FebPhotoADay Recap {InstaFriday}

If you have Instagram then you most likely already know about the Feb Photo A Day Challenge.  I had so much fun and was really challenged to take a picture everyday.  Some of the prompts were challenging, like take a picture of a stranger.  Or your interpretation of "night" or "green".  I also loved following my friends on Instagram who also participated.  It was a blast. 

I wanted to wait until the very end to recap all 29 photos.  So here you go.  And wait there's more!  Isn't there always more?  At the end you will find the March Photo A Day prompts.  I'm not sure I will post a photo for every day in March, but on the 26th for sure (my bday by the way). 

Feb Photo A Day Recap

 #1 Your View / #2 Words / #3 Hands / #4 Stranger

#1 My view that day before my diet of death!
#2 Words from sticker I got in the mail!  Score!!
#3 Those hands, they hold my heart.
#4 And that stranger is out there dailiy, trying to make a living.

#5 10 am / #6 Dinner / #7 Buttons / #8 Sun

#5 That new beauty balm in #5 is the "balm" (lol)
#6 And dinner is my NEW favorite salad.
#7 Buttons on my absolute favorite jeans!
#8 Oh, and my "sunnies" are my got to accessory.

 #9 Front Door / #10 Self Portrait / #11 Makes you happy / #12 Closet

#9 Yes, that is my front door!
#10 The self portrait was hard.  I think I took 10 before I got a good one.
#11 And those girls and my valentine make me so happy!
#12 My closet, and my Vday outfit!

#13 Blue / #14 Hearts / #15 Phone / #16 Something new

#13 Blue sparkle nail polish?  Yes, please.
#14 Nothing screams Valentine's Day like a red heart lolly.
Mac was all about it too!
#15 Nice retro phone, for your iPhone!
#17 And the something new is actually allowed on my diet!

#17 Time / #18 Drink / #19 Something You hate to do / #20 Handwriting

#17 3:07 pm we finally got home from a trip, exhausted!
#18 That Welch's is my new night cap on my diet.
#19 And I hate falling asleep on a great audio book!
#20 a list of books I ordered for a friend, and shipped them to her!

#21 Favorite Pic / #22 Where I work / #23 Shoes / #24 Bathroom Cabinet

#21 was supposed to be a fav pic of me.  I like this one better.
That's newborn Mac and almost 3 yr old Caitlin.
My babies!
#22 Yes, my living room (work) looks like that most days.
#23 Shoes are Caitlin's and she has almost as many as mamma!
#24 I don't want to discuss the disaster which is my bathroom cabinet.

#25 Green / #26 Night / #27 something I ate / #28 Money /
 #29 Somehing I'm listening to

#25 Green, no bake Thin Mint cookie balls!
Yes friends NO Bake!
#26 night wrestling with dad!
#27 Something I ate, eggs, mushrooms, spinach.
I know it looks gross, but it was pretty delish!
#28 That's Trey from Swingers, he is soooo money!
#29 is a song on Krystina's Lollipops blog, that I am in LOVE with!

And if you are interested and up for the challenge...
Your March Photo A Day!!

What do you think?  Do you think you are up for the challenge for March?  Well I think I'll participate on some days.  Like the 5th is "smile", and the 19th is "funny".  It's so fun!  If you are looking for me on Instagram I'm @absolutemommy.  Stop in and say hi so I can follow you back!

Happy Blogging and Happy March!,


  1. Well done girly!!!!! :)
    It's like a little sneak peek into your daily life - I love it!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. great photos! yay for the song "home" !!!!

  3. LOVE IT! This is So Fun! I love the pics of two of my favorite little girls. Also, you're killing me with "The Balm" lmao!

  4. Found you on the meet & tweet. I am following you via Twitter, Linky and GFC. Nice to meet you :)

    Lauren Rebecca

  5. I liked your post about the things to know when you have 2 kiddos. Very funny, and as I'm considering child #2, good to know!