I must confess... {Dirty Secret Saturday} Link up

Dirty Secret Saturday is back.  Join me, Lena from Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby, and Chrissy from A Little Dash of Diva as we get down and dirty... With secrets or confessions, or just something you'd like to admit.  Write it, add a button, link it, live it. 

Funny Family Ecard: Please don't grow up to be like me. You are much too sweet to be sarcastic and moody.

I must confess:

I hate cleaning.  Of any kind.  Right now you can't see my living room floor.  And if you came over, I wouldn't let you use my bathroom. 

I never make my bed.  Never.  If the bed's made, the hubbs did it and it's because there are people coming over.  I feel like if I go over to make the bed, I might just crawl back in it.

I hate to vacuum.  So much so, that when Caitlin saw them at Target once, she said, "Daddy likes those".  She's right.  Daddy does the vacuuming 99.9% of the time.  Ok 100%.

I hate making 3 different dinners.  One for me, one for John, and one for the kids.  Or on special, let's throw a fit over our veggies nights, 4 different dinners.  I know, I said I was never going to be a short order cook.  But let's be serious.  If I didn't cook what my kids wanted to eat, they would eat chips and fruit snacks for dinner.  And that meal is reserved for special occasions, like Tuesdays.

I have no desire to enroll my child in French, Spanish, Super Science Team, or Fancy Ballet classes.  Why?  Because that would mean I would have to attend those things too, and Moi has better things to do.  Like read The Hunger Games again, or watch Cougar Town on DVR.

I hate the makers of Littlest Pet Shop, Squinkies, and any other miniature toy that my 4 year old loves, and my 2 year old loves to eat.  Seriously how many miniature bears, dogs, and kitties do we need?  I guess a million, because yesterday Squinkies were the "prize" in a Happy Meal.  If you don't know what these items are, God bless you and keep you safe.

I hate that I cannot for the life of me bring myself to completely do the laundry.  I can get it to the washer and then the drier and then it gets fuzzy.  I have piles, no, mountains of clean clothes just waiting for a hanger.  And they will keep waiting there until they get worn.

I hate that I really want to start exercising, but still find reasons and excuses.  I feel like it will just set me up for disaster.  The last thing I need are toned arms and legs, possible a more contoured waist line.  Why?  Because in 6 months when my appetite for exercise has been quenched with sugar and chocolate, I'm going to feel like a real failure.  Why even set myself up for that?

I dislike any claims by any parents that their kid is a genius, unless of course their kid is Doogie Howser.  No really, let's stop for a moment and talk about this.  You know you have one friend who is dead serious that their kid is going to be the next Steve Jobs.  Their kid was walking at 6 months, while yours was drooling.  Whatever.  I have more important things to worry about, like if Khloe and Lamar are really breaking up, or if Kim is ok after the flour bomb incident.  Seriously if your kid is such a genius, then why is he still craping his pants?

I must confess, I could be here all day.  Really I could, but I would eventually bore you with my secret confession, which now aren't really a secret.  Oh, well.  I'd rather be an open book, than a closed one on the shelf.

What do you hate?  Genius babies?  Miniature toys that you always step on?  Making the bed?  Don't be shy, link up and make some friends!  It's your day to tell us what's on your mind!


  1. Haha!! This made me laugh! Thanks so much Megan!!

  2. When I was doing mine- I was trying hard to think of things you didn't already say! I agree 100% with the laundry... the couch in our bedroom regularly houses a minimum of 4 loads of clean unfolded clothes!

  3. Hahahaha love this!! I love how honest you are! I hate cleaning too but I do it because after a while I just can't stand looking at the mess. I never make my bed either & I despise putting away laundry!! Hehe - thanks for sharing your dirty little secrets. :))

  4. I died laughing here!! Yeah little mini toy things are from the devil I agree. All you do is step all over them, they get lost and then your kids whine about how they want them but can't find them!!! Thanks for the laugh! Glad I'm not the only one who never makes my bed! i wish I did...it makes me feel better...but i NEVER do!

  5. LOL! I so relate to many of your secrets! I am lucky if I make the bed one or two days a month! And my daughter is the resident vacuumer in our house now that she's old enough for chores and such. haha

  6. our lists are so similar! I NEVER make my bed, unless company is coming and then sometimes I just close the door!
    I HATE to vacuum but with two fur babies and a head of hair that seems to be constantly thinning, it's a necessity...at least once every few weeks....don't judge. I too avoid exercise at all cost, I didn't always but I guess it's the phase I'm in right now. Cheers to chocolate!

  7. I am rolling in the floor laughing! Oh, we could be such good friends! A couple of weekends ago, my family stayed with friends who are super neat and clean and have super polite children. Ever since then, my husband keeps saying why can't we live like so-and-so, and why can't our children behave like so-and-so! And last night, he even said, maybe we shouldn't have visited them so we wouldn't know how bad our house really is! Ha!

  8. I hate that about exercising! When I let myself get out of shape again I feel worse than before I was in shape at all! SOO much work!

  9. You've proved again in this post we are soul sistahs!! I need to participate one of these days!!! Love your list!

  10. this is excellent. I certainly never waste time making my bed, thank goodness!!! and same with laundry.

    I don't really mind miniatures, though, that part of being a kid has stuck with me :) and my kids really are geniuses ;p