SHOES!! {Tuesday 10}

Happy Tuesday!
Today I'm a co-host for Tuesday 10 with Lena at Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby!
If you are new thanks to the awesome Lucky You giveaway at The Foley Fam
or the ginormous giveaway at Our Reflection,
If not, well thanks for joining me today as I share my 10 favorite pairs of shoes!
This isn't every pair I own, but these are the ones who get the most exposure.
Because mommies and 4 inch heels do not mix...
Seriously, I don't care if you are famous and look like Angelina,
you are in grave danger of breaking your neck on 4 inch heels and a toddler on your hip.
Don't believe me?
Try it and let me know how your neck brace coordinates with your outfit.
Maybe I'm just jealous because simple wedges put me at death's door...
Now on to the good stuff!

Faux Uggs.  Yes they are Ugg. 
Yes they are the most comfortable and warmest thing in the world.
I refuse to apologize for my Uggs.

Leopard print heels.  That were $5 at Kohls 4 years ago.
So I snatched them up.
And they see the light of day like once a year.
Because no one wants to see me eat pavement with Mac on my hip.
Also I only get "dressed" like 3 times a year.

My boots.  That I love.  That the hubbs calls my "Storm Trooper" boots.
They made me look put together and fashionable this past fall and winter.
They have even proven a more reliable ally during our rainy days this spring.
They will be put away kindly soon, only to be reunited with me about November.

These orange wedges have served me well.
They were bought in 2005.
I know, shoe hoarder.
But since Caitlin was born, I only wear these once in a blue moon.
Or where Blue Moon is served.

O. M. G.
Let me tell you a story about these babies.
These my friends are Coach.  Yeah, as in the handbags.
No I didn't pay full price.
Because my SAHM salary doesn't permit it.
I got them for less than $45, at Macy's last summer.
And I cried tears of joy!!
They are also for a fancy dress I bought on a whim at The Loft.
Both have never seen the light of day.
Because my SAHM agenda has had other ideas.

My pink soled Toms.  You've heard enough about them.
I'm still in LOVE.

My "dressy" flip flops.
Don't laugh.
You know exactly what I'm talking about!

My every day flip flops.
Plain old plastic flippies from Old Navy.
Come May this is my shoe of choice.
Unless I'm getting fancy, then see #7.

My other Toms.
Because I was afraid I would wear out #6.
Because I couldn't resist the elephant lining inside.
Because I'm addicted to Toms.

Leopard flats.
To class up any jeans and tshirt ensemble.
They were half price at Kohl's.
Which is totally doable in my SAHM salary.

Will you be linking up today?
Have any favorites of your own?
Or are you one of those fancy types who can chase your kiddos in 4 inch heels?
Well then, I'm jealous of you!



  1. Love your storm trooper boots! And your leopard flats!!!
    Thanks for co-hosting!!

  2. I LOVE my pink soled Toms too :)

  3. I love your dressy flip flops! I have some too, and when I am wearing them I wish I had my everyday flip flops on...the dressy ones are just not as comfortable ;)

  4. So CUTE!! I want to steal your coach heels and leoprad flats :)

    Jen - Queen Bee's Hive

  5. CUTE shoes, mama. :) I just bought two new pairs last night from the ever so stylish Payless. ;)

  6. Haha - you mean to tell me you don't wear The Loft Dresses and Coach shoes daily?! I thought that was a SAHMs wardrobe!! Great post - I love shoes. I miss my heels.

  7. Hello! New follower :)
    Super cute blog! I love dressy flip flops and flats! Hope you can stop by my blog.

  8. I love Uggs with skirts, and it's too bad that there are approximately two days a year in any climate where that combination makes sense. Love the leopard flats too!!

  9. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! def a HUGE shoe fan!!! it is def my secret obsession!!

  10. Such a fun link up!! Love the picture you took!! FUN angle! And hello!! LOVE all your shoes too! Now what size are you.... ya know? So I can borrow some ;)