WIWW: Mom of the Year

Striped Top, Aerie / Green Tank, Old Navy / Boots, Kohls
Go ahead.  Crown me now.  I deserve it.  Here is a what I wore post with an edge.  No not the clothes.  The mothering.  My mothering has an edge.  Well no, it's more like it's on the edge.

Let's say that my outfit makes me look like a successful stay at home mom, with nice and well behaved kids.  Wrong.  Today I'm being crowned Mother of the Year, again.  Why?

I had no idea TODAY is kindergarten registration.


This is a recap of Tuesday:

I had no idea kindergarten registration was Wednesday.  I don't have kids in school.  There were no fliers or signs at preschool.  Shouldn't there be an app for this?  Or a blog.  Well there's not, since I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off in that outfit up there looking for immunization charts, pay stubbs, birth certs, and my sanity.

I saw a post about kindergarten registration on Facebook.  Then I made a mental note (like I ever remember those) to ask another mom who has a child at the school we need to register.  Well I did ask her today.  And she said, Oh it's tomorrow. 


So I go over to the school, and wow, look at that big sign about how important tomorrow is!  Couldn't they have put that sign, I don't know, in my driveway?  Anyway, I look at the paper, and first off I see the 8am sharp!  This tells me that if I get there any later than 8 my kid will end up in "that" class.  The one no one wants their kid in.  GREAT!  Then I realize that while I have (and think I know) where most of the items I will need are, I in fact do not have an up to date immunization chart.  This is because the doctors office now prints them out.  And when we get immunizations we are usually way to busy to sit and wait for a print out, if you know what I mean.  So I'll call and request one.  When I do, I'm told they take 24-48 hours... For a print out? 


Here's where this story gets GOOD. Where my effort in achieving this high honor of mother of the year really shines.  I get a call back from the nurse to let me know that my daughters immunizations ARE NOT up to date.

What?  Really?  SERIOUSLY?

Then I slowly remember that scorching day back in August, when I thought taking both girls at the same time for check ups was a smart thing to do.  I remember that they both got shots, and the screams?  Oh the screams.  At the time our doc said that Caitlin could just do with the 3 since the others were ok to wait until she was 5.  So we skipped it... And it totally skipped my mind that we'd be registering for kindergarten in the spring... Actually I take that back, I had no idea when we would be registering, I was too preoccupied with screaming kids.


So I make the appointment for tomorrow, and like any good mother think of a bribe.  Which is a Build A Bear, because the kid goes to Target weekly, and Build A Bear is for special occasions.  Like when your mother forgets to get you immunized for the kindergarten registration she also forgot about.


So I make a frantic call to the school.  What exactly do they need.  Can I bring it later?  The nice secretary over the phone reassures me that since kindergarten will be all day next year, and there are 3 whole classes to fill, that it should be no problem.  Just come in the afternoon she says, tomorrow is just to get started.  She is so calming and sweet, that I just have to believe I wasn't the only CRAZY, procrastinating, dingbat mom calling today.  Well, that's what I'm telling myself.

Finally I do what I always do.  I call Krysten, because she will make me feel better, she will tell me that I'm a great mom, even when I forget to immunize my babies.  As we talk, we realize this blog post actually wrote itself today.  That this is a blog post that needs to be written exactly as it happens.  That's when I tell her the most important part of this story...

I wasn't even upset that my baby is going to be 5,
and that she is going to start real school. 

I'm upset because I thought after 5 years,
I'd be better at this job called motherhood. 

That I wouldn't be flying by the seat of my pants. 
That I'd have it all together and
no longer have dirty hair and wear pj pants in public. 

Krysten makes me feel better by telling me that it could be worse.  Kindergarten registration could be today.  And that it's very anti climatic, as it's just moms and dads filling out forms.  And that my kids not going to be in "that" class.  Then we laugh.  Then she reminds me that I've made progress.  And she's right.  In that picture up there, my hair is dirty, but I am wearing skinny jeans.  I'm not wearing sweats or uggs.  So, while I'm still a dingbat on most days, I'm making some progress right?

Oh well, that's why we have Mac.  She's my chance at a do over.  I'm writing her kindergarten registration on the calendar today.  It's March 2015.

Happy Blogging,

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  1. Oh, how I love you and your writing. :) You're beautiful in that outfit! I know that when it comes time to sign N up for kindergarten, I'll think back to this post and smile. Because I will be the one to be frantic with dirty hair. ;)

  2. i absolutely love this! i love your honesty and the humor you put into your posts! I bet you are not the only Mom in the world who has forgotten Kindergarten registration and hey, at least you did figure it out and didn't forget completely!

  3. Haha!
    Megan... I love ya!
    We all have moments like this... No matter how hard we try to stay on top of things!
    Another amazing post!

  4. Hey, you make it sound like dirty hair is a bad thing... My hair ONLY looks good when it's dirty. I AIM for dirty!!

    As for the "momnesia", I'm right there with ya. I'm older than you, have only one child and work outside the home... Yet, I might even be a few paces ahead of you! lol Relax, you're in good company!

  5. Hahaha, well, at least you looked cute running around like crazy! Skinny jeans can make even dirty hair look chic. ;)

    We all have those days! I'm glad you made it through it!