C is for Caitlin {Photo Challenge}

This weeks photo challenge at Our Reflection was "letters". 
Like in ordinary life.
Some people got creative.
Others found objects in life that looked like letters.
I was uninspired...
Until breakfast this morning,
and this hungry little girl.
Captured in an instant on Instagram.

C is for Caitlin.
C is for cutie.
C is for creative.
C is for a collective sigh of happiness.


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  1. That is too cute!!! I really need to get in on Laura's Photo Challenges!!! Everyone has SUCH a great time!!! :)

    1. Jenny Yes you should! The link up's open tonight until midnight PST. Still time to link up. ^_^

  2. Megs this is adorable. I love creativeness, but I love how the little things in life can bring a smile to face. Thank you for linking up! ^_^

  3. too cute!!

    Stopping by from the March Blog Hop. I’m a new follower, would love for you to come follow back!

    Jen- Queen Bee’s Hive