InstaFriday {Which is now InstaSaturday}

So, I took Friday off from the bloggy. 

Things were crazy this week.  I almost missed kindergarten registration.  I've been making ALL my meals from scratch, since I'm on this crazy elimination diet.  And it's been BEAUTIFUL here in Fresno. 

I was also going to take today off, but I've got some time, and I felt totally incomplete without posting my "InstaFriday" which is now InstaSaturday...

These are my nurses, as I get my B12 in the bum.
Caitlin even got me a band aid with teddy bears on it.
That I wore on my bum.
That's what moms do, right?

This is Fresno on Monday.
Warm.  Beautiful.  Amazing.
It looks like we have a million kids.
Or a daycare.
Nope.  Just 2 kids.

Kid's Day is HUGE here in Fresno.
This is a day where lots of people around the Central Valley,
go out into the cold spring morning and sell papers
at almost every intersection in town.
The money benefits Children's Hospital of Central California.
It's a 25 year tradition.
I buy a paper every year.
They are $1.
I usually give them $5.
This year Children's Hospital estimates they raised
By selling news papers.
The 25 year total has surpassed FIVE MILLION.
It's amazing what a DOLLAR can do.

This is my sweet baby girl waiting for
her last round of immunizations.
That I forgot.
So that we can register her for kindergarten.
It's one heck of a story.
Read it here.

This isn't Mac's cake, but she thought it was.
She has that look on her face because
I just snapped at her for trying to take a bite.
My dad says I should have just let her take a bite.
Now I'm thinking I should have.

Caitlin loves cake and silly faces.
This is a little of both.

Mac loves cake too,
but she likes to take it one little icing bite at a time.
Look at that face!

This is a cheat.
This pic is from last week, but I just had to add it.
This is sleepy Mac who just fought and fought a nap.
This is at 5:30 pm.

Have a Happy Saturday!

Happy Blogging,

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  1. O my goodness your kiddos are so adorable! && I love that the weather's finally starting to get nice - being able to go outside is so much nicer than being cooped up indoors :)