Baggage {Tuesday 10}

Today's Tuesday 10 link up with Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby is way too much fun to miss!  Today the theme for Tuesday 10 is "10 things in your purse".  I was a little scared as my purse is a mess on most days.  So today, I'm just sharing the good stuff.

Currently living in my awesome
Aeropostale turquoise cross body tote:

1 - My card holder coin purse.  Given to me by a dear friend years ago!  It's held up nicely, and fits in my pocket.

2 - Paci.  Yeah, I know, she's almost 2, however you can't hear her scream from where you are.  Unless you are in Target here in Clovis.  Yeah, that's us.

3 - Lip balm.  Not gloss, but a good old stick of balm.  I'm on the "low" maintenance side these days.

4 - Spare lollipop.  Because you never know when you are going to need a quiet child.  Maybe perhaps in Target after they have left the "spare" paci in the diaper aisle.

5 - Wipes.  Of any kind belong in this bag.  They clean snot, spit, and ...  Well they work.

6 - A pretty make-up bag that holds no make up.  It actually holds spare cash, coupons, lottery tickets (when bought), and important papers (like free drinks from Starbucks).

7 - Silicone Glove lotion from Avon.  John says it smells like "old lady", so be it.  It keeps my hands from cracking.  I love it.

8 - Mini composition book.  For composing my masterpiece.  Well for blog post ideas, list of crafting supplies to horde, and possibly what's next on the dinner menu.  That last one is a pretty rare occurrence though.

9 - My sunnies.  In the cutest sunnies case, from the Pleated Poppy.  I won that in a giveaway, and it's not just for sunnies.  I've had a Fisher Price little person use it for a bed, and also carried my tiny digital camera in it.

10 - My life line.  My Bf.  My iPhone.  If I'm without it, I'm lost.  How else am I going to know what's happening in the world? 

So what's in your bag?  Does this bag scream "MOMMA" or what?  Am I missing anything?

Perhaps the kitchen sink?

Happy Blogging,

Linking up here of course!


  1. I can't believe I forgot to include my phone! Must been because I had it in my hand. These days its like my third arm. LOL

  2. Love that you have a lollipop in there! Good idea!!
    Thanks for linking up, lady! You're the best!

  3. The lollipop is genius! And I love your sunnies case...I've needed one for sooooo long. And I'm sure my 20 month Olds tantrums are louder than Mac's screams, so we've got your back in Target. ;)

  4. I have the same coach cardholder, just in a a different color. I love the sunglasses case!

  5. I think I should start carrying around lollipops too. Grayson gets a little testy sometimes and food always shuts him up. Hah.

  6. I need to restock on lollipops but seriously they make more of a mess than help the girls to be quiet. :) I have lipgloss in my purse but hardly use it. If I do, I put it on when I leave the house and that's it. Thanks for linking up!