (#10)?
These were picked up on a last minute Pedi trip with my BF,
who spoiled me so rotten this year.
Katniss necklace, Pedi, Starbucks, bliss!
Thanks friend!
And now a little cheat on Tues10:
(#11) My new iPhone4s.
The phone I've been dreaming about!
Funny, because my hubby turned off my old phone on Friday about 5.
I called him in a tizzy, frantic without my phone!
No service, no 3g, no nothing!
He said to chill out, it was only a phone
and he'd fix it when he got home.
Say what?
Well the joke was totally on me, because
he brought home this pretty little baby.
I think I'll name her Fancy.

That's all she wrote.
I'm pretty spoiled don't you think?
That's what happens when you can't eat cake!


Today's post is sponsored by Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby!
Not only is she a fab rocker mama, but she is an amazing photographer!
Plus she is the host of Tuesday 10 were you will find me linking up today!
Show her some love, you won't be sorry!


Thirty Four

Image courtesy of Little Miss Nerd Girl
I'm thirty four.  Today.  It's a weird mix or happiness and fear.  Happiness because of all the good people and blessings in my life.  The fear, because I'm almost 35.  And for some reason 35 always seemed a long way off... Until now.

I don't think I'm afraid of getting older.  I still feel 25.  Ok, so the lack of sleep and the laugh lines and crows feet beg to differ.  Overall though I'm surprised that I am 34.  Like the kids on American Idol (I don't watch, but read ew.com daily) did songs from the year they were born, and they were songs from the 90's.  Then NINETIES!  Like when Whitney died and they kept saying the Body Guard was 20 years ago... TWENTY!

When did that happen?  When did Nirvana become "classic" rock.  When did movies like Swingers and Office Space become cult classics, like The Breakfast Club? 

How am I suddenly 34?

Being on the cusp of 34, has made me think a lot about being 17.  Makes sense since 17 is half of 34.  I've been listening to my old punk cds in the car, when I get the luxury of driving without my kiddos.  I think about my old pair of blue Dickie's and how comfy they were.  I think about the small night clubs me and my BF Vee used to inhabit at the chance to see punk stars in the making.  Life seemed so carefree and exciting.  The world was my oyster... I had endless opportunities.  I was young, naive, and free.

But really looking back 17 wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  I put on a fabulous show of self confidence.  I was a rebel, before it was cool.  Wearing Dickie's pants, before they were designed for women.  Wearing wife beater tanks and baby T's that said "Girls Kick Ass".  I was that girl in the Vans, with the short hair, and the bad ass attitude.  I wasn't going to college, unless it was Berkley.  I wasn't about to marry no Republican (which I actually did), and I sure as heck wasn't going corporate (which I also did, twice).  I put on such a good show that most people probably thought I had all the confidence in the world.  What a great show I put on.

Really, though, I hated myself.  I thought I was fat.  Never pretty enough.  Never cool enough.  I tried so hard to get that boy to notice me, another to love me, and another to just entirely forget me.  While I had some great friends I still treasure, high school was not my glory days.  So while I looked like I was comfortable in my own skin, I was far from it.

As hard as it's been, I'm embracing 34.  I'm older, but also wiser.  Maybe it was college (not Berkley), maybe it was my sorority (yes, that punk loving chick, turned into a sorority girl), but most likely it was motherhood.

Motherhood makes you grow up.  Makes you stop focusing on yourself and your worries.  Makes you re-group and focus on the tiny human you just grew.  I lost all insecurities I had about myself during labor and delivery.  I gained all the insecurities of motherhood before the placenta was thrown out.  It was no longer about me, what I wanted, and who I wanted to be.  I was now, and forever will be mom.  Not just a mom, but some one's mom, mom to a real live person.  How's that for insecure?

But now, even those insecurities are fading.  I'm finding that motherhood has helped me rediscover my self confidence.  And as scared as I was, and have been about motherhood, I'm finding that as I get older I'm better prepared.  Emotionally.  As I gain more experience, I feel I'm turning out to be a pretty good mom.  I feel like the attention has been off of me for for a long time.  And in that time, I have been able to redefine who I am, and what kind of mother I want to be.  And the added experience has helped me along the way.  Sure I'm still making mistakes and missteps, but they don't zap my confidence as quickly as they used to.

Now, I smile and remind myself that at 17 I would have never left the house without make up or dirty hair.  I would have been embarrassed not to be wearing what I thought was the latest fashion.  That I would have cried every day over those last 15 (post partum) pounds.  That I would have hated myself and my looks post baby.

The good thing about 34 is that I don't.  I don't care that most days, tinted sunscreen, bronzer, and lip gloss are "made up".  That a dirty, poofy pony, is an acceptable hairstyle.  And since I've cut bangs, my hair time has been cut in half.  At 34 I no longer care about the latest fashion, but still find it thrilling to wear colored denim, when I have somewhere to go. 

I love, that at 34, I really do love myself.
Every laugh line, and all the crows feet.
The gray hair that I have trouble covering up every 4 weeks.
This body, that will never be the same since baby one,
but is totally acceptable now.
My face, which I finally think is pretty,
and not in an arrogant way,
but in an I'm a mom, hear me roar kind of way.

As unhappy as I was about turning 34, I'm actually happy today.  I have a hubby that loves me fiercely, which was unimaginable at 17.  I have two beautiful daughters, which wasn't even in "the plan".  I've happily traded Glamour for Redbook (I know, it's still shocking), and InStyle for Parenting.  I'm more sure and secure about myself than I have ever been.  I hear that's because of experience. 

So today, I'm 34.  Sure, I freaked a little, but I'm going to keep calm, and make a birthday wish, that life and love really do get better with age... I mean experience...


I want you to want me

It's that time of the month...
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What do you think?
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Email me
Can't wait to see you in my sidebar!

Game Time

Sorry friends, but I'm off to the games.  The Hunger Games that is!  I'm sure you've noticed my obsession lately.  I'm ok with that.  I love to read.  Especially it puts me in another world, with characters to love and hate, and with a story that keeps me glued to my Kindle.

This is what the Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay did for me.  From one Friday night to another, I was held captive in Panem.  It was awesome.

So, I'm off to the games.  Showtime is 10:30 am for me and my group.  I'm kicking off my birthday weekend.  And since it's my birthday weekend... I may be away from the bloggy.  While I'm away enjoy a little Hunger Games swag from some awesome shops.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

 Hunger Games Inspired Necklace. Mockingjay
Bip and Bop
Katniss- The Hunger Games Inspired Necklace - FREE SHIPPING
The Honey Pot
Hunger Games "May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor" - 8x10 Print
After Nine to Five
Happy Hunger Games!

Keepin' it Classy {Blog Positivity Week}

Funny Confession Ecard: Well look at this. She just hit 5,000 followers. I hate her... Until she invites me to guest post.

Let's not do this.
Let's be happy in others successes.
I know it's hard.
I do it too.
It's not about followers.
It's about readers.
It's about connections.
Like this post so eloquently put it.
Funny Confession Ecard: I used to follow her blog. But now I'm just in it for the giveaways.
This is happening.
And it makes me sad.
Some of my favorite blogs are ones
that I found via a giveaway.
It's easy really.
If you don't like the content,
then don't enter the giveaway.
The person hosting is giving you free merch
because they are excited to do so.
Don't ruin it by only joining
because you want the free swag.
It's bad bloggy vibes.
Funny Confession Ecard: That b@#ch stole my link up idea!
Has this happened to you?
I'm sure at one time or another it has or it will.
How many WIW posts are there to link up weekly?
How many "what I loves" are there?
Have an idea?
Create your own linky party.
I'm sure your bloggy friends
and readers will support you.
Funny Confession Ecard: That post was legit! So I hooked you up with a re-tweet. Now follow me back.
Re-Tweeting is the business!
No, hear me out...
Is it just me or does your heart swell when
another blogger shares your post via Tweet or Facebook post?
Always share what you love, and who you love.
Even if you have like 10 followers on Twitter like I do.
Some posts are just too awesome to keep to yourself.
NOW, about that follow me back crud...
This is not the business.
I know everyone wants a follow back,
but wouldn't you like them to follow you back
because they want to and like your content?
Funny Confession Ecard: I can't write another post on fabric flowers, what I love today, or how awesome cake pops are!
No?  This feeling is just mine?
Sometimes I feel like I'm pushing my posts.
Like, I'm writing just to link up.
And while I adore link ups something fierce...
Lately I just wanna write some momma stuff.
Some marriage stuff, and some life stuff.
When I get this feeling I know,
it's time to go back to the drawing board.
It's your blog!
Write what you want!
Those linky parties will still be there next week!
(possibly my new mantra)
Funny Encouragement Ecard: I pledge not to leave any anonymous comments. If I'm gonna say it, then I better own it.
I understand that sometimes blogs inspire us to speak.
Good or bad, but let's be nice.
Let's pledge that the next time we are fired up about a post,
that we email that blogger directly.
That way any "negativity" is between you two,
and not the blogging world.
It's ok to disagree, it's always ok to disagree.
Let's just be less messy about it.
Funny Family Ecard: Let's make something awesome so Mommy will blog about us!!
Why is this so hilarious, but so true?
Have fun in bloggy land!
Make bloggy friends!
Get involved in other bloggy conversations!
Be inspired by your life, and the lives of others.
This is my space to be me.
And your blog is your space to be you!
Take joy and pride in that.
Be grateful for the bloggy friends you have,
and be excited for the ones you are going to make!!
It's Blog Positivity Week y'all!
How are you celebrating?
 All cards were created at someecards.com by me AbsoluteMommy.
All credit for artwork, card, ect. goes to someecard,
while the copy is all me.
I am not employed or compensated for any of these creations.
However I hope you enjoy them.
Sharing with After Nine to Five
for Blog Positivity Week
Today's post is sponsored by The Foley Fam!
Check it out!
I'm a guest over there today!!

WIW: St. Pat's plus {The Hangover}

We are serious about St. Patty's day in the Crutchfield house.
We started celebrating on Friday, with a party at my aunt's day care.
Here is what I wore.
Some thing comfy to wrangle kiddos.

This is closet shopping at it's finest:
White T/Old Navy
Blue Cardi/NY&Co
Leopard flats/Kohl's
Green Tshirt scarf: upcycle/DIY

Then because it rained all day on St. Patty's, we stayed in and bakes. 
Cookies, cupcakes, and these thin mint cookie balls from Pinterest. 
I got rave reviews on the cookie balls. 
I couldn't eat them since they are not DOD friendly. 
Also I didn't want to post Saturday's outfit since it was
a green thermal henly with yoga pants,
and I looked pretty scruffy!

My new necklace from The Posh Daisy
just in time for St. Pat's.
 This was part my Sunday outfit.
Yes we celebrated Sunday too at the MILs.
So we wore green again.

Here is what Caitlin wore.
Green shirt with butterflies from Gymboree, and her hot pink tutu.
Also Green Irish Princess crown courtesy of Aunt Jen Jen.
On Sunday, she wanted to wear her dress since it had green hearts on it.
And as with any party, she is wearing her cupcake face.

Miss Mac wore her green striped Carters dress for both occassions.
After mom performed a magic trick to get out some major stains from Friday's party.
Also the picture on the bottom left was taken while I was trying to take my WIW.
Hair pretty by Mom, yes I got a little crafty.
And as usual Cupcake face.

How was your St. Patty's Day?
Do you like wearing green?
I love it, especially with navy and jeans.
But you could tell that already!

Today's post was sponsored by
Agape Love Designs
Beautiful jewelry and hand made accessories

Interested in being an in post sponsor?
Email me at mamma_megs@yahoo.com for more info.


SHOES!! {Tuesday 10}

Happy Tuesday!
Today I'm a co-host for Tuesday 10 with Lena at Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby!
If you are new thanks to the awesome Lucky You giveaway at The Foley Fam
or the ginormous giveaway at Our Reflection,
If not, well thanks for joining me today as I share my 10 favorite pairs of shoes!
This isn't every pair I own, but these are the ones who get the most exposure.
Because mommies and 4 inch heels do not mix...
Seriously, I don't care if you are famous and look like Angelina,
you are in grave danger of breaking your neck on 4 inch heels and a toddler on your hip.
Don't believe me?
Try it and let me know how your neck brace coordinates with your outfit.
Maybe I'm just jealous because simple wedges put me at death's door...
Now on to the good stuff!

Faux Uggs.  Yes they are Ugg. 
Yes they are the most comfortable and warmest thing in the world.
I refuse to apologize for my Uggs.

Leopard print heels.  That were $5 at Kohls 4 years ago.
So I snatched them up.
And they see the light of day like once a year.
Because no one wants to see me eat pavement with Mac on my hip.
Also I only get "dressed" like 3 times a year.

My boots.  That I love.  That the hubbs calls my "Storm Trooper" boots.
They made me look put together and fashionable this past fall and winter.
They have even proven a more reliable ally during our rainy days this spring.
They will be put away kindly soon, only to be reunited with me about November.

These orange wedges have served me well.
They were bought in 2005.
I know, shoe hoarder.
But since Caitlin was born, I only wear these once in a blue moon.
Or where Blue Moon is served.

O. M. G.
Let me tell you a story about these babies.
These my friends are Coach.  Yeah, as in the handbags.
No I didn't pay full price.
Because my SAHM salary doesn't permit it.
I got them for less than $45, at Macy's last summer.
And I cried tears of joy!!
They are also for a fancy dress I bought on a whim at The Loft.
Both have never seen the light of day.
Because my SAHM agenda has had other ideas.

My pink soled Toms.  You've heard enough about them.
I'm still in LOVE.

My "dressy" flip flops.
Don't laugh.
You know exactly what I'm talking about!

My every day flip flops.
Plain old plastic flippies from Old Navy.
Come May this is my shoe of choice.
Unless I'm getting fancy, then see #7.

My other Toms.
Because I was afraid I would wear out #6.
Because I couldn't resist the elephant lining inside.
Because I'm addicted to Toms.

Leopard flats.
To class up any jeans and tshirt ensemble.
They were half price at Kohl's.
Which is totally doable in my SAHM salary.

Will you be linking up today?
Have any favorites of your own?
Or are you one of those fancy types who can chase your kiddos in 4 inch heels?
Well then, I'm jealous of you!


HelloCotton Monday {Link up}

2 weeks ago,
and I organized a very successful and hoppin' Hellocotton LinkUp!

We had such a great response, we've decided to do it again!

For anyone not familiar with Hellocotton yet, you have no idea what you're missing!

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Hellocotton is a goldmine, therefore essential.

Create a Hellocotton account, if you haven't already, then come back  here and link up!

The Rules

1. Follow your hosts
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2. Follow at least 3 new blogs via Hellocotton
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3. Spread the word!
{the more the merrier!  grab the button & add it to your blog, tweet or Facebook about the linkup!  this is not necessary, but would kindly appreciated!!}

That's it!
Have fun!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Hellocotton!


Grab the button and share!!

Our Reflection
<div align="center"><a href="http://our-reflection.blogspot.com/" title="Our Reflection"><img src="http://i1099.photobucket.com/albums/g383/_laurahernandez/button2-1.jpg" alt="Our Reflection" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

C is for Caitlin {Photo Challenge}

This weeks photo challenge at Our Reflection was "letters". 
Like in ordinary life.
Some people got creative.
Others found objects in life that looked like letters.
I was uninspired...
Until breakfast this morning,
and this hungry little girl.
Captured in an instant on Instagram.

C is for Caitlin.
C is for cutie.
C is for creative.
C is for a collective sigh of happiness.


Linking up here!
Check out the photo challenge
and some awesome photos!
Our Reflection